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There are a number of factors that affect customer satisfaction. Also, importantly revolves around the key values attached to customers. This is true in the retail industry as well as the services industry. Both are sectors where marketing holds vital preferences for customer satisfaction. Understanding a customer is the most important and vital element in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, how the customer reacts to different situations and their feedback on different products. Customer satisfaction has many ways in which it is calculated and monitored. The best ways are through a comprehensive feedback system. More importantly, customer reviews and their opinions should matter at every step.

What are the key elements needed to understand an important customer? It’s the attitude that counts forward. Something which is especially true in the retail sector. A customer must always be the target of a retail environment. Especially, while moving forward toward better customer-retailer relationships. The customer experience and customer satisfaction are two similar yet different things. However, the similarity can be minor or termed as negligible or having a tendency to ignore. But, the differences are truly worth mentioning. A combination of the series of customer experiences influences overall customer satisfaction. The customer satisfaction scores can really help you recognize whether you are delivering a truly seamless customer experience. Customer satisfaction can be based on a customer experience. However, a customer experience is never based on customer satisfaction. In most cases, it’s an independent entity.

The key factors that influence customer satisfaction are as follows;


One needs to ensure that the customers are able to find and access the products and services efficiently. One of the key factors for customers is the level of accessibility ensures customer satisfaction measures in highly competent ways.


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Language is the best mediation tool ever used in the consumer industry. Also, one of the most prominent ways of communication. Speaking to your customers in their preferred language is something termed pivotal for the business. This is a huge necessity for customer satisfaction. Hence, more or less so that the customer never takes a bad or wrong image of the proceedings. More than 54% of consumers according to a survey won’t make a purchase. Hence, if the key information about a product is not available in their language.

Having said that, the language doesn’t only apply to language in terms of geographical demographics. But, also how certain phrases resonate with your audience and also reflect back to your business.


Customer satisfaction relies deeply on simplicity being the key to having a good relationship with the customers. It is also the best way to improve your chances of getting your customer’s business. As well as making the process as simple as possible. Simplicity not only brings success but also brings a customer to what exactly he wants from a product or a service.

A study that is associated with an Insurance company in South America. They made a key observation regards to the factor of simplicity. The market observed that 43.5% of people who purchased a life insurance policy or product from the company were convinced. Also, said that it was because of a simple buying process. Although the figures are not even 50%, i.e. half, still a huge amount of people loved the life insurance policy. Primarily, due to its simple nature. Importantly, also due to the insurance product sensitivity being ‘Life Insurance Policy’, being the most vital ones.

According to some vital measurements released from HBR, i.e. Harvard Business Review “To Retain Your customers, keep it simple”

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Deliverable holds vital significance as a key factor for customer satisfaction. This is according to an EConsultancy report. The report reveals that 52% of the customers are not willing to wait for more than five days for most of their purchases. However, on the other hand, a mere 21% said that they are willing to wait for eight days or more. It’s not only the deliverability, it’s the delivery standards that count in multiple ways.

As a matter of fact, the shipping time doesn’t have any influence on the purchase decisions. But, also has a major impact on values related to customer satisfaction.


The more choices you provide to your customers during the process of buying. Therefore, the more likely they will feel in control of the experience with your brand. It’s just like the saying ‘the more, the merrier. Vitally true as customer choices should never let them down. Nor is it good for the buying process. However, always make sure to identify the optimal choice that is right for them.

The two terms ‘Choice overload’ and ‘Paradox of Choice’ are the two common sets of terms in today’s retail environment. Importantly, the terms that are a growing concern for both retailers and brands.

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Why do customers need a variety of choices at their disposal? This is vitally important for a seller or a retailer to realize effective selling & branding strategies.

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