The different sleep disorders are part of the origin of many health problems that are highly linked to the sleep. An example of different sleep disorders includes insomnia, or sleeping issues at night. Also includes, hyper-somnia, or issues related to over-sleeping especially during the day. Both of these disorders can bring health issues related to sleep and having improper sleep schedules and time table.

Thus, having health issues can bring disturbances to your corporate life, i.e. your life at work. Ironically, it can also affect your 9-5 working schedules and bringing problems to you while you are at work. Sleep disorders are also caused heavily due to staying too late at work or work-life balance issues. If you are a workaholic and constantly involved in working late nights at office. Definitely, you have problems managing your regular sleeping schedules and late nights will give you more stress. The many problems at work that are associated with having sleep disorders are discussed below;


Having concentration issues is a major part of the problems. Ironically, issues that arise due to lack of sleep or having sleep disorders. Sleep issues can cause your brain function to become excessively slow. Hence, as compared to the function of your brain while you are managing your sleep schedule. Proper sleeping will definitely help you in your concentration at work. Whether, it’s a meeting at the client side or delivering a presentation to the management. You will be more 100% when you have your sleep, while taking a sleep less than 6 hours at least.

Sleep deprivation definitely hurts levels of concentration and makes you more dependent on hot beverages. These includes, Coffee or Tea or a cold beverage such as an energy drink. Alternatively, you will need an artificial brain stimulating drink, which would definitely be not good for your health. However, temporarily it will help you gain your loss concentration at work. Having at least 7-8 hours of a good night’s sleep definitely helps in your concentration levels. Furthermore, also improves your sub-conscious mind considerably. It improves your memory and helps you store events and dates in your mind much easily.


Having Team work issues due to sleep disorders is a very common corporate issue. This is primarily, as sleep deprivation can give you work related issues. Furthermore, coordinating with your team in the best possible ways. It affects your team work and your performances due to the amount of anxiety. Furthermore, stress and frustration created due to lack of sleep. For best team work it’s preferable to take proper sleep. Hence, even if you have to change your room, or find an appropriate environment that suits you.


Sleep deprivation highly hurts your planning & execution in multiple ways. This is related to your work planning or planning an event or a business meeting. Obviously, at the same time it hurts the execution part. Primarily, as sleep deprivation hurts your positive attitude at the work place. It not only affects the long term planning. But, also the short term planning of activities as sometimes either you miss something or put it the wrong way.

For proper planning & execution its best to stay active at work by having a good night’s sleep. You can make it more proper by planning for things before you sleep. Furthermore, brainstorming your thoughts before getting to bed. Occupy your mind with good things as your mental level needs being more aggressive and having higher levels of concentration.


Regular sleep issues and spending more time at work also leads significantly to higher leadership problems. Leading at work is the key to many things and holds elements of success for the whole team or department. It holds higher levels of dependencies as having leadership problems can lead to higher levels of failure. Being a leader of a team or a department, one needs to give proper time to night’s sleep. On top of this, sort issues of sleep disorder more systematically. Hence, it will definitely bring you closer and arise in you more sense of responsibility towards ‘sound leadership’.


There are many tips that are associated with a better sleep. These tips will definitely be good for you in finding your sleep and a regular sleep schedule. These tips are illustrated below;

  1. Try to get to your bed at the same time every day.
  2. Avoid having a drink or a meal right before your sleeping time. Hence, make sure you have a gap of at least an hour.
  3. The environment of the room in which you are sleeping should be quiet, with minimum amount of light. Make sure you have the least amount of disturbances.
  4. Plan a sleep schedule of at least 7-8 hours every day, as this suits your minimum sleep requirements.
  5. Avoid heavy exercising or a body building session just before you sleep, a slight walk would be fine.
  6. You should avoid watching a television program or a film just before you get to bed. More importantly, to avoid any unwanted thoughts in your head.
  7. Make sure your mind stays calm and you avoid all sort of interactions or an argument before you sleep.
  8. Reading some literature or light content will help you sleep better. 15 minutes to 20 minutes would be highly suitable.