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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is happy over the Win of Biden as President-elect & being the President of the United States after the tenure of Donald Trump that ends on 20th January 2021 next year. Joseph Biden is elected as the 46th President of the United States of America, a country that is still a superpower & holds the biggest border with neighbors Canada. There are immense challenges & opportunities that the Govt. of Biden has to fight since his start as President of the USA in 2021.


As part of the challenges attached to the new Govt., COVID-19 is one of the challenges.  Therefore, President-elect will have to work mutually with his Canadian counterpart Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Ironically, while fighting for Climate Change in Canada & the USA. Climate change is an ongoing issue which both governments have fought in the past with mutual alliances. Hence, they hold similar sentiments with the current President-elect. Joseph Biden, along with Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris both have shown warm ties. The ties are immensely shown with the Canadian Govt. & its respectable leaders. Biden in his statement clearly stated that the friendship between Canada & United States is vitally important for the USA.

The country has suffered the biggest number of cases & deaths due to the current pandemic COVID-19 & its devastation in the United States of America. Joseph Biden is a member of the Democratic Party. He also served as the 47th Vice President of the United States. A tenure under the influential leadership of the Obama & Trump Administration. A leader who has immense responsibility on his shoulders regards to the current situation. The ongoing circumstances in the USA regard to the Pandemic COVID-19. A virus that originated from China’s Hubei province. Unfortunately, started showing its impacts in the USA in Feb 2020, ending up in lockdowns since March 2020.


As there have been several proceedings that have already started since the leaders of the two nations have met. There are definite plans to open-up the Canada-US Border that has been closed since March 2020. Ironically, due to the rising effects of COVID-19 & its precautionary measures. The two countries have utilized the border with good effects in the past and have demonstrated mutual relationships in terms of bilateral trade & foreign affairs.

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Canadians need to shift their mindset & be more flexible as According to a Political science Professor from Carleton University in Ottawa. Miss MacDonald emphasized that we can’t always rely on the USA for bilateral trade & relations, we need to diversify our markets. However, in the recent past before the pandemic, the reliance has been on a higher side. Hence, the two countries have always enjoyed their bilateral terms with each other. This also relates to travel & tourism along with bilateral trade.

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