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Sandy Hook family’s lawyers given Alex Jones texts by mistake


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Lawyers representing Alex Jones “messed up”. Also, sent the legal opponents of Alex Jones “every texts” Jones had written in the past two years. That is, in contradiction to his claims Jones had no information in his phone that was related to the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting. Something, which Jones had long claimed was a hoax. During the defamation trial. Obviously, it was made public. Wednesday was the day that the trial was scheduled to be attended.

The shocking revelation came out during a conversation during the Austin, Texas, courtroom. That is,  between Jones and Mark Bankston. Thus, a lawyer representing the parents of a boy. Killed in the 2012 shooting, the boy was just 6 years old.

Bankston offered Jones Infowars host the text the host received which criticised the coverage his platform would provide in 2020. Hence, on the threat of coronavirus, and compared it to his false claim of Sandy Hook was a fake. Sandy Hook killings were fake. This was extremely unfavourable for Jones because he’d given evidence in deposition that he didn’t have any text messages. Particularly, on his mobile which referenced to the Sandy Hook massacre.

“You have received my texts?” Jones asked Bankston in the witness stand. In a sarcastic tone, Jones added: “You claimed you did not. Great trick.”

Bankston responded: “Do you know where I found this information? Your lawyers made a mistake. Further, gave me an electronic copy of your entire phone. In addition to this, every text message that you’ve sent over the last 2 years.”

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Bankston stated that he notified Jones’s lawyers about the error. However, they did not take “any measures” to mark the text as confidential. Thus, prevent them from being a part of the court.

“That is why I believe you’ve lied when you claimed you didn’t receive text messages concerning Sandy Hook,” said Bankston his clients are Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis as well as the father and mother of Jesse Lewis. The person who died in the massacre.

Jones attempted to counterattack with the police by saying that he wouldn’t have given his phone to lawyers. These are people from law, who accidentally sent the texts to Bankston when he was trying to conceal any information.

“If I’m mistaken I’m not,” Jones said. “But it’s the information all there.”

Jones joked about telling Bankston that he had now had an “Perry Mason moment” refers to the television attorney who would often win cases. Thus, by having the people he was interviewing to admit to wrongdoing when they appeared on witnesses’ stand.

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“You are aware of what perjury means and what it isn’t?” Bankston said, refers to the act of lying under an oath. “I simply want to make sure that we are not going to go any further.”

Jones admitted to doing it. However, he said he didn’t intend to conceal anything from his phone.

After the riveting discussion. Rolling Stone reported that the committee of the Congress looking into the attack of January 6 in the US Capitol. Ironically, by the supporters of the former President Donald Trump would subpoena Jones the text messages.

The publication reported that committee members were seeking to discover more information about any connections. Jones the radical far-right agitator who is he – might be having with President Trump’s administration prior to the violence at the Capitol.

This added to an already difficult day for Jones and his family. In the past, Jones conceded he now realised it was foolish not to take his involvement in the Sandy Hook killings as false.

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“It has been … especially so since I’ve been able to meet the parents of the” Jones said during an investigation. For the slandering of the relatives of Jesse Lewis, the investigation will surely decide the amount he owes. Part of the killings in the school were six adults and 20 children in all. The academic institution he attended at Newtown, Connecticut in December 2012.

“It’s 100% real.”

Jones was speaking one morning after Heslin and Lewis presented evidence about their mental health issues of death threats. Also, harassment and mental illness they faced after Jones was an alleged conspiracy theorist. Hence, made a splash his views on Info-wars as well as his other media platforms.

Lewis’s parents told reporters on Tuesday that they’d require beyond an apology. insisting that Jones pay at least $150 million as compensation in order to hold him accountable for his numerous lies to minimise the incident.

Within the courtroom. Hence, the Jury that is being seated has been requested by Jones’s side. Thankfully, to reduce the damages to $1. Saying it was not reasonable to assume he could anticipate the repercussions that plaintiffs will face.

Both sides presented their closing arguments Wednesday afternoon. Which was the seventh day of trial. At around 4.30pm the local time of each day. The jurors began to deliberate the verdict.

They were given the task of determining. Thus, what the defendant would be liable for defaming or causing emotional distress. Obviously, to the victims and the amount he would pay in punitive damages.

Jones who has described this lawsuit in a way that is an assault on his First Amendment rights – was the sole person to testify in the defence. That, was put on for him the company he runs, Free Speech Systems.

He informed his lawyer, Andino Reynal, that he realised that it was irresponsible to tell the myth that Sandy Hook was not a tragedy. Nobody was actually killed. In addition to this, the Sandy Hook killings didn’t happened in the first place.

However, Jones expressed his frustration that the media would not “let” the journalist “take back the story”.

In September of last year the judge who ruled the case had admonished Jones. That is, when she issued her initial judgement for his inability to provide the information requested by Sandy Hook families.

A judge in Connecticut also issued the same default judgement to Jones. Importantly, for the same reason in a separate suit. That is, a suit that was filed by the other Sandy Hook parents.

Jones in turn, has tried to protect financially Free Speech Systems. The company applied for federal bankruptcy protection in the last week.

For the sake of financial issues. Sued separately, i.e. independently are the Sandy Hook parents. Thus, claiming that the company has used shell companies in order to safeguard the millions of dollars. That is, amount owned by Jones as well as his relatives.

During the trial for defamation, Bankston displayed an email that showed Info-wars made $800,000 in just one day in the year 2018. This would be equivalent to $300 million in the span of one year.

Jones stated that it was the most successful day of sales.

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