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The second wave of COVID-19 is on the way after the first spell. Hence, it was a test for the whole Canadian nation in the first wave. It’s not only Canada, its North America, the continent that has suffered immensely. This is in terms of the deaths and financial crisis in the vast continent. Although most people are well aware of the COVID-19 scenario. Furthermore, What are the safety precautions that needs to be taken in the first place? Still there are some predictions regards to COVID-19 that can be more dangerous in its second phase. Why it is considered a larger threat than the first one is mainly due to its unpredictable nature and the circumstances it created during the first wave.

However, for many the second wave of COVID-19 is looking a lot different than the first wave. Alarmingly, the testing capacity has improved drastically and the barriers to get tested are far lower. Stock in hand for PPEs i.e. Personal Protective equipment have grown and the knowledge to fight the pandemic is much more than before. Most people don’t want to take unwanted risks regards to the changing behaviours of COVID-19.


There are huge lessons taken from the 1st wave that can be really helpful in the second wave. Apart from the precautionary measures taken in the first wave. What’s more necessary is to take good care of the distancing laws. These were drastic measures in place since the first wave of COVID-19. Included in an interesting count from first wave are older age citizens over the age of 70 years. Due to the pandemic, COVID-19 in terms of deaths, 90% of the death were from old age citizens over 70.

Hence, the Canadian Govt. needs to introduce special measures for older citizens, not only part of their rights, but also for others. The worse hit according to Govt. were the poorest & most diverse regions of major cities. The Govt. should highlight and mark those areas & make improvements regards to taking strict measures in the second wave. Noticeably, Black Canadian population was found to be more infected & hospitalised due to the disease than others.


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According to Mr. Steven Hoffman from York University in Toronto, what’s important is to remember that the second wave of COVID-19 is a threat not lesser than the first one. He believes that this remembrance will act as a psychological shield to fight against the pandemic in the second wave as well. The thresholds for the re-entering process in the lock down in second wave needs to be more data driven. Therefore, with the help of statistics involved it will make things easier for Govt. to take precautionary steps in future.

From precautionary measures & containment procedures, according to a Govt. official most people feel highly exhausted. What can be big time concerning is that people won’t be willing to follow the Public Health directives, and their ignorance should be controlled for encountering future concerns. The Govt. here should play their role and urge people to follow the precautionary measures especially in sensitive public areas & key zones. Public places like parks and Cinemas are places to have fun and energise. Hence, it is more likely that people act smartly to fight against the second wave of COVID-19.

On a more personal basis it’s important for people to keep re-examining and realising the role of COVID-19 super spreaders.

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