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Meditation holds many benefits that are good for the mind as well as for the rest of the body. Especially, if you are tired and needs to relax for a better night’s sleep. It is the habitual process of training your mind in order to focus and redirect your thought process. The popularity is increasing on every passing day as more people tend to discover its many health benefits. Simply aligns your thought patterns in much better and aligned ways.

Your brain controls all the activities that you do every day and this is in addition to the way it controls your whole body. It really helps in reducing mental stress and make your mind peaceful and your thoughts more refined. Sitting in the posture while meditating and your eyes closed while you breathe-in and breathe-out. Set yourself a timer for at least 15-20 minutes while you sit in a quiet place and start thinking. Your brain is truly a powerful and an effective tool that you can use to achieve your targets more eagerly and effectively. Use your brain in this time to relax and how can you achieve what you want from life.

It helps you make your subconscious mind much stronger and make you say again and again, ‘That you can do what you have in mind’. It helps you realise that your vision and your goals are bigger than anything for you. You should in all possible ways know what you want from life, but you should meditate hard to bring out the magic of success from your own mind. Make yourself believe that your mental barriers are not big enough for you and you can achieve anything.

Health benefits of meditation;


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Stress reduction is the most common reason why meditation is used all over the world to bring the mind to peace. The mental and physical stress can cause the stress levels to increase the stress hormone known as ‘Cortisol’. This is dangerous hormone and can have many harmful effects of stress. Thus, causing sleep problems, promoting depression, increased blood pressure and fatigue. According to a study that lasted for 2- 2.5 months in Canada, a meditation style known as ‘mindfulness meditation’ reduced the inflammation response caused by stress. Meditation for mindfulness is the best way that a mind is diverted to a peaceful mental state and enriches the power of subconscious. Also makes the thought process and reasoning more powerful and more positive.


Meditation, especially meditation for mindfulness reduces the age-related problems that are most associated with memory loss. This problem in terms of medical is known as ‘Amnesia’ and is found commonly in people after the age of 55-60. This differs demographically from one place to another, more importantly from country to another country. Bringing improvements in attention and clarity of thinking may also help keep your mind young and energetic.

While fighting the normal age-related memory loss, meditation can partially also improve memory in patients with dementia. A very common mental health issue that originates from Alzheimer’s disease and is a form of partial or full memory loss.


Meditation and its various styles have all over the world helped people improve their concentration levels and mental alertness. An alert and attentive mind is the fulcrum of your thoughts every day, and helps you trigger your goals while you chase them like a Cheetah. An average concentration time for an average mind is 50-55 mins, however with meditation it can increase to few minutes. Meditation helps your attentiveness and focus to much higher levels, whether you are driving to work, or working on your next project as a newly assigned project manager.

A study conducted on meditation showed that people who regularly practised meditation performed better on a visual task. Furthermore, they had a great attention span than those without any meditation experience. Meditation for a small amount of time everyday is much better than doing it for 2-3 days in a week. Another vital study on meditation also showed that meditating for at least 12-13 mins per day enhanced attention and memory after 2 months. Having said that, its consistency that is the key while you meditate.


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The necessity to be kind and to overcome your evil thoughts and sentiments can become important for you. Metta, a kind of meditation is also known as loving-kindness meditation begins with the developing of kind thoughts and releasing negative energy. It also helps in increasing the people’s compassion and kindness towards people while thinking positive. All in all, helps you be more positive and thankful towards the blessings of God, by thoughts and words. The study also claims that the higher amount of time people spent in ‘Metta Meditation’ practice the more positive feelings they experienced.

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