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Turkish Earthquake Is Yet Another Major Earthquake Striking Turkey In Feb


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A brand new 6.4 magnitude earthquake occurred on Monday. It affected regions in Turkey and Syria which were damaged two weeks earlier by a very destructive & an enormous quake. An earthquake that killed more than 45,000 people. Authorities said that additional buildings collapsed with occupants trapped. Injured across both the countries were many victims as part of the catastrophe. However, there were no reports of any deaths.

Centered on the town of Defne was monday’s earthquake. A town around 20km away from Samandag. A town located in the Turkish Hatay province. A region which is one of the most impacted regions by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that struck February 6. It was felt throughout Syria, Jordan & Israel. In addition to this, even as far as Egypt which was later followed by another magnitude 5.8 temblor.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said. Killed were only three people. Three were killed. Also, 213 were injured, in addition to this. The search and rescue effort was on in three buildings that had collapsed, where five people were believed to be trapped.


Many buildings collapsed during the latest Turkish quake and trapped people in the basement. The Hatay’s Mayor Lutfu Savas told NTV. He informed NTV that the trapped could be those who were either returning to homes. From the homes that were damaged, they were trying to move the furniture.

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Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said at least eight patients were admitted to hospitals in Turkey. Syria’s state news agency SANA said. Six people had been injured in Aleppo by falling debris.

HaberTurk journalists who were reporting from Hatay. By the quake of Monday, violently they were jolted as they claimed. They were able to hold onto one another to prevent falling.

Within the Turkish capital city, Ankara the eyewitness Alejandro Malaver said. People left their homes to walk the streets. Hence, taking blankets and bags into their vehicles. Malaver stated that everyone is afraid. Furthermore, “no person wants to go back in their homes.

It is reported that the Syrian rebels’ Syrian Civil Defence (also called White Helmets, said that numerous people were injured throughout the northwest of Syria, a region ruled by rebels when they leaped from structures or were hit by debris falling from the village of Jinderis. It is one of the towns most severely affected by the February six earthquakes.

The White Helmets added that several buildings collapsed. Furthermore, damaged buildings in northwest Syria without injury to anyone.

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In the Syrian town of Idlib. Frightened were the residents of Idlib. Also, getting ready to go to bed at parks or other spaces. The fuel lines sprang up at gas stations. Obviously, as people tried to move as far away as they could from any structures that could fall.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Hatay the day before. Also, he announced that his government will begin building nearly 200,000 new homes in the region. A massive region devastated by the Turkish earthquake. That is, in the next few days.

Erdogan declared that the new buildings are not more than 3 or 4 stories. Thus, constructed on more solid ground, with higher standards. Furthermore, in collaboration with “geophysics geo-technical and geo-technical geology as well as seismology experts” and other experts.

Regards to the rebuilding measures. Rebuilt will be the status of the destroyed heritage sites according to the Turk leadership. Thus, keeping to the “historic and cultural character.”

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