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St. David’s Day is the day of Patron Saint of Wales & is an observation on 1st March every year. As they say there is nothing more Welsh than the St. David’s Day, the feast & celebration that falls on the 1st of March & commemorates the patron Saint of Wales, St. David- the greatest figure in the sixth century.

St. David was a very famous teacher and the founder of what is the modern era’s i.e. today’s St. David’s cathedral. He was known for his teachings, being a guide for the people of his era & being a bacon of light, guidance & solution provider as a noble teacher & at the same time being a famous teacher. St. David was known for his pious austerity & his commitments to eshew sensual pleasures in the favour of spiritual enlightenment. Furthermore, his outstanding abilities to perform miracles. He is widely popular amongst the Welsh people also & most importantly as he is the Patron Saint of Wales.

On the day of St. David’s day & as part of the celebrations the children participate in recitations & singing, parades line the streets, the prestigious flag of St. David is raised and girls on the day wear traditional Welsh clothing. St. David’s Day apart from the other Saints Day which includes St. George, St. Patrick’s & St. Andrews Day is an observance in Canada in almost all provinces, however it’s not a holiday in most. Canadians celebrate the day as part of their officially religious days like the rest of Saints. Obviously, ones that has passed and belonged from rest of the United Kingdom. These obviously includes St. Andrews who is the Patron Saint of Scotland, St. Patrick, the Patron Saint of Northern Ireland & finally St. George the Patron Saint of England.

DAVID’S DAY- ‘The Key Timelines’:

-462-515 A.D. – The Birth of a Saint

St. David, the Patron Saint of Wales was born on the South-West coast of Wales. It is a place near to where the city of St. David is in current times. The city is the resting place of St. David & is a city that is named after the Saint. It’s an honour & a tribute to the services & the prestige that St. David earned during his life over the years & also because of his preaching & his teachings.

-560 A.D. – Building A Monastery
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It was in the era of 560 A.D. that Saint David is known for building a Monastery & exactly closer to a place where St. David was born.

-569 A.D.Monks Elect David

It was in the era of 569 A.D. that the Monks elected David. Also called the Synod of Victory, St. David presides over Synod of Caerleon (alias Victory).

March 1, 589 A.D.The Passing Of A Great Man

After living a long life full of preaching & religious teachings, St. David passes away after living more than 100 years. He passed away on Tuesday, 1st March, 589 after giving his final sermon, just a day before his death. A reason to celebrate this day on the date of his death, i.e. 1st of March every year.

1120 A.D. – ‘St. David’s Day Becomes Official

St. David upon recognition from the Pope known as Pope Callixtus II became the national Patron Saint of Wales. In addition to this, 1st March was officially included in the calendar of the Church as the St. David’s Day.

-2000- ‘Declared As a Public Holiday In Wales

In the year 2000 the first year of the New Millennium, St. David’s Day was declared as a public holiday in Wales. Instead of being a national holiday, in Canada. Observed as a formality only and as an observance.

How The Day Is Celebrated?

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Even the religious Canadians celebrate the St. David’s Day. That is, by visiting Wales as several of the Wales heritage sites are open for free entry on the day. Thus, as a vital part of the St. David’s Day celebrations. Thus, which includes the St. David’s Bishop’s palace. This includes Caerphilly Castle, with its iconic leaning tower. Also, the St. David’s Bishop’s Palace which is located near St. David’s Cathedral. A place where Wales patron Saint, Dewi Sant, founded his monastery.

The people in Canada as well as in Wales celebrate the St. David’s Day by wearing a daffodil which is the national symbol of Wales or a leek, i.e. St. David’s symbol. In the country Wales which is the home country of St. David people. Particularly, the children wear traditional Welsh costumes. Made of Welsh flannel, the girls wear a petticoat & overcoat on the day. In addition to this, a tall hat worn over a frilled bonnet.


St. David’s Day is the day for the patron Saint of Wales, therefore the popularity levels & the religious significance is mostly in United Kingdom, more importantly Wales. However, in Canada it is an observation in most of the Provinces & Territories as Canada is a Pre-dominantly Christian country. The residents of the North American country respects the day for the sake of their Christian pride on the 1st of March every year. Ironically, which is the day of his death, i.e. passing away. The valuable essence of the day is indeed a source of pride for the Christian Canadians, i.e. the true followers of Jesus Christ.


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