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The New Year is on the verge of its arrival and a warm farewell to 2019. The year full of hotel acquisitions and many key milestones for MBE Inc. Hence, we are proud & happy to enter in 2020 with our goal i.e. to focus on the launch of the autobiography of CEO/President Syed Mansoor Naqvi’s book launch, a key step in the vision of MBE and its prospective growth. The new year brings with it new challenges and new visions of prosperity. Therefore, It is the true duty of every person to analyze his/her challenges in the last 12 months. There needs to be a focus as well on the upcoming challenges as well to make a new year resolution.

The vision 2020 has a list of objectives for Canada that needs to be attained with deep insights. Canada is a huge land of opportunities with many provinces that includes Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Northern Territories, Ontario, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, and Newfoundland & Labrador. The Canadian provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec have been the focus of many big development programs especially because of metropoles like Toronto, Quebec City & Vancouver one of the big and most developed cities in Canada. The cities have developed at a very fast pace and hold huge infrastructure. There is an immense potential for growth, culture, high rises business opportunities, and job prospects. Hence, it can be said that Canadian megacities are a global symbol. However, they also hold immense potential in all areas for the upcoming year as well.


Making a vision for the New Year is a strategic program that companies use to make their New Year agendas. These include planning the investments, budgeting and forecasting, planning of capital investments, and implementation strategies. The New Year’s vision is normally based on the previous year’s performances. It is also a collection of how things should shape up for a particular company analyzing its last year’s performance.

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The personalized vision for 2020 should include how an individual should focus on their monetary values. Hence, it should also be a focus on the personal development program i.e. a necessity. The personal development plan includes;

  1. Making priorities
  2. Allocation of time to key agendas
  3. Exercise Planning & Fitness agendas
  4. Making a budget for future savings
  5. Specified targets at work
  6. Aligning goals with career development plans.
  7. Travel and Tourism plans
  8. Money management targets & Financial planning

All these agendas are part and parcel of the personal development program. Hence, they also hold immense value for the personalized vision of an individual.

Making a new year resolution for your future goals
new year resolution


Making a New Year resolution is different from a New Year vision in more than one way. It is a set of long term goals that hold the advantage for a longer-term. On the contrary, a resolution is a set of targets for the New Year that are strict. They hold immense priorities for an individual, a company/organization, or a country.

It can also be termed as a set of priorities or goals that need to be taken care of. The aims are for future growth prospects and the accomplishment of the vision. In case of a company an Upcoming Year resolution holds vitality in terms of the following;

  1. The company’s future prospects;
  2. Its goal in terms of profitability;
  3. Analysis of previous 5 years growth and profitability;
  4. Making a Change Management Program;
  5. Having a people management program;
  6. Defining the structural hierarchies;
  7. Progression strategy for the future;
  8. Analyzing specific markets;
  9. Benchmarking and;
  10. Analyzing the competitors

These are all the New Year’s resolution that a company must overlook before making a strategy for tomorrow. These points are critical in next year for any company as it is important for an organization’s strategy. Hence, in order to implement a strategy of growth keeping in view the previous year’s progression.

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As an organization a company also overlooks its future prospects in the specific markets i.e. E-commerce or Digital marketing, analyzing its competitors and making an analysis of future marketing challenges. Marketing challenges are always there every year, as marketing holds many creative dimensions. Many companies outsource their marketing and business development to marketing agencies, but still, they make plans ahead every year.


New Year ‘2020’ will be seeing many new changes in MBE Inc. The company is now one of the most refined and highly established companies in this modern era. MBE Inc. has fulfilled all the key aspects that are needed for a modern technology environment. Highly established in Canada, the company is booming every day with new mergers and acquisitions in the hospitality industry.

Huge credit goes to Syed Mansoor Naqvi CEO/President MBE Group and his growth strategies. A visionary who has worked hard for his organization’s growth and success since the last 23-24 years. The time he landed in Canada is 1996 i.e. a long time back and a period of intense hard work.

The CEO/President, Syed Mansoor Naqvi is launching his autobiography in the year 2020 and the book will be a complete breakthrough. It is the first success story of an established Canadian Entrepreneur from Pakistan and has unique attributes. The book will be a huge impact on the readers in terms of motivation for young and dynamic entrepreneurs. Hence, for those who want to make their vision in the industry next year, it can be really inspiring. Syed Mansoor Naqvi is an entrepreneur who has shown from his hardcore efforts for his company. It the time since he stepped in opportunity-rich Canada for the first time.

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His struggles since he acquired the first ‘Coffee Time’ to acquiring the Senator Hotel and Algonquin Inn make him a complete leader and a rich entrepreneur. A book that starts from his early life. Then his later life includes all the challenges he took while he was in Canada and worked hard for his business prospects. His academics that holds excellence since his university days in Pakistan. Furthermore, acquiring a degree from The University of Toronto in 1997.

A more Powerful vision for a great country Canada
Canada vision


 Justin Trudeau’s vision for Canada in the upcoming year is highly dedicated to the prosperity of the people of Canada. The vision holds importance for too many Canadians who are in Canada from the rest of the world. Canada is the land of people from different origins and nationalities. Hence, it is a heaven in terms of opportunities, growth, education, and cultural interactions.

The vision holds for the increase in minimum wages, and considerations for the people in terms of employment opportunities. There are many workplace benefits in Canada and flexibility in-laws due to the huge size of the land. The Canadian government is highly dedicated to improving the lifestyle of its citizens. Thus, they have introduced improvised tax laws and promoted the tourism industry every year. It is the vision of Justin to maintain the image of Canada being a happy country. The main reason behind this is Canada’s growth in the economy due to its GDP Per Capita. It is a country that has increased the immigration court and the rights of the migrants are improving every year.

Turn your plans into reality with a “Can-Do” Attitude


‘Planning’ holds immense importance every year for people working in corporate organizations. They are people striving daily for their career goals and for academics who are struggling hard. Students and academics who study day and night for their future career prospects. The main theme is to be keen and being proactive. The aim is to overcome the challenges coming ahead on a daily basis.

All we need to do is target our output through constant hard work, motivations, and struggles. Also to maintain the position of strength for optimum goals and results. The New Year resolution is highly critical regarding this as it needs to be given huge emphasis for positive results.

How to be positive in the New Year? It is truly a challenge for many people facing the stress of the current year. However, the best thing is brainstorming, meditation, mindfulness, and thinking forward leaving the bad patches of the current year behind. The practice is necessary so that we have our goals aligned for the upcoming year.
The proper utilization of resources is a mandatory option for getting positive results especially when you own a business. It is also crucial, if you work for any organization or if you are lagging behind financially. Hence, to ignite your concentration levels and rearrange the thought process you need to be a positive thinker. Things should always be aligned in the head for future management of situations. Furthermore, for risk management and having a deep knowledge of the deliverables. Past is history, however, it is the best way to learn and move forward in the next year.

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