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Heritage North, based in Kirkland is proudly acquired by the MBE Group Inc. This acquisition will take full effects as of 15th July 2021 as fully applying the change of ownership to MBE Inc. Therefore, Heritage North is the latest addition in the list of acquisitions of MBE. Hence, apart from Senator Hotel Timmins and Algonquin Lakeside Inn.

The acquisition news is covered in form of a news article and posted on 25th May 2021 on the CBC website in the news section. An article written by Journalist from CBC website Canada, Mr. Erik White and fully covers the acquisition news. Furthermore, that Heritage North, a property in Kirkland which was built initially for $8M in 2006 was sold for $799K. It was a former hockey museum which was later converted into a facilities Centre and an events covering Centre.


The site was initially built as Hockey Heritage North in the year 2006. Furthermore, was $8 million celebration of Northern Ontario’s rich hockey history. Also adds value to Canada’s hockey history, which is a popular game played on a higher scale. This is all over Canada by men & women both. However, there were struggles to attract tourists regards to Ontario’s hockey history. Alternatively, later the hockey museum was converted to an events and gathering Centre. The town started renting it out for weddings, meetings and miner training courses.


The MBE Group under the Presidency of Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi, was able to buy Heritage North from the Town for a price of $799K. Can turn out to be a worthwhile investments as it’s a nice place to interact for the people of Kirkland with a wide variety of things to do. It is also a worthwhile tourist destination. Especially, those visiting Kirkland Lake for the first time and are highly inspired by the beauty and elegance of the place. The facility will convert to new ownership from 15th July 2021’ which is next month. A day that marks to be a huge day for MBE Inc. in terms of their previous acquisitions that MBE has been successful in accomplishing. These are after the acquisitions of Senator Hotel and Conference Centre in Timmins in 2019. Apart from Senator Hotel, The Algonquin Inn in the same year, i.e. 2019.

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A community centre that is a Centre of people’s attraction for social and business purposes. Also for the sake of covering social events that includes birthdays, weddings ceremonies, anniversaries & social gatherings. Also, includes community gatherings, celebrations of events and other similar activities. Hence, there are a wide variety of things that people tend to do in Heritage North Kirkland. These are activities apart from gatherings and celebrations. It is truly a place that is important for people who like public interactions & social interactions. In addition to this, activities that are good for mind, body and soul.

The acquisition is not only a business deal or a profitability agenda. However, it’s a statement that MBE’s President believes in socialising and celebrating the life style. Syed Mansoor Naqvi apart from being an investor and an entrepreneur is a smart man. A person who knows the true worth of Heritage North Community Centre in current times.


There are a wide variety of things people can do in Heritage North in Kirkland. It includes a fitness centre that is equipped with latest equipment and machinery. Especially, for people who love fitness exercises and aerobics. Also includes a Joe Mavrinac Community Complex. It is a community complex for public gathering dedicated to Joe Mavrinac, a former Kirkland Lake, Ontario Mayor. Also, includes an aquatic centre which features a pool, a 25 meter and 6 lane Lap pool & water slide. Also, includes accessible access, Sauna, Male and Female Change Room, Birthday party room, swim lessons, lifeguard training, and Group aquatic fitness classes.

The Heritage North includes KL Arena, Kirkland Lake Food and Artisan Market & The Museum of Northern History. Apart from these places there are Parks and Recreation, Senior’s Programs Arena and Services and Teck Centennial Library.

There are number of activities the people of Kirkland love to do in Heritage North and Community Centre. These facilities and activities are also an attraction for those who come to Kirkland. Ironically, for the sake of tourism & business activities. In addition to these activities, includes diplomatic activities or general visits. A facilities centre that is highly suitable and capable for the activities of all sorts of people. This is irrespective of the age groups. Apart from the age, also includes people for different communities, i.e. Asian, African & South-Asian. Including Chinese, White, and other Canadians from different ethnic origins. The motto is social interactions & gatherings that are mandatory for the needs of people of Kirkland Lake and other visitors. These gatherings are not only good for social & mental health. But, also are a huge advantage for physical health purposes. However, they also make Canada a place where people from many different origins interact together. Furthermore, they work with comfort and take pride in social interactions. Defining the true ideology of life, i.e. ‘A Healthy Mind, Is a Perfect Mind’.

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