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The Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau winning for the second consecutive time in the Elective Rolls of 2019. He served as the Canadian Prime Minister from 2015 -2019. The proof of his sound leadership has made him the Prime Minister again in 2019.

A win for Trudeau's Liberal Party. A "Just" Winner Of A Close ELection
A win for the Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau. A “Just” Winner Of A Close Election

Canada, the second biggest country in the world area-wise, has some geographical issues. It is vast in size & that makes leadership even more challenging for Prime Minister. The country needs someone who is young, passionate, and has a constant vision for change.

The second youngest Prime Minister in Canadian history after Joe Clark. Mr. Trudeau is surely one of the most influential and famous personalities of the world in recent times.

Justin is a leader who is known for his happy nature and being a humble man. A person who rightly deserves to have the toughest job in Canada.


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Trudeau is a true blessing for the minorities and Non-Christians, as he is someone who loves all religions. He holds an attitude that is lively and enchanting with people from all nationalities. 

A star among people, who want to gossip him, see him or have a picture with him. He has proved in all ways that Canada welcomes everyone who can afford to be there. People who can live up to the laws and legislation of Canada. 

The latest he said after winning: “Thank you Canada for putting your trust in our team and for having faith in us to move in the right direction. Regardless of how you cast your vote, our team will work hard for all Canadians”

Congratulated by Donald Trump on becoming the Prime Minister for Second consecutive Time

Donald Trump congratulated Justin Trudeau on becoming the Prime Minister for Second consecutive Time


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Justin Trudeau has fulfilled all his obligations and roles as the Canadian Prime Minister in recent times. He has created good bilateral relations with his American counterpart. 

President Donald Trump holds good diplomatic relations with Justin since he came into power in the year 2017. He has also been in good relations with Ex-United Kingdom Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May & current P.M Mr. Boris Johnson, and the relationship of the U.K. with Canada has been exceptional in terms of common goals sharing, resource sharing and other vital elements as Canada being the monarchy of the United Kingdom. 


It is not only the biggest Monarchy in the world, but has delivered on many fronts. Justin on behalf of Canada holds bilateral relations with the U.K i.e. the key for the Canadian culture.

The Prime Minister holds many honors from the United Kingdom & United States, on top of his qualifications from Canada. Justin was awarded an honorary doctorate from The University of Scotland, Edinburgh & Doctor of Law (Honor) from New York University, USA. 

He was awarded Queen Elizabeth II, Diamond Jubilee Medal earlier in 2012. The medal was awarded because of his services and as a member of the Canadian Order of precedence. As a member of the House of Commons of Canada, he became the worthy Prime Minister of the Queen’s medal.


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He is well-known for diversified activities in promoting Tourism & Trade in Canada. Substantial efforts in making Canada as the hub of international education, and Arts & Culture. 

Not only proved with his diplomatic and leadership skills. Justin also showed that a country like Canada can accomplish with true leadership and excellence in service. 

His social interactions with people from all religions, whether it’s Diwali, Christmas, or Eid. The Prime Minister is always there with the citizens of Canada to share with them some enriching moments.


He is the proud son of the 15th Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, also the third longest-serving PM of Canada. The era of Mr. Pierre Trudeau started in 1968 and ended in 1984, a long reign indeed. 

His son Justin became the 23rd Prime Minister in the 2015 General elections and continued the legacy of his father with sheer hard work, result orientation, & true leadership.

The Prime Minister proved in 2015, that being a leader is in his blood, as he followed the footsteps of his father. However, the Re-election of Justin in 2019 further proved that premiership naturally belongs to Justin. 

True leadership comes from the heart of the people like Justin showed being a people’s man. He is also a caring leader and a humble Prime Minister of a great country.


MBE is Happy and proud to have Justin Trudeau back as the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. He is the one who has continued his legacy of serving the nation again as his father did for almost 15 years in a three-term tenure. 

The CEO & President Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is a very happy person with the news. There are hopes that the next 5 years as Premier of Canada Justin will take measures that will boost overseas trade and businesses in Canada. 

Justin Trudeau along with The CEO & President Mansoor Naqvi, both are leaders who serve in variable respects & jurisdictions. As a proud Canadian, Syed Mansoor Ali Naqvi is happy as Canada needs a leader like Justin Trudeau. 

A true ambassador of Canada who has proved on many fronts that Canada is among the most valuable nations. Value holds in terms of GDP Per Capita being on the 14th Number for a huge country like Canada i.e. 2nd largest nation in the world area wise. 

The Prime Minister has made the nation believe in themselves as well as consistency in progress.


The CEO & President MBE Group is not only delighted on the news but he holds great emotions for Justin Trudeau’s successful election campaign. The CEO has paid special tribute to Justin Trudeau and has promised to deliver in parallel with policies and laws. 

The Canadian PM is not only the ideal candidate to serve the nation. He is also a man who has the energy and vigor to work with the youth. The mission is improving the economy of Canada, paying taxes and working for the country on international grounds.


The liberal party of Canada won the elections with more than 100 seats. Justin Trudeau the Party Leader becoming the Prime Minister with a narrow margin for the second consecutive time. 

