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The Canadian immigration system historically has seen many ups & downs lately, a significant fall in the immigration levels due to the current pandemic. Although, the current year has seen a significant growth in the amount of people coming to Canada. However, the patterns have changed significantly. This is the wave 3, or Phase 3 of the pandemic lock down and the immigration numbers have increased. More importantly, as compared to the previous year, i.e. 2020 while balancing the reduced numbers.

Canadian immigration system has been largely dependent on diversity in cultures. This refers to people coming from many different nationalities to Canada for settlements. This is a trend seen since last 2-3 decades while figures have increased from Asia & Africa. Historically, the country has been very successful in coping up with the challenges of migrations through balancing numbers. Additionally, these waves of change has been marked as progressive for Canadian immigration values. The Govt. of Canada has increased their plans to restore the challenges and the current situation. They further aim to bring continuity for combating the future similar challenges. The goal is to bring continuity for combating the future challenges. Furthermore, similar challenges like the one Canada has been facing as of today.


Canada has been seeing waves of change in its immigration numbers as well as system. Hundreds of Thousands of immigrants poured into the country and many to the West. This is also following the establishments of Saskatchewan and Alberta as provinces. Canada has a huge land to offer unlike many countries in Europe. These countries include the hottest ones for immigration, i.e. U.K, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This has been a huge reason why people have been targeting Canada as their immigration country. Obviously, with waves of change in the numbers, i.e. ups and downs.

This is after seeing the calamity of the Second World War. Hence, Canada unlike many other nations has emerged as a strong and stable economy. They have largely dealt with their economic values and emerged as a happy country lately. Over 750,000 people found a home to live in Canada. This is surprisingly between 1946 and 1953. Hence, substantially immigration started playing a great role while considering the total population of Canada. According to the stats in 1946 being less than 13 million. Naturally, the population density being very low for a huge land. After Russia, Canada is a country that is the second largest country area-wise. Ironically, what followed was a huge increase through constant balancing in Canada’s economic output. Also, the standards of living and their presence on the world stage.


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Canada is in the list of nations that are considered as happy countries of the world. This is primarily due to the economic values that Canada has created, their immigration numbers & an increased standard of living that Canada has maintained largely in all its provinces. The challenges Canada have faced that have affected their migration numbers. These challenges also includes contraction of economy and a huge decline in birth rate.

The country has however remained robust and secure and focused on their continuity as a migrant country. Like any other country they have been facing challenges, but Canada remains a bacon of peace and stability. This is largely due to their improvements in balancing the educational system that has impacted the countries world over. Peace within Canada has been exemplary and like the neighbouring USA they have hardly seen a civil war. This has been a highly positive sign in taking Canada to heights of new excellence and being a peaceful nation.

According to Marco Menidicino, immigration minister of Canada. The country aims to and has announced a goal of 1,200,000 new permanent residents into Canada. These are impressive figures considering the pitfall they have seen lately due to the current pandemic. These figures will be a huge boost for the Canadian economy. Hence, restoring the number of migrants and bringing continuity that is much needed in these current times.

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