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Hollywood industry, the American film Industry is a global brand & has a global image. Obviously, the film industry popularly known as Hollywood has covered a number of films made on different topics. Furthermore, the events in history & on people also called biopics. These are films ever made in Hollywood on top of these. Obviously, that have covered the wars which mainly includes the World War I, The World War II & The Vietnam War. Apart from these wars, many others that have played a key role in the history books. Exclusively, in terms of locations. Also, the impacts on the people & the countries.

Films which includes Saving Private Ryan is a 1998 Steven Spielberg Film. A movie which is very close to the reality sequences of war films. Also, includes the legendary film Lawrence of Arabia (1962) a role of Peter O Toole & Omar Sharif. Other films in the wide list includes The Thin Red Line, Dunkirk, Platoon, and Inglorious Basterds. Furthermore, Fury from 2014 featuring Brad Pitt, Behind Enemy Lines & Operation Chromite. Also Monuments Men starring George Clooney & Matt Damon & Lone Survivor starring Mark Wahlberg.


All these films comes under the category of War Films. Additionally, have left an incredible impact on cinema in terms of realism & real war sequences. Also, the injuries & deaths. The amount of intensity shown in films like Saving Private Ryan (1998). Importantly, is incredible & till date a brilliant War action film directed by Steven Spielberg. One of the genius of Hollywood Film industry who has given a lot to what cinema is today. Hollywood industry is an iconic industry. On top of this, has shown its true worth via diversification in cinema.

Selected are obviously some of the few movies. For obvious reasons, which have been brilliant in terms of the story line as well as the drama.


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An epic movie which includes Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore & Edward Burns. Thus, along with Matt Damon & Vin Diesel. The film begins its story on the bloody beaches of Normandy. Thus, immediately letting the audiences know what they are in for. Given a role, apart from his normal duties is Captain John Miller, i.e. Tom Hanks. That is, a duty to relieve a certain Private Ryan. Relieved from his duty as Private Ryan needs to be. Killed in an invasion were his three brothers very unfortunately. The role of John Miller is played very intelligently & affectionately. Interestingly, by Tom Hanks who has demonstrated true & unmatched skills of acting in the film. John Miller which is Tom Hanks, must break the bulk of the German forces in his efforts of saving Ryan.

According to the experts, the film is based on a true story. The impact of the film was really high. Obviously, as it was an award winning effort from Steven Spielberg.


Something similar to the Lion of Desert. Shot in the Desserts of Arabia as the Lawrence of Arabia is a popular war film. Obviously, with epic acting sequences from Peter O’ Toole & Omar Sharif. The popular Egyptian actor from Dr. Zhivago (1965). Also, features Zia Moyeuddin, the Pakistani actor, in his very popular short role as Taffas, a dessert guide. The film also includes Alec Guinness. Directed by David Lean is the famous film of the era 1962.

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In addition to being a war movie. The award winning film Lawrence of Arabia is also an epic and a biopic. However, its greatness comes at least in part from the way it seems utterly fascinated by its central character’s obsession. That is, with the mission he has been given.

Peter O’ Toole is the man in the main role as Lawrence. A British Lieutenant as Lawrence who is given a mission to gain the aid of the Arab tribes. That is, in their war against the Turks. Unlike, Saving Private Ryan, Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is not an action War film. But, rather a very controlled Action-War film. There are arguments, there are talks apart from gunshots & War diplomacy that makes this film a ‘Dessert King’.

Lawrence of Arabia is also one of the most beautiful. Furthermore, immersive movies ever made. Hence, even if it may be a little light on the battles for a war movie.


The Monuments Men is a War movie released on 7th Feb 2014. The film is produced, written & directed by none other than George Clooney. The star who is also the main lead in the film. This is along with Matt Damon, Bill Murray & John Goodman. The film is based on a novel by the same name, The Monuments Men by Robert M.Edsel which was released in 2007. It features the Nazi. The Germans as is very closely related to the book which is non-fiction. The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves & Greatest Treasure Hunt in History.

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The film is based on Nazi history & the course of events from the World War II. An epic war in the history of wars apart from World War I. As it says, ‘The Monuments Men’, sums it up regards to the Passion of the Men from Army. The proud men, who fought like brave soldiers in World War II. Proving to the world that its a Man’s Life.

George Clooney is seen in the movie in a role that he has played really well. Hence, along with the look, the famous moustache & the hair style. The film was one of his yet another Super hit movies one after the other after his successful role in ‘Gravity’ as an astronaut in space. Awesome display of talent in acting. Thus, along with his exclusive direction skills not seen for the very first time as well writing the story line. On top of this, being his own production. His directorial debut was of course Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002). All in all ‘The Monuments Men’ is an epic. Truly a cinematic class, which George Clooney claims as being his baby.

DUNKIRK (2017):  

A historical war film based on World War II. The famous era of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. The Prime Minister who declared before the War as Quoted ‘We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, and we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.’

Dunkirk, is one of the recent War film as it was released in 2017. Thus, as is one of the best Christopher Nolan Films. The story is based on the early days of World War II. Also, follows a mix of soldiers from Belgium, France & Britain. These are soldiers, who are actually fleeing away from a battle, that they badly lost to the Axis power. Thus, forcing them onto the beach at Dunkirk to await rescue.

One of the historical movies as well being a War Thriller as Dunkirk holds a special place. Especially, with regards to the history of the British & their role in World War II. Glimpses & historical chunks from the famous Dunkirk beach. For ironic reasons, have also been shown in the biopic made on life of Sir Winston Churchill. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, a role played by Gary Oldman.


Pearl Harbor is a 2001 American Romantic War drama film. An epic drama, directed & Produced by Michael Bay. The film is based on the Japanese attack on the American soil. Most specifically Pearl Harbor destroying the Pearl Harbor almost completely. It’s a romantic War drama with Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett & Kate Beckinsale in key roles.

Later in history, the impact of the attacks made on Pearl Harbor resulted in attacks on Japanese twin cities of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. The film is different from other war films. Obviously, as it is a Romantic War film & is one of the best War films ever made. Ironically, Pearl Harbor holds a key historical significance in the history books of World War II. Thus, leading to the first ever. Also, the only atomic bomb attack ever, destroying the Japanese cities of Hiro & Nagasaki.



All these Hollywood war films covers action, fights & War diplomacy. Apart from this, Cold War, strategy, dynamic punch lines, war sequences & romance at the same time. Brightly & most dynamically covered by Hollywood Film Industry. Importantly, as the role of America as a growing super power has been most phenomenal. All the War films covered in this article have been a big time boost to what cinema truly is. Especially, in these current times. That is, ‘Truly Epic & Full of Passion.’

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