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The World’s Wildlife day is a celebration all over the world just like it is in Canada.  Massively by forests all around, Canada is a country that is covered in terms of area. Wildlife population all over the globe is under danger of extinction at different levels. Thus, as compared to Canada where the Wildlife is under extinction at relatively lower levels. Every year as a day dedicated for celebrations on 3rd March. Also, the aim is for the sake of environmental sustainability. Furthermore, for the restoration & preservation of wildlife which is threatened. Specifically, due to dangers of extinction that are reaching higher numbers.

The day is for the sake of global awareness. Also, the campaigns for wildlife. Hence, as they hold immense values for the people who lack global awareness. Precisely, regards to Wildlife restoration & rescue. It’s a day that is for the National Geographic & the Discovery people. Hence, as well as Wildlife researchers. Also, the campaigners, photographers & the media people as Wildlife plays one of the most demanding roles. That is, in terms of environmental sustainability & for the sake of balancing the ecosystem & other ecology needs.

On the day due to the endangered species. The UN, i.e. United Nations & its partners are intensely planning. Primarily, to create a level of awareness of the gravity of this dire situation. According to the most recent stats & recent updates puts the number of Black Rhinos at around 2,500. Hence, which are in the entire world according to World Statistics. Found on the Eastern recesses of the country are the Russia’s Amur Leopards. Only, 44 left in the world. Thus, they heavily are on the verge of extinction. So on and so forth the list goes on.


For the sake of creating awareness of the endangered species. Apart from this, what we can do as homosapiens for the environment. The organisation which is UN, or United Nations. Obviously, is celebrating the day on a big global agenda on 3rd March 2023. Thus, marking the day that the group signed the Convention on Int. Trade in Endangered species. Precisely, of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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The following are the Timelines for the World Wildlife Day.

  • 20th Dec 2013: World Wildlife Day Is Established

Under the proposal that was presented to the UN from Thailand the day was established. Also, it was decided that the day will be observed annually. That is, i.e. every year. This day was established for the sake of raising awareness of the world’s wild animals & plants.

  • 3rd March 2014: First World Wildlife Day Is Celebrated

Celebrated on 3rd March 2014 is the First Wildlife day. A celebration that counts for the environment. Furthermore, for the sake of environmental sustainability.

  • 2015- United Nations Announces 2015 Theme:

Selected with a vision is the theme for Int. Day 2015. That is, a vision for future development in environmental measures. “It’s time to get serious about Wildlife crime”. A special catchphrase just for the sake of reducing the increased levels of wildlife hunting. Furthermore, the crimes that relates precisely to animals.

  • 2016- UN Announces 2016 Theme:

Elephants, i.e. the biggest of the Big Five. Dedicated in the year 2016, as these are ones, i.e. According to UN. The theme for the Global Day 2016 was “The Future of Wildlife is in our hands”. With an extension, “The Future of elephants is in our hands”. Emphasising, the major concerns that relates to Elephants all over the world. Especially, including Sri Lanka formerly (Ceylon) in Asia & African continent.

  • 2017- UN Announces 2017 Theme:
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The theme for the UN dedicated in the year 2017. Thus, revolves around the rights of the young ones. Precisely, “Listen to the young voices”. The young ones from the Wildlife who need special care. Hence, if needed & survival of the fittest.

  • 2018- UN Announces 2018 Theme:

The theme for the 2018. That is, the theme for the World Wildlife Day 2018. Thus, revolves around Big Cats. It says “Big Cats: Predators under Threat.” The big Cats obviously includes Lion, Tiger, Leopard & Puma. Finally, the Black Panther & Cheetah.

  • 2019- UN Announced 2019 Theme:

The theme according to the United Nations for 2019 which was a dedicated theme. Precisely, for the World Wildlife Day for 2019 was ‘Life below Water: for The People & Planet’. The day was dedicated day regards to the Water scarcity. In addition to this, the environmental concerns. These are the concerns that relates heavily to water scarcity. Thus, below the levels that are termed as dangerous for the environment. That is, for the people & the planet.


There are plenty of ways for celebrating the day for the Wildlife in Canada. Thus, with a massive vision for the people & the planet. The day is not only a dedication for the Wildlife in the world. However, also for the sake of environmental concerns & ecology. Also, the issues that relates to water scarcity.

Spend the day falling on a Friday this year through wildlife watching. Hence, as it is not only a hobby. However, something that demands love of Wildlife. Creating awareness amongst the general public. Thus, regards to Wildlife & how Wildlife plays a major part in an ecology for the planet Earth.

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Use social media, e.g. You Tube, TikTok & Facebook. Thus, as a tool for the sake of creating environmental awareness strategies & campaigns. These are productive measures that will help in creating a sustainable environment. An environment for the future which is in our safe hands.

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