live, laugh, love on this Valentines Day
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of the celebration of love. It is celebrated on the 14th of Feb in the form of sharing gift cards, chocolates and parties. Love is a very simple and generic term and has many numbers of emotions that speak of affection and attraction. This day is for expressing string interpersonal attachment and making fresh promises of love & keeping up with the promises.  A day that is hugely recognized and celebrated worldwide in the memory of St. Valentine.

There are more than one facets to the occasion of the day. It is a historical celebration that has evolved constantly for a long time and the value has always increased.


The day has its name originated from the famous St.Valentine. He was a priest from Rome in the third century AD and was a thinker as well. The story behind this is from the reign of Emperor Claudius ii. The emperor who banned marriages, as he had thought that if men will marry they won’t be good soldiers.

However, St.Valentine, who was a thinker felt the rule was harsh and rather cruel. Hence, he broke the rule and started arranging marriages in secrecy. As soon as the Emperor knew about Valentine he was unhappy. What he did against his rule of anti-marriage, he threw him to jail and sentenced him to death.

Killed on the 14th of Feb, Valentine was in love with the jailer’s daughter. However, he was able to write her a letter signed “from your valentine”. Remembered as Valentine’s day, it was because St.Valentine made a mark in history. A day where mostly lovers gift cards and chocolates and share gifts as a symbol in memory of St.Valentine.


There is a huge emotional and psychological significance of this day for lovers all over the world. They celebrate their affection through gifts sharing and sharing their most priced emotions and sentiments for their loved ones. On this day, i.e. Valentine’s Day, couples are highly sensitive to each other.  They believe that they can’t be separated by anyone and their bonding is purely for each other.

There are many couples on this day, who intend to make families. Mostly men request their girlfriends to be their future wife.

In the West, it is part of their culture to celebrate Valentine’s Day with huge emotional and moral significance. United States, Canada, U.K, Australia, and New Zealand and many other western countries all celebrate it with full vigor. The day has an attitude of benevolence and an urge to stay together for a long time.

A day dedicated to the partners.  It is the day full of promises and being with each other whenever and wherever needed.


It is a day of honor on 14th Feb that has evolved with a commercial value all over the world. We have stepped in 2020, and Valentine’s Day has a huge profitable value, commercial value, and media value. The entertainment value and its celebrations are the sources of huge materialism.

Holds importance in culture and hence, huge importance in cinemas i.e. Hollywood, as film industry shows and highlights romance with an emotional setting and drama intensified. A paradigm set by the West in the new age. It is not only a day of lovers expressing their pure affection for each other. Highly celebrated in the entertainment industry with huge fervor and immense popularity. The importance of media to Valentine’s Day has increased over the year since its evolutions a long time back. This also speaks volumes for the media and entertainment industry power and its positive effects on the youth.


The purpose of this day is filled with pure energies of affection and huge celebrations. ‘Love’, an emotion that has many forms and is a celebration indeed in the West especially. Expresses ‘Freedom of speech’, ‘romance’ and couples honoring each other with letters and greeting cards. Sharing love and demonstrating love for each other in the form of phrases. For example “I Can’t Live Without You”, “I might die without you” etc. etc.  The purpose is to define the intensity of emotions and romance for each other. Also promising to live with each other at all times.

A pure heart is always filled with emotions of benevolence and Valentine’s Day i.e. 14th Feb, is a day that marks value for that feeling.


MBE value this day as it is a symbol that marks the bonding between couples
MBE wishes Valentine’s day


A happy valentine’s day to everyone from MBE. We value this day as it is a symbol that marks the bonding between couples. Also, a gesture of pure affection between the partners.

The sharing of your messages with your girlfriends and wives must always continue. This is an emotion that holds pure importance and must always be cultivated.

We also wish everyone in Canada a Happy Valentine’s day. Canada, the biggest country in North America, holds huge celebrations on the Day. People party and mingle around with huge fervor and passion.

It’s a wish of MBE from the core of heart regards to all these celebrations. God makes Canada more peace-loving, benevolent and a lovely country to live.