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The Hollywood industry has made a number of films that are simply epic movies & are everlasting in terms of the impact that they have made on the industry. These franchise films are a source of bread & butter for the many in the Hollywood Industry which are not only the actors. However, but the stunt men, action directors, engineers, technicians, camera assistants, crew & many more who are part of the Franchise films that are popular due to the big name they have made on cinema.

Some of the popular franchises made in the Hollywood industry & the many who have room for improvement, but still are a hit are part of the double impact. These includes film franchise like Bourne Series, with the main lead character as Jason Bourne, as well as Rambo, Mission Impossible, Fast & The Furious, Terminator & Taken film Franchise. Also includes Planet of the Apes, Rocky, Jack Reacher, John Wick & The Matrix being a modern day phenomenon. Apart from Transformers, & the super-human franchise that includes Super Man, Bat Man, Spider Man & finally Wonder Woman. All these movie film franchise are a huge impact on the Hollywood industry & also been an adaption in different film industries of the world, e.g. includes Bollywood industry.

They are truly the trend-setters & also a huge source of revenue generation in the Hollywood industry. The modern franchise & movie brands that includes Fast & Furious, The Transformers, John Wick & Jack Reacher are simply amazing in terms of the difference that they have shown. As well as the level of interests for people of all ages. Thus, generated by the various franchise is just amazing to see. Also includes Monster franchise, i.e. King Kong & Godzilla.

Some of most watched action-packed Franchise films are below;

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The Taken trilogy is part of the three films in the Taken series. Just six years is the period during which the films were released from Taken. The first film of the Taken trilogy was released in the year 2008, followed by the second one in 2012 & later in the year 2014 being the final one of the Taken series.

A versatile actor from N.Ireland (U.K), Liam Neeson is one who played the lead role in the series. Liam Neeson is Bryan Mills, a retired CIA operative who is a family protector. In the first series released in 2008. Bryan Mills crosses the globe for the sake of rescuing his 17 year old daughter. The daughter of Bryan was kidnapped in Paris (France). Thus, by a group of Albanian Smugglers.

In the second one its Istanbul, Turkey. Tried to be captured by the Terrorists in Istanbul.  Thus, which is the location of the next film in the series. Hence, while vacationing in Istanbul with his family. The intentions of the group of people was to avenge. That is, the death of the son of a Mafia boss and terrorist Murad.

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In the third film of the series released in the year 2014. Under the scrutiny of the murder of his wife was Bryan Mills very wrongly. Was being harassed was his daughter. Maggie Grace is the real name of the actress who played role of daughter.

In all of the films in the series. Liam Neeson has played the role of a retired CIA operative with immense passion. His action scenes & continuous run for family protection shows his passion in the film for his family as well as his level of fitness. A justice with the role which is truly & simply amazing to see in all the three films.



It’s Keanu Reeves, the Canadian actor who gained immense popularity in Hollywood. Precisely, with his role in the Matrix series being Mr. Anderson. A film franchise made on Artificial Intelligence, i.e. the interactions of the real world & the virtual world.

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The film franchise Matrix initiated in the year 1999. Released in year 1999, as the first film in the series of films being Matrix. Later came in 2003 Matrix Reloaded and again in 2003, i.e. the same year The Matrix Revolutions. The final one in the Matrix franchise was released after a period of 18 years, i.e. in 2021 & it was The Matrix Resurrections in 2021.

All the four films in the franchise explains the concept behind the real & the virtual world & how the two dimensions interacts. These interactions makes the film a unique one and as many experts in the Hollywood claims. The movies have been a key part of the ‘New World Order’.



The terminator movie franchise is a series of six films & it’s none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger who played the role starting from 1984 and the final one in the film series of six films being released 4 years back, i.e. 1st November 2019. Released in the year 1984 was the first film in the series. Thus, followed by Terminator 2: Judgement Day released in 1991. The third one in the series of films was Terminator 3: The Rise of The Machines. The film franchise is based on robots & the robotics ruling the world. Also, covers the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence. Ironically, as Rise of The Machines is a beginning to the wonderful world of machines.


The next one in the series of Science & Fiction franchise was Terminator Salvation in 2009 & Terminator Genisys in the year 2015. The final one in the Franchise of films being Terminator: Dark Fate in the year 2019.

Action-packed films are all the six movies in the franchise. Hence, while Arnold Schwarzenegger, an actor who migrated from Austria has shown that it’s just not acting. But, body building as well which is a mandatory requirement of the Hollywood film industry.



The Rambo movie franchise of films is one of the best action movie franchise & it’s none other than Sylvester Stallone the partner of Arnold in The Escape Plan (franchise) who is the main character John Rambo. The first film of the franchise was released in the year 1982 and is called First Blood (1982). Rambo a former US soldier in the Vietnam War is the one who is traumatised. Especially, by the memories of the War.

The sequential in the series of films is Rambo: First Blood Part II which was released in the year 1985. The third in the film series was Rambo III released in the year 1988. The fourth film was released after a huge gap of 20 years. That is, in the year 2008 with the name of Rambo. One of the most brutal of the four in terms of action in Burma. Thus, as Rambo saves Christian missionaries who enters Burma from the suffering villagers. The film was the biggest action block-buster of the year 2008. The final film in the franchise of five films was released after 11 years in the year 2019. The title of the Film Franchise is Rambo: Last Blood (2019) & the film simply defines the big span that the franchise of films has covered since 1982, i.e. a period of almost 37 years.

The many transformations taken by Sylvester Stallone as Hollywood’s most unique & most dynamic action actors during the franchise of films is just amazing. You can spot the difference in Rambo from First Blood (1982) to Last Blood (2019), however, the difference in the level of fitness & the muscle mania is not that much. A proof of the fact how franchise films are a symbol of success. Especially, in the best film industry of the world, i.e. Hollywood.


MI series is a compilation of six block buster movies & couple of more to come. The film stars Tom Cruise, who plays Ethan Hunt, an agent of the Impossible Missions Force.

Mission Impossible, the starter in the series of films starring Tom Cruise. Obviously, it was released in the year 1996. 2000, i.e. start of new millennium was the release of the next film in the series. As Ethan Hunt is growing up in his most vital & impossible missions it’s time for the third one released after six years, i.e. Mission Impossible III in the year 2006. Thus, making Tom Cruise a global icon & being one of the greats of Hollywood. Someone who loves romantic films as well as action films. Obviously, as the MI series shows the growing image of Ethan Hunt.

The Mission Impossible 4, i.e. Ghost Protocol takes the film to the dunes of Arabia, i.e. in Dubai. The Mission Impossible 5 is the Rogue Nation & most of the filming of the 5th film in the series was in London. The final film in the series as yet is Mission Impossible- Fallout (2018), which is shot in London mostly & in UAE. This time Tom Cruise is seen face to face with Henry Cavill a British actor & someone who has complimented Tom Cruise in his action sequences along with the many Spy scenes.

Mission impossible Franchise of films is a statement as well as a trend-setter to the many Spy movies who are somewhat similar to Mission Impossible. In the 22 years since the start in 1996, role of Tom as Ethan Hunt has become even more challenging & inspirational. All in all it’s the most heroic image of an action hero with long flying hairs, short & nicely built & shooting while on a heavy bike.

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