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Many Canadian Universities have been in lock down lately. Hence, while affecting the normal routine procedures in almost all the provinces. A scenario that has highly affected the whole world to a much similar extent. Mainly, due to the adverse effects of COVID-19 that started since March last year. Ironically, it has also been a cause of some distancing effects on the immigration processes. Furthermore, reduced significantly the number of people coming to study in Canada in the year 2020. A country that annually welcomes a huge number of people to study and for work purposes in Canada.

Hence, According to the Canadian immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, the key man in Immigration ministry Canada. Many universities in different provinces of Canada are returning to in-person classes from this fall. It seems like a dream come true for the students & the international students as well. Hence, this is after a long & huge gap as COVID-19 has been the root cause of the lock-down in 2020. Some disturbances also happened for a very limited & short space. Especially, in the current year 2021 during the second-wave. Hence, as Canada steps in the month of April 2021, after efforts regards to COVID-19 in all her sectors.


The Canadian Govt. along with the Canadian immigration authorities made this as a mutual decision. As they are the ones, who need to kick-start their regular proceedings. More importantly, as it used to be Pre-Covid-19 era. The Universities that have readily announced fall-returns. They are the ones who have further said to monitor the threats of COVID-19. They have keen intentions to monitor the proceedings very strictly and closely for health concerns. Hence, they have also taken an oath to act according to the safety regulations. In addition to this, as well as keep students and staff safe from the effects of COVID-19, while taking preventive measures.

The Universities are listed down and categorised in their respectable selected provinces as accordingly.


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The Canadian Universities that have opted to turn back to normal operating procedures are too many in number. However, we shall be having a glance of these institutions from Canada from selected provinces. These includes British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario, being the most popular ones. Especially, for international students for Undergrad and Post Grad studies.


British Columbia, a key Canadian province famous amongst international students coming to Canada from different countries. An announcement was made by the health minister. Hence, the minister made an announcement & advised for a full return to on-campus activities. By a full return means switching back to normal routine procedures. All the set of On-campus activities as they used to happen Pre-Covid-19. However, to keep students and staff healthy and safe. This shall be the utmost priority of the University management. In addition to all measures, this is in mutual collaboration with the health ministry.

The University of British Columbia, one of the very important Canadian Universities in the Province of British Columbia. Hence, they are planning to return to in-person classes. On top of this, as well as an increased in-person research in fall. The University has further made plans that they are working to accommodate quarantine arrangements. These are arrangements especially made for the international students. This is only if it is a requirement, as well as on-site immunisation if it’s necessary. Along with UBC, the University of Victoria, in the city Victoria, is also planning for a full return. Alternatively, to in-person classes in September this year, rather than online learning.

The other universities that have planned to start in-person classes this fall includes Vancouver Island University. Also includes, Thompson Rivers University, Simon Fraser University & The University of British Columbia. Also includes, Capilano University, and finally Trinity Western University.


Alberta is yet another major province in Canada. A province that is popular amongst international students arriving to Canada on an annual basis. The University of Alberta is a major University from Alberta province. An institution who aims to welcome students and staff back to in-person classes. However, According to a University of Calgary spokesperson. The decision to welcome in-person classes by the university will be taken in April 2021. Addon to this, all students and staff will be than notified as accordingly.


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Ontario is a major province of Canada with the biggest city. Furthermore, an International hub Toronto, as well as Ottawa, the Canadian federal Capital. According to the University of Toronto, they are allowing in-person classes as before. As well as support for the students in the fall. Students are allowed to do research on campus, following certain safety guidelines and strict procedures.

The other major university in the province is the University of Ottawa, in the capital city Ottawa. The University expects to provide a full on-campus experience. Fortunately, with more courses being offered in 2021. This is particularly in person or alternatively in hybrid formats. The other Universities in the province Ontario includes Brock University, Western University and finally University of Windsor. All three similarly needs to move back to in-person classes as before.


Quebec is a French speaking province in Canada with a major university called McGill University. The University is expecting to return to in-person classes in the month of September. Some courses will still incorporate online teaching. However, the University says students and staff should prepare to return to regular formats of teachings. That is, in-person classes and regular on-campus activity. The other University in Quebec province is Concordia University. An institution, who is planning for an announcement about the fall term in May. However, this is the only University in Quebec that is looking for a mix of in-person and online classes.

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