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Today MBE is celebrating Labor Day Canada along with Canada & acknowledges the efforts & hard work of Labor in Canada. A Day that is highly observed on the first Monday of September, not only in Canada but in the entire North American region, with a huge significance to the series of events in the late 19th Century in America.

It is in memory of the Union & Labor movement protests in the United States & became a federal holiday to honor the workers in 1894.

Labor Day Canada 2019

MBE truly understands the importance of this day for the entire North-American region. What counts are the emotions attached to the workers that rose in protest forming the union & labor movement & making their eternal name in history for the rights of labor all over North America.

MBE is also highly committed to Canada in providing its various services and job opportunities regard to the particular day. We are always with the opinion that job opportunities must always be there together with the rights of the workers.

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“It is labor indeed that puts the difference on everything”



Emphasizing the role of communicating effectively in the business world and work environment. How important is effective communications in modern corporate environments according to set standards? It’s not just about being effective in communication with peers, associates, and partners. It is also important in business dealings, communicating with the client and interacting effectively with customers. Most of the time effective communications are not just about speaking. In most environments, it is also about listening and interacting regularly, Read More.


Acquisition of the senator Hotel Timmins by the MBE Group, one of the biggest acknowledgments for MBE Group. While MBE stepped into the hospitality business, Senator is the first acquisitions. Hence, it is indeed a great conference hotel located ideally in Timmins. It is also one of the favorite hotels for holidaymakers, business owners, and Entrepreneurs. Making in-roads into the hospitality business as MBE Group always aims higher in their respective and variable businesses, Read More.


According to Doug Ford, the Ontario Govt. must get rid of liberal and easy-going reforms for the labor. Hence, the Govt. must not be lenient in terms of holiday allocation and sick pay leaves for the labor. Earlier, the Govt. was all set to raise the minimum wages from $14 an hour to $15 i.e. on 1st Jan 2019. Doug Ford was unhappy with bill 148 because of which 60,000 people left their jobs. He asked for a major labor reform from the Govt. of Ontario, Read More.


There is more than one way to offer employee health benefits. Increasing the benefits to $30Per Month is a good offer especially for good employees. The main aim is employee retention and motivation so that they enjoy working. According to survey stats has shown that 74% of businesses offer non-wage benefits. Benefits are also important to make employees feel valued and safe, and equal and better productivity. The benefits are provided through the Olympic benefits plan. Therefore, the mandatory requirements are to work $20/week to be eligible for the cover, Read More.


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The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has imposed this ban on products with Trans-Fats. The main reason for the causes of deaths due to heart attack and stroke being the consumption of trans-fat. Adding taste and texture to food, the reason Trans-Fats are often used. It increases the bad cholesterol that is the prime cause of the risk of heart diseases that needs to be controlled.

The Canadian Food Inspection agency is strict in its measurements of health checks. The federal Govt. has given at least a year for companies to impose the changes, Read More.


The 10% increase in the Aluminum Tariffs has also automatically raised the packaging costs. The pricing decisions are affected because of increases in price by canned food companies. Companies are strategically looking for ways to combat the 10% rise in fee for Aluminum Tariffs. For the sake of reductions in packaging costs, brew companies have also increased their prices, Read More.


NAFTA- the North Agreement Free Trade Agreement, is not reducing the dairy prices after the latest meetings. This means that the Canadian dairy industry will not alter the prices. It is mainly because of profitability issues in the industry due to Economical and Supply Chain management. The agreement comprises three countries i.e. the US, Canada, and Mexico. The decisions of the three countries are mutual due to linked-up trades.

An Agriculture and food research organization have claimed that he can’t see immediate impacts on the retailing prices. As an economic expert, he holds this decision based on future forecasts, Read More.


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There are major changes in the Canadian Finance industry regards to the rankings. According to research, the top-rated credit card is not from the Top 6 banks.

Trends have changed in Canada with huge significance to customers. Lob-law Cos’s President’s Choice Financial credit card is rated number 1 with 788 points on the customer satisfaction survey. The Royal Bank of Canada is on 758, Bank of Nova Scotia on 756, National Bank of Canada: 751. Lowest rank credit cards are the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce: 741 and Toronto Dominion: 739. Customer satisfaction has significantly diverted from the Banking industry changing the financial measures substantially. This has something to do with customer loyalty as well. The performance indicators have shown high change towards the low side for banks, Read More.


There are plenty of Environmental Groups active in Canada these days. They are constantly working for the sake of reduction in carbon emissions, and carbon footprints. It is indeed a Global challenge, as well as an environmental hazard.

In the Oil & Gas sector, the emissions are increasing every year instead of slowing down. In the oil & gas sector, the challenge is bigger than the rest of the industry. The use of technology is a temporary fix. Especially, in a world where the long-term plan is a reduction in fossil fuels entirely. Canada will have to work on all its provinces with the same agenda, i.e. bring an overall change, Read More.



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