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The New Year’s Day or 1st January is the 1st Day of the Gregorian calendar as it is the one followed by most of the countries globally. It is followed internationally in form of holidays all over the world & yet another start to the year that comprises of 365 days. Scientifically speaking, the world takes one complete orbit around the sun, i.e. it finishes from where it started initially. However, while speaking in terms of motivational values, it is the start of a new year bringing with it new challenges and opportunities.

The global significance is paramount indeed as in the most countries of the world the Gregorian calendar is followed according to which 1st January is marked as the 1st day of the year. Celebrations, parties, gatherings, pictures & family get-together are a norm on this prestigious day which is historical in terms of emotional as well as cultural values. In Canada as well, the day is celebrated with huge passion while in most parts of the country it is winter and snow fall that is taking place in almost all of Canada. Also, it is declared as a good omen as snow brings all the good things to where it takes place, especially in the season of Christmas and New Year. Western values are attached to this year, big time as they consider it a refresh button in one’s life, even though a person has passed one complete year of his/her life. For the most ambitious, the New Year’s resolutions holds determining values in terms of the goals analysis and what they need to achieve for a better and sustainable future.


Just the way history is associated to every day, the New Year’s Day is marked in history as a very important day. Its significance in many countries is marked in form of massive shopping discounts & New Year deals that you would adore as a shopper who is always looking for new things in their shopping list. Not only that, for the people working on an hourly basis, it’s a day where you can earn double time as most of the people are on holidays. However, there are still few who love to work on that day, just to get that extra mile for their life journey. It’s a day of enjoyment and family meetings with omen of love and faithfulness always making it a day for the Canadians. Love is the ultimate feeling that binds people together on this day as well, as they promise to stay with each other in the upcoming year as well.

Surprisingly, the day was observed initially on the 15th of March in the old Roman calendar. However, the start of the New Year was fixed at 1st January in 153 BCE by two Roman consuls. Hence, the month was named as Janus after the name of the Roman god of doors and gates. Janus had two faces, one facing forward and one looking back a fitting name for the month at the start of the New Year. Interestingly, most countries in Western Europe had officially adopted January 1st as New Year’s Day even before they adopted the Gregorian calendar.


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A New Year’s resolution is the most vital list of things that one can aim to do while stepping into the next year. It’s in fact the things that are attached to your plans for the New Year and how will you be progressing along. The passing year has passed now, and what are the things that you can learn from the year that has passed? Furthermore, how well can you transform the New Year for your goals? What role does courage and optimism plays in your life, while you plan ahead for your own business or for your health goals? Apart from this, your career plans and opportunities that are key for you in terms of future achievements.

How can you design a new diet plan or an exercise plan that will suit your needs to burn the extra kilos in your body? Something that might be necessary for you to get to where you want in life. Especially, true as your body is the most vital organism that relates to your mind and your soul.


The past year, since it will pass in a matter of time from 31st December jumping on to 1st Jan is worthwhile enough or not? An analysis of the milestones that you have attained in life is important as your strength is to keep looking for fresh resolutions every year. On top of this, what are the good things you have learned? However, being an optimist it’s a necessity to stick to what you have planned for the next year.

As motivation is the key, just have a good thought of what you have attained and how could you have achieved better results. Your new year’s resolution shouldn’t only be based on activities of self-improvement & achieving business milestones only. But, to attain something good for the society in terms of moral and social values. Charity begins at Home, however, it’s up to you how well you can adapt to the challenges of New Year.

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