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Google Doodle Celebrates Indigenous North American Stickball


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Google commemorates U.S. Native American Heritage Month with an narrative drawing on an traditionally ceremonious sport.

Digitalized strokes that depict the traditional ceremony and contemporary games make up the current Google Doodle celebrating Indigenous North American Stickball.

Inspired to commemorate the US, as it is an illustration behind. Native American Heritage Month, is Malena Myles an St. Paul, Minn.-based Spirit Lake Dakota, Mohegan, Muscogee artist.

An Ancient Sport of Native People:

“I was very excited to create something meaningful that can teach many people about an ancient sport of Native people. Using the traditional sticks in the traditional version. Hence, as it is still practiced today. Apart from this, the adapted version known to many as lacrosse,” Myles stated. Posted on the Google website, as this is an interview.

Aiming to settle disputes without violence within a variety of Native American Tribes.  Regarded as the oldest team sports. That is, obviously the organized sports known as stickball game.

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Stickball, handed down from generation to generation, is now an integral part of Native American culture. Cherokee is one of the various tribes that practices this game. Also, includes Chickasaw & Choctaw. Apart from this, Seminole and Yuchi, continuing to play it.

“This sport has played an active role through the generations in our many tribes. Furthermore, it will continue to do so,” Myles declared.

Influenced to the old ledger or narrative art style, obviously are the sketches, doodles & paintings done on cloth or paper.

Depicted in the illustration is five indigenous people of different genders & ages. The illustration demonstrates the sport’s unique inclusivity.

The four net-headed sticks hold, with different sizes. Corresponding to the area in which the sport can be played are the various designs.

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An older woman “smudging” or burning dried plants to form the”G” letter. “G” in tobacco smoke is a nod to stickball’s sacred. Apart from this, the traditional elements that starts every game.

“The game isn’t just for sport or exercise. But, also is considered a healing activity for the mind. Apart from this, it helps create a healthy body,” Myles explained.

The North American Stickball doodle will remain alongside Google’s Google Search bar. That is, through midnight in Canada as well as the United States.

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