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Rihanna Spectacular Halftime Show: Shine Bright Like A Diamond


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Rihanna Team Glorious Night: Forget Philadelphia and don’t forget Kansas City: .

The pop star Rihanna began an incredibly anticipated performance at the 57th Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night. Seven years since her last live show -and revealing the brand-new baby bump. A spokesperson confirming following the show. Obviously, that she is expecting her second child.

The show was fairly simple in comparison to last year’s crowded. Heavy-on-the-concept show. The singer Rihana set of 13 minutes was a reminder. Obviously, of how many hits are in the singer’s catalogue at 34.

Rihanna stepped up to the stage in the form of the song, B*tch Better Have My Cash. Thus, performing on one of the floating platforms accompanied by an entire group of dancers. Backed by puffer jackets in white. Ironically, as these are the dancers who are backed. Rihanna herself wore the monochromatic red look. Further, a corset made of latex.

Then came three tracks from her album Talk That Talk: Where Have You been and the Only Girl as well as we Found Love. Obviously, interspersed with songs from S&M before launching to Rude Boy. Then she jumped into her 2016 Drake collaboration with Drake Work. Apart from this, commanded the ever-growing dancing dancers around the stage.

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After performing DJ Khaled’s The Wild Thoughts. Rihanna walked across the platforms like they were runways before breaking into Pour It Up..

The dancer offered her a mirror so she could quickly look over her makeup. An acknowledgement to her that the reason she’s absent from the music is in large part. Importantly, because of a long-term dedication to her makeup business, FENTY. Before the first note from The Sound of the Lights echoed throughout the stadium. That is, with flashing strobe lights as more dancers took to the field to dance with her.

She performed Run This Town and Umbrella(though there was no appearance by Jay-Z or anyone else). She is wearing a dress-like coat with the same firetruck red that she wore in her other outfits.

RiRi was then able to end with a roar. Literally, she stepped onto a platform which lifted her to the sky, when she sang the lyrics in Diamonds. Also, the spotlight was only focused on her as she displayed her vocals. 

Rihanna has teased at the news conference on Thursday. Obviously, that her halftime show would be “jam packed” performing from a set that. In addition to what she sang, includes Do Not Stop The MusicLove On The BrainPon de Replayand Disturbia.

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“It’s will be an appreciation of my catalogue in the most effective way we could done it,” Rihanna said.

The first time I’ve seen this in a long time:

The artist has mostly turned her attention to her makeup and FENTY’s beauty brand in recent years, however she has gradually dipped her feet back into the music industry in the last few months.

The singer released a brand new track at first in the past six decades for the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack However, she hasn’t released any new music since the release of 2016’s Anti.

The Grammy award-winning artist chose not to take part in the 2019 event to show her the solidarity of Colin Kaepernick, the embattled quarterback who was famously kneeling in the National Anthem in order to demonstrate against racism.

Rihanna claimed she felt that her timing as well as conditions were perfect for her to take part this time.

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