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Realised & appreciated at a much higher level are the importance level attached to endangered species in Canada. The official passing of the Endangered Species Protection ACT, also known as CESPA. Vitally, for the sake of protection & realisations for the endangered species is a massive development. Hence, not only for people of Canada. In addition to this, its environmental sustainability goals & vision. However, it is also a significant ACT that highlights the importance of endangered species. Additionally, how to protect them for environmental sustenance.


The environmental sustainability revolves around certain things. Fortunately, CESPA or The Canada Endangered Species Protection ACT is one of them. For the sake of protection & restoration of plant & animal life, an environment ACT was enacted. In terms of the environmental laws, also known as the ‘crown jewel’ of Canada’s environmental laws. The CESPA has been highly responsible. Hence, at the same time responsive for saving many species on the brink of extinction. This includes the Wolverine & Atlantic salmon. Finally, the Sea Otter found in British Columbia.

Canada is home to hundreds and thousands of species. Furthermore, many of these species are getting extinct or in danger of extinction. Importantly, at a much faster pace than ever been seen in history. Much to the credit of climate change & the environmental challenges that needs to be taken care of. That is, far more aggressively and rapidly. Also, due to the change of environment in the Oceans of Canada. Hence, affecting the sea-life at a far rapid pace. CESPA along with other environmental ACTs & along with organisations that protect the Environment of Canada which includes Greenpeace Canada. Also, includes Environment & Climate Change Canada & Climate Action Network (CAN). Furthermore, few other are working 24/7 for the sake of climate protection & protection of endangered species in Canada.

The following are some of the species that falls in the category of endangered species in Canada;


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One of the endangered species of Canada, Wolverine looks like it is from the Bear family. That is, one of ‘The Big Five’. However, it’s not exactly that, as it’s not part of the big five. But, it’s a small bear-like animal that is capable of travelling long distances. However, since the European settlements starting to come to Canada. The historical range of Wolverine has shrunk to far higher levels. Another key reason being land conservation. In addition to land conservation, a reason being urban development. The two of them are key reasons that have reduced the natural habitat of Wolverine.

The Wolverine occurs mostly in the alpine. Further, the arctic tundra from the Province British Columbia to Ontario. According to the most recent stats from 2013 population census of Wolverine. The population exists from 450 to 650. Hence, with little facts known regards to the exact number. These are stats available since last nine years. Hence, the exact figures might have been lower than this range. However, CESPA & Climate Change Canada efforts are phenomenal in restoration of the environmental pride. Finally, saving the endangered ones which is a higher level environmental protection agenda.


Now we are dealing with the sea-life & the Atlantic salmon, i.e. a Fish. Hence, also known as the ‘King of Fish’ is yet another part of the endangered species in Canada. The Atlantic salmon is a fish that lives in both fresh water. Hence, as well as the Saltwater. The fish is one of the most important ones for First Nations. Furthermore, the Indigenous Communities as it is used for their social & ceremonial purposes.

According to the census revealed the population of Atlantic salmon dropped to as low as 0.4 million. That is, in the year 1995. Importantly, as compared to previous years. Particularly, where the population was 0.8-1.7 million from 1971 to 1985.

IUCN listed the fish as ‘Least Concern’. Its considered as an endangered species in Canada in spite of the declarations made by IUCN.


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It is known as Burrowing Owl & surprisingly it is one of the smallest owl species. An owl that measures just about 7.5-10 inches tall. The prairie grasslands of Canada are the areas it is most found in. There are many reasons for the decline of the population of burrowing owl. Hence, since the last 30 years, i.e. from 1992. However, other contributions to its mortality rates also includes. Most often to invest it, as the owl has been known for.  Hence, while it feeds on animal. According to most recent counts as of today. Still, there are less than 1000 pairs of Burrowing Owl. A small figure or the count that remains in Canada.   


Yet another endangered species from the Sea-life, this time it’s the Sea Otter. That is, an adorable & good-looking Otter found in the waters of British Columbia. Extinction, a gradual process of termination. Gradually & very unfortunately a point where the adorable was pushed towards. Precisely, & more realistically ‘the brink of extinction’. A huge credit is due to the fur trade that began in 1700’s. Practically, gone from the province British Columbia, it was by the year 1929. However, with thanks to CESPA, The Canada Endangered Species Protection ACT. Hence, as well as other key protection measures involved. The population of Sea Otter has amazingly soared up to 6,500 individuals as of today.

One of the rare species in Canada. The territories where the rare species, i.e. Sea Otter can be found is a vast water-body. But, in small numbers, is the West coast of Vancouver Island. Hence, as well as part of the central coast of British Columbia. On a more global note. IUCN is the international body which still considers & rates the Sea Otters. Importantly, as species falling in the group of ‘least concerned’. However, in Canada it is in the list of endangered species. Hence, as new threats everyday can hurt its success story. Along with natural environmental threats & hazards.


Endangered species in the waters of Canada & on the land are increasing every day. Hence, while Canada is a country of thousands of land & water species. Yet, all the efforts are taking place by organisations like Greenpeace & the environmental laws. Further, the legislation imposed for strict practice which includes CESPA, or The Canada Endangered Species Protection ACT. A huge reason for extinction of species being climate change. Lastly, the effects of climate change on the vast land & waters of Canada.

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