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There are certain mandates and some highly critical roles attached with the Canadian federal Food Safety partners. These mandates helps in sustainable developments in the Food Safety measures. Furthermore, they help in identifications of precautions needed in the food industry. A very sensitive area regards to Quality assurance and defining roles. These roles are imperative in the Canada’s food safety industry. Apart from the efforts of WHO, i.e. The World Health Organisation. Justifiably, Canadian Food safety industry is merged with certain defined stakeholders. All these stakeholders helps playing a pivotal role in their defined fields.

These includes Govt. bodies known as CFIA or Canada’s Food Inspection agency & Health Canada. Apart from these, one of the most important ones is PHAC i.e. Public Health Agency of Canada. These are organisations that helps in strict monitoring & maintenance of strict quality standards. All of them in relation primarily to the Food industry. Also, known as ISO’s or International Standards Organisation. This is as the food industry’s compliance for certain health & safety protocols. Especially, a vital part in the current times of pandemic. Hence, as the challenges have been highly increased lately in Canada.

The key areas where Canada’s federal food safety partner’s role comes into play are restaurants & takeaways. Also includes the hospitality industry Canada, and finally online food selling partners. All these stakeholders are for the health & safety of the general public. Hence, while making Canada a highly Safe society, especially regards to Food maintenance standards.

The roles & mandates of the Federal Food Safety Partners are as follows;


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CFIA or Canadian Food Inspection Agency is a science-based regulatory body. The body is dedicated for the protection of Health & Well-being of Canadians. This is especially by safeguarding the Canada’s food supply. Furthermore, the plants and animals on which the food quality are highly dependant. The responsibilities of CFIA are shared with some other federal departments and agencies. These are agencies with provincial, territorial, and other municipal authorities. Also, includes private industry as well as national & international stakeholders. The international stakeholders holds especially key priorities for CFIA. More importantly, for the sake of the international reputation of Canadians in food industry.


Health Canada is another key organisation that is responsible for the health & safety standards in Canada. This is a Govt.’s federal department that is responsible for helping the Canadians maintain & improve their health. Another science-based department working under the Govt.’s rules & regulations. Hence, the aim of Health Canada is the reduction of risks to individual health. Furthermore, making an overall evaluation of the risks associated to a department. Other aims also includes the promotion of healthy lifestyle activities. Apart from this, ensuring high-quality health services that are efficient as well as accessible. Finally, providing all the relevant health information to the general public.

Significantly, the role of Health Canada during the current pandemic was highly integral. Primarily, in determining their overall efforts for the Canadian public. It significantly helped a great deal in controlling and monitoring of the pandemic. This is vitally in all the provinces & territories of Canada.


PHAC, also known as Public Health Agency of Canada was established in September 2004. It was established following the recommendations in response to the 2003 outbreak of SARS. The acronym for SARS is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. The key mandates of the Public Health Agency are contributions to the federal efforts. Eagerly to identify and for the reductions of public health risks factors significantly. Also, to support national level awareness and readiness for public health threats. Hence, these threats includes carrying out the disease surveillance and some vital control activities.

Hence, this is generally with an emphasis of promoting co-operation with both the provincial and territorial governments. Primarily, also because monitoring and creating awareness can be a challenge. Ironically, as Canada is a huge country w.r.t covered area. Therefore, what’s best is to divide the efforts in provincial and territorial grounds. This significantly reduces the risks of mismanagement & helps in making the efforts more synchronised. Hence, the sync is more in terms of results. PHAC has some key objectives that they need to focus over a short span of time;

  • Timely identification of outbreaks;
  • Identification of risks to inform risk management instantly;
  • Detection of increases amongst the vectors indicating potential increased risk of infections.
  • Provision of timely public health data; and
  • Contributions to international surveillance efforts, e.g. meeting WHO regulations.
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