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11th September- The US Marks 21st Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks


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NEW YORK — 11th September, known as 9/11, Americans commemorated the 9/11 attacks on Sunday. With tear-filled tributes and appeals for “never be forgotten” . Thus, nearly 21 years to the day of the deadliest terrorist attack. These are the deadliest attacks to hit U.S. soil.

The loss was not over to Bonita Mentis. Someone, who wore a necklace featuring a picture of her sister. Her dear sibling who was killed, Shevonne Mentis.

“It’s already been 21 years since the tragedy. However, it’s still not 21 for us. It’s as if it were the other day,” she said before reading the names of victims. That is, the victims in the World Trade Centre to a crowd which comprised Vice-President Kamala Harris. Apart from this, her husband Doug Emhoff.

During the 9/11 attacks, at the Pentagon. A structure that was also part of the attacks. The Vice President Joe Biden vowed that the U.S. would continue working to stop terrorist plots. Apart from this, asked Americans to defend ‘the democratic system’. A system that provides the right to liberty. Hence, that the terrorists of 9/11 sought to destroy in the blaze of smoke. Apart from the smoke, there was fire and the ash.” President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spoke at the third site of the attack. Thus, in a field close to Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


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On September 11th, 2001. The terrorists from Al-Qaida. A Muslim militant group took over control of planes to use to launch missiles. Filled with the passengers, these were missiles. Hence, passengers, which struck the Trade Centre twin towers. As well as the Pentagon. A fourth aircraft was heading towards Washington. However, crashed in Shanksville when passengers. Apart from the passengers, the crew members tried to sabotage the cockpit.

The attacks claimed the lives of nearly three thousand people. Obviously, changed the national security strategy. On top of this, sparked the U.S. “war against terror” all over the world. The Sunday celebrations took place less than a month following the U.S. drone strike. A strike that killed an al-Qaida leader. Someone, who was involved in the plot to create The 9/11 attack, Ayman al-Zawahri.

Pierre Roldan, who lost his cousin Carlos Lillo. A paramedic. He declared that “we were able to get some sort of justice”. In the event that a U.S. raid killed Osama bin Laden in the year 2011.

“Now that Al-Zawahri’s gone, we’re still working to bring him right,” Roldan said.

The self-proclaimed mastermind behind the attack. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, is still awaiting a lengthy delay to a military court. A lawyer for his co-defendants last week said that talks are in progress. Thus, towards an agreement that could prevent a trial. Apart from this, hand down shorter. But, not necessarily lengthy sentences.

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The September. 11 attacks created at times an elation of national feeling of unity and pride. This, for many. However, they also put Muslim Americans to years of fear and prejudice. Apart from this, inciting discussions about the right tension between security and freedoms. In ways that are both subtle and obvious. The aftermath of the 9/11 attacks continue to affect American politics. Apart from the American politics, everyday life until the present.

Like relatives of other victims. Jay Saloman fears that Americans are becoming less aware of the events of 9/11. is fading.

“It was an attack by terrorists on our country on that day. Theoretically, everybody must keep in mind that day. Apart from this, well be aware and stay out for suspicious behavior,” said Saloman who lost his brother Wayne Saloman.

As per the custom. No politicians are allowed to speak at the ceremony at ground zero. The celebration focuses instead, on the relatives reading out the names of the deceased.

As a growing number people, readers Brooke Walsh-DiMarzio was not born until her relative passed away. She did however take the stage to pay tribute. Obviously, to her mother, Barbara Walsh.

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“I’m present today in order to honour Generation 9/12. Who have never been through 9/11. However, continue to suffer the effects of the tragedy,” Walsh-DiMarzio said. “We will never forget.”

Nikita Shah was wearing a T-shirt with the epigraph that is actually the annual celebration -“never forget “never forget”. As well as her father’s name, Jayesh Shah. She was only 10 when her father was killed.

The family moved later to Houston. However, they often return back to New York for the anniversary to be “around those who felt the same sadness. As well as, the emotions in the aftermath of 9/11,” said Shah.

The comments of readers often include personal thoughts that mix American feelings regarding September 11. Sorrow, angry, resentment gratitude for first responders as well as the military calls to patriotism the hope of peace. The political snark and a touching account of weddings. The graduations or births that the victims have lost. Some readers mention recent events this year. Thus, which ranges from the in progress coronavirus outbreak to the Russian war in Ukraine.

Family members also complain the fact that a country that has come together at times after the attacks. Obviously, is now splintering. Federal security and law enforcement institutions, who were changed to concentrate on international terrorism. Hence, after the attacks and now view that threat from local violence extremism as equally important.

“It was a tragedy that helped unify us. It shouldn’t take another tragedy to unify us all over again,” said Andrew Colabella. Killed in 1993, who’s cousin John DiGiovanni. The World Trade Centre bombing that prefigured 9/11.

People across the nation celebrated the occasion with candlelight vigilsand services of interfaith. As well as other celebrations and many Americans participated in volunteer projects. Some celebrated the anniversary with personal reflections.

Nearly 70 Sekou Siby’s colleagues died during Windows on the World. The restaurant on the top of the North Tower of the Trade Centre. A day off that was what Siby was given. Obviously, after another cook requested him to change shifts.

“Every September 11th is an opportunity to remember the things I’ve lost. Further, will never overcome,” says Siby, who is now the president of ROC United. Obviously, which is a union representing restaurant workers. Siby told reporters ahead of 9/11. About getting attached to the people. The terror attacks have made him cautious. Because, “you don’t have any control over what will take place to them the next time.”

Ginny Barnett was a volunteer at the Shanksville site. Following the attack and was unable to accept the loss. She eventually found hope after taking part in the memorial and is now.

“I have experienced at firsthand the harm that humans can commit. However, I’ve also witnessed the good man can accomplish,” Barnett said Sunday. “With God’s assistance we can be focused on. Apart from this, encourage good instead of letting hatred. Furthermore, anger take over our lives.”

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