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Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly- A Official Splitting Up Or Not?


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Megan Fox just posted a very mysterious Instagram post. A post suggesting that the rule of Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) could be coming to an end.

Megan Fox has sparked rumours she’s split from her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly. Also, with a mysterious social media post about her ability to “taste the deceit”.

The ‘Transformers’ actress, 36, has been in a relationship with the rapper-turned-rocker, 32. That is, since June 2020 and they got engaged in January 2022. However, she has now deleted all traces of him from her Instagram feed. Also, posted a video in which she appears to torch a letter and a bag on a bonfire.

The couple who love PDA has been together. That is, since the beginning of January in 2022. They have been constantly on the news. Especially, from crazy costumes for Halloween. As well as, drinking each one’s blood. But the fun could be ending soon.

The actress, 36, posted an Instagram carousel with selfies. Furthermore, a burning letter in a fire pit with the caption, “You are smelling the dishonesty all over you breath.

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In a few of the images there is a poster that appears on the wall states. “When you can’t walk away.”


Fox deleted all her pictures together with MGK. Apart from this, hasn’t been following the rapper on Instagram. Furthermore, this is a sign of the speculation of an alleged spill.

One fan said, “He probably got with Sophie,” and Fox responded with a comment that has since been deleted, “Maybe I got with Sophie,”. According to People which is likely to be refers to recent reports. Thus, suggesting that MGK was cheating on Fox and guitarist Sophie Lloyd.

As of the 12th of February, Fox which has more than 20 million fans. Obviously, is limited to having Harry Styles, Timothee Chalamet as well as Eminem.

The actress’s fans have been quick to highlight the fact that Fox is following Eminem is notable. Considering Eminem and MGK’s longtime feud.

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Their fight began when MGK made a comment about the daughter of Eminem Hailie Mathers “Hot as f*ck” in 2012. While she was still an teen. Furthermore, resulted in numerous disstracks. According to American songwriter.

“Bro she’s just followed Eminem. This is war that has been through,” reads a comment on her blog.

MGK still has images of Fox posted the on Instagram. On top of this, is keeping track of the actor.

The couple hasn’t announced publicly the end of their relationship. Therefore, the fans will have to see whether or not the couple is truly done.


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