The Party paved their way again in the Federal elections in 2019 and secured a win in the polls. The leader being Justin has proved that nations rise with leadership and he led from the front all the way. 

A positive gesture for Canada, in the end, has been the victory of the common people as well as the people’s man.



The increase in minimum wages to $ 15 per hour, great news for Albertans announced by the Labour Minister Christina Gray. This development will automatically improve job stability in the Province as well as a better lifestyle. 

In 2015, the Pay Rate was $10.2 Per Hour which is almost $5 less than today. This increase in 4 years is surely a better move towards prosperity. Stats have shown that for Labour $15 Per Hour will make sure that the cost of living is reduced and better security for the citizens of Alberta, Read More.


The 10% increase in the Aluminum Tariffs has also automatically raised the packaging costs. Hence, canned companies have raised the prices of canned foods and future pricing decisions are affected. 

Companies are strategically looking for ways to combat the 10% rise in fee for Aluminium Tariffs. Similar fluctuations in pricing have been done by brewing companies so that they can reduce their packaging costs, Read More.


There is more than one way to offer employee health benefits. Increasing the benefits to $30Per Month is a good offer especially for good employees. The main aim is employee retention and motivation so that they enjoy working. 

According to survey stats has shown that 74% of businesses offer non-wage benefits. Benefits are also important to make employees feel valued and safe, and equal and better productivity. The benefits are provided through the Olympic benefits plan, and the mandatory requirements are to work $20/week to be eligible for the cover, Read More.


 Financial industry changes recognized by many financial companies have shown that Top rated Credit cards are mostly not from the Big Six Banks.

Trends have changed in Canada as Lob law Cos’s President’s Choice Financial credit card is rated number 1 with 788 points on the customer satisfaction survey. The Royal Bank of Canada is on 758, Bank of Nova Scotia on 756, National Bank of Canada: 751. 

Lowest rank credit cards are the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce: 741 and Toronto Dominion: 739. Customer satisfaction has significantly diverted from the Banking industry changing the financial measures substantially. 

This has something to do with customer loyalty as well, as performance indicators have shown high change towards the low side for banks, Read More.


The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has imposed this ban on products with Trans-Fats because of causes of deaths due to heart attack and stroke. Trans-fats are used in food to add taste and texture to the food, but it increases the bad cholesterol that is the prime cause of the risk of heart diseases.

This is a measure used by the Canadian Food Inspection agency’s standards to have a strict measurement of health checks. The federal Govt. has given at least a year for companies to impose the changes, Read More.


 A big environmental hazard is Plastic pollution which Canada wants to reduce substantially in the next decade. The plan is a 30% reduction till 2030 i.e. in 10 years and by 2040 cutting it by 50 %. 

Plastic pollution is the real cause of problems for seas, rivers, and lakes, and there are Whales found on the seaside with tons of plastic waste in the stomach.

5 out of 7, G7 countries have signed the plastic charter which is a big declaration to reduce plastic waste. Only Japan and the United States have not signed the charter. Waste management has been identified as one of the biggest problems identified by Greenpeace Canada. 

It is an issue that needs to be addressed on an emergency basis by the Government of Canada for reductions in environmental hazards, Read More.


According to The North American Free Trade Agreement –NAFTA, dairy prices are unable to be reduced. This means that the Canadian dairy industry will not alter the prices because of profitability issues in the industry due to Economical and Supply Chain management. 

The agreement comprises three countries i.e. the US, Canada, and Mexico, and their decisions are mutual in terms of moving forward in the dairy industry, as their trades are linked up.

An Agriculture and food research organization has claimed that he can’t see immediate impacts on the retailing prices. As an economic expert, he holds this decision based on future forecasts, Read More.


There are plenty of Environmental Groups active in Canada working for the sake of reduction in carbon emissions, and carbon footprints. It is indeed a Global challenge, as well as an environmental hazard.

In the Oil & Gas sector, the emissions are increasing every year instead of slowing down. In the oil & gas sector, the challenge is bigger than the rest of the industry. 

The use of technology is a temporary fix in a world where the long-term plan is a reduction in fossil fuels entirely. Canada will have to work on all its provinces with the same agenda to bring an overall change at the national level, Read More.


Canada Thanksgiving day 2019, a day that is being observed since 6th November 1879, on 2nd Monday of every October. 

This day Canadians are thankful for what they have as provisions, and being in a country that is huge in terms of prospects. Canada being on the list of top 6 countries with the highest Global Peace index is a dream destination for many people.

MBE, as always is celebrating Thanksgiving Day with all emotions and thankfulness. Hence, we also promise to deliver the best according to Canadian legislation, Read More.


Celebrating the Labour Day 2018 on Monday, 3rd Sept 2018. It is in memory of the revolution that came because of trade unions in the United States and Canada. In 1872, there were many trade unions due to the shortage in hours for labor by the Government and reduction in wages erupting in a labor revolution.

In North America, Labour Day holds huge significance because of its links with history. The United States and Canada, both are huge countries in size, and there are labor laws that are strictly imposed for the welfare of labor in both countries. Hence, it holds vital significance in the United States, as well as Canada, Read More.

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