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In recent years Canada has moved up the ladder in list of friendliest places in the world for immigrants. This drastic and immense movement is because of the friendly nature of Canadians. The gorgeous people who have welcomed nationals from abroad to study and settle in Canada. An international think tank’s latest report regards to immigration numbers in countries including Canada. This report illustrates that Canada has moved in list of most friendly countries for immigrants. This is at a very surprisingly fastest rate or percentage in recent years. Apart from slight reductions in late 2019 and 2020. Ironically, regards to number of people coming to Canada due to COVID-19. ‘CIA’ or Canadian immigration authorities have been on an immensely pleasing end. More importantly, as numbers have been highly positive with changing trends. Significantly, due to the continuous improvements in the last few years.

According to the director of research for Migration Policy group. Canada is rapidly becoming a more attractive, friendliest and an inclusive global destination. This is especially amongst the English speaking countries. Amongst these countries includes the trend-setting nations United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.


These figures are according to the MIPEX rankings, i.e. Migration Integration Policy Index. This index shows the integration of migrations towards a specific country. Evaluating the policy performance of 52 nations from five continents in form of ranking international scorecard known as MIPEX. Canada, this year has been phenomenal as they scored very high, i.e. 80 in MIPEX. This score of 80 has placed Canada on the fourth place in the entire world. Hence, just because of its comprehensive and immigrant-friendly policies. These policies emphasise equal rights for everyone in terms of opportunities. Apart from equal rights and being the friendliest of countries. Canada also guarantees financial and economic security for fresh entrants in Canada.


The anti-discrimination policies in Canada are for the promotion of equal rights and equal opportunities for everyone. These are w.r.t. Canada’s ratings in the list mainly because of their anti-discrimination policies. This also includes the Canadian Charter for Rights and Freedom. Also, the national policies of Canada on multiculturalism making them top the friendliest countries list.

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The mobility of the labour market however needs greater amount of improvements. The Migrants without having the legal documents or having restricted temporary work permits. Hence, in Canada they shall face barriers in their employment and limited access to the healthcare system of Canada.

The MIPEX index, also known as ‘immigration index’ has been successfully adopted. Importantly, as a comprehensive international benchmark for integration policies. The immigration policy makers are the ones who make the most effective use of the index. Furthermore, the civil society in Canada, the media for their analysis and the researchers. However, the policies, for example equal opportunities, develop a huge sense of ownership and a sense of belonging. They also help in growing to become good citizens who participate fully in society.


Canadians are found to be the most welcoming people in the world despite the pandemic COVID-19. A disease that has been a major cause of reducing the number of people coming to Canada in 2020.

The latest stats are in form of MAI, also known as Migration Acceptance Index from Gallup. The Index is a measure of people acceptance level in their country according to variable measures and statistical calculations. The Canadian score was the highest, i.e. 8.46. A score that clearly indicates that Canadians are amongst the most welcoming people in the world. Especially, when it comes to immigration and accepting settlements in their country. This score calculations are based on facts that how positive people think regards to immigrants living in their country. Especially, becoming neighbours and marrying into their families. MAI, or Migration Acceptance Index is a calculation with certain factors and basis. A scorecard that is used mostly for measuring the friendliness of a country regards to their immigrants.

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