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According to the plans of the Federal Govt. in 2021. The number of immigrants coming to Canada in 2021 to next 2 years shall be raised to 1.3 Million people. This is w.r.t. the targets in next 3 years, i.e. 2021, 2022, and 2023. Therefore, the plan of the Federal Govt. of Canada is in light of the events of past year, i.e. 2020 which saw the height of pandemic in Canada and rest of the world. The Federal Govt. truly believes that the Canadian Govt. has been on the suffering end. More importantly, with regards to their targeted immigrants in 2020. The reason obviously is the pandemic COVID-19 and the travel restrictions in Canada, its various provinces and territories.

The Govt. of Canada, along with the immigration authorities are highly active in 2021. They are keen enough to bring in policies for the people coming to Canada. This is also with regards to various different visa programs. If there is a need arises or on any urgent basis. The Govt. of Canada will show flexibility to larger extent. Ironically, if there is a demand for a flexible attitude regards to immigration.


According to the immigration Minister Marco Mendicino in his recent statements regards to migrations. The minister stated it an ‘ambitious’ three-year immigration plan for bringing skilled workers to Canada. Also includes the family members and refugees into Canada. Declared lately to be the friendliest countries, this is regards to the immigration policies of Canada. Therefore, the country needs to bring a balance now in terms of their immigration policy management.

The aim of Canada and its various political parties is highly transparent post pandemic. Furthermore, it is with help of Federal Govt. to bring over 400,000 new permanent residents. The targeted period is of three years, i.e. until 2023. To be exact the numbers as they were revealed by Canadian authorities are 401,000 in 2021. Add-on to this, 411,000 in 2022, and 421,000 in 2023 as permanent residents coming to Canada. Revealed by the authorities, the plan is a designed plan for next three years.


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The immigration minister Marco was very positive and confident that the Govt. of Canada can meet the targets set despite the Global Health crisis in country. He further said that we will be doing this by working around with the travel restrictions. While, strictly adhering to the safety measures for example mandatory quarantines.

The economic class has seen an above average 60% of all new admissions. Ironically, while the plan is more focused towards Canada’s economic growth. This is how the breakdown is planned by the ministry in accordance to the Federal Govt.

  • 60,000 protected persons and the refugees
  • 230,000 immigrants in the Economic class.
  • 104,000 in the family class.
  • 5,500 on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

The above breakdown simply shows that Canada is investing more in economic and family class. The aim is higher amount of settlements into Canada starting from 2021 to 2023 as family class will improve the living style and standards in Canada. Visas available on compassionate and humanitarian grounds might be lesser in percentage. However, shows the consideration due to the course of events that happened because of the pandemic. COVID-19, is a huge cause of many changes in policies and increase in visas in various categories.

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