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There are certain significant factors that influence & shape the immigration levels of Canada and the decision making process. These factors influence the number of migrations taking place in Canada in different schemes & how the process will move forward in the upcoming year?

Hence, the significant factors are mainly dependent on politics and processing capacity of Canada. Furthermore, their integration capacity, demographics & policy goals are also key factors. Apart from all these the Global circumstances factor is one of the most critical ones. These can be provincial as well as Federal or both, depending on the area-wise immigration numbers. In most cases it’s divided into provincial demographics as in some areas of Canada, i.e. Provinces & Territories there are some other factors that comes into play, including extreme weather conditions.

The factors discussed are as follows;


Considered as the most influential & significant factor towards the immigration decisions and how it will shape up w.r.t. the immigration levels. The choice of the immigration level is a political decision in most circumstances. More considerably rather than an administrative one. Irrespective of what the economic justification is or the opinions of the public. The Govt. of the day mainly chooses the immigration levels based on the decision. Hence, how it will impact during the election times. In this case scenario the Quebec’s example is most suitable & best applies. Ironically, as they are in need of higher immigration levels.

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However, the current Govt. of Quebec has made a decision in the best political interest. Furthermore, they want migration control policies in the French speaking Province. On the other end, The Federal Govt. wants to increase the immigration levels at a rapid pace. This is more due to the Unemployment rate in Canada that is increasing on a daily basis. Political factors are indeed the major cause of the decline & sudden rise in immigration levels, especially in provincial segregation.


Due to the low population density in some huge provinces in Canada. Furthermore, it is an economic necessity, that’s why people are needed in Canada. The country is huge in area, and on top of this Canada has one of the World’s oldest population. Furthermore, they also have the lowest birthrates, which means they need people to balance their economy. For the sustenance of economic growth & prosperity. Importantly, Canada need more people in their country on an annual basis. Furthermore, figures must rise significantly every year in Canada in terms of number of people coming for studies. 


More frequently the factor that influences immigration levels is due to ‘Global circumstances’. An example of the global circumstances is the current pandemic COVID-19. A virus which has impacted the immigration levels in Canada to a considerable extent. Being a member of the international community Canada is obliged to assist when there is humanitarian crisis involved.


The processing capacity of migrations on an annual basis is yet another key factor. A key reason that determines the levels of migrations taking place in a particular year. The country has shown immense improvement in the processing capacity most recently. Ironically, by implementing the Express Entry application management system into their immigration procedures. ‘Express Entry’ as the name suggests is fast and a reliable process.

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