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‘Save the Earth everyday’, however, today is a special day for the gorgeous planet as it marks the official Earth Day celebrations. 22nd April not only marks the celebrations of the Earth Day, but it’s a day that can be termed as the most beautiful day for the inhabitants of the planet Earth. A planet that has undergone many disasters in the past that includes Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes, Thunderstorms & other national disasters. However, still the planet survives and is home to many stars who are sportsmen, Films celebrities, & other celebs that includes pop stars & musicians. We all celebrate the earth in form of songs, writings, remembrances from our past journeys & travels & share our passion to explore the world. This day is truly an important day that raises awareness about the environment and the global commitment to make the planet better.

The planet earth which is undergoing issues that concerns Climate Change & Global warming as well as deforestation & other issues that are related to the sustainability of the planet. It’s the Big Bang Theory by Charles Darwin, as according to him & his theory of evolution the earth evolved because of a huge blast known scientifically as the ‘Big Bang’. However, while having some contradictions that are religious & irrespective of anything, it’s our planet Earth that is the most beautiful place to live in our Solar System.

What more can we do to mark this day, celebrate it & what can be our contributions for this day in the rest of our lives?


The first Earth Day celebrations occurred on 21st March 1970 which was the first day of spring that year. The celebration of this day should be official & distinguished was a proposal by John McConnell who was a Newspaper publisher and proposed his idea at a UNESCO Conference on the Environment the year before. He also proposed that an awareness should be created amongst the minds of the people and the common man regards to the protection for the environment & other dedicated efforts to “Save the Earth”.

Hence, the following year the United Nations Secretary General at the time signed a proclamation written by McConnell that the UN would celebrate this day each year on the first day of spring.

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Another environmental activist as well as a US Senator known as Gaylord Nelson organised an event on 22nd April 1970 to show other politicians the wide support for environmental issues. This was a successful event and led to the Earth Day celebrations across thousands of colleges, universities, schools and communities that makes it the second earth day celebration.


Apart from the Earth’s day celebrations it’s our prime responsibility to take good care of our planet on an everyday basis. Plant trees and take care of the environment around us as good ‘citizens of the earth’. Earth day is also a reminder to what needs to be done for the sake of environmental sustainability & saving energy. Take Good Care of Your Planet & be part of the campaign, ‘SAVE THE PLANET.’

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