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April fool’s day is falling on the 1st of April 2022, as it is celebrated on the same date every year. It is also a celebration in Canada, however, the April fool’s day is celebrated with a different taste and a different feel in various countries of the world. Scotland is the only country where the day is celebrated for two days. Furthermore, people keep playing jokes for two days in the great United Kingdom country. There are many countries in the world that have adopted the traditions of the April fool’s day of playing jokes on people every year on April 1st. Some of the jokes can be taken to dangerous extremes. Especially, when it comes to fake news headlines that may also seem to be a bit too realistic. This is one of the main reason on this day, Security is on high-alert. Hence, due to some course of past events that have made headlines for good or bad reasons.

The basic idea of this unique day is similar all across the globe. Likewise in Canada, i.e. playing jokes on each other and making fun. However, there are some minute variations and differences in celebrations from one country to the next. It’s not about how you start the day, which is very similar. But, the interesting thing is how you finish the day, i.e. the conclusion. For example, in France the day is celebrated by putting the fish images on people’s back, i.e. usually an activity for the children. However, in the United Kingdom people only play pranks and other types of practical jokes only until noon. In U.K. it can be a matter of great concern for the security and safety industry. It’s an unofficial celebration in the Asian giant India as well.

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How the day is a celebration in different parts of the globe;

  1. BRAZIL:

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The day is a huge celebration in the South American country Brazil with many people going crazy in Brasilia, the capital city. It’s the biggest South American country and here the day is known as ‘dia da mentira’ or the “day of the lie”. It’s a day full of lies and even the journalism ends up being on the false note. Just to add the spices to the dishes. However, even if it ridicules the headlines with false claims. Surprisingly, the day is indeed a decent celebration for the Brazilians.

  1. FRANCE:

France, the country that is one of the most beautiful amongst the European capitals also celebrates the day. Paris, the fashion capital of the world is still filled up with famous and exciting jokes made for the day. Throughout the country France, though mostly amongst the kids these days. Famously, the day is celebrated by sneakily sticking a paper fish to someone’s back. As soon as the prank is discovered, the successful prankster will yell out “Poisson d’ Avril!”


Ireland, is yet another gorgeous European country that celebrates this day with a massive esteem. Ireland is the only country where the day is celebrated in more than one ways. Media outlets may publish hoaxes on 1st April. Furthermore, some drivers will even start driving on the right side of the road. Thus, a dangerous angle of the day. Something, that can even be costly and terrifying as they are supposed to drive on the left.

  1. ITALY:

Italy, the most beautiful country in Europe and one of the most beautiful in the world used to celebrate this day with far more passion. However, since last few years, the celebrations are restricted. In addition to this, more refined as Italy is a key country as far as the tourism values are concerned. However, the most famous of the pranks in Italy, is the same like in France, i.e. sticking a paper fish to someone else’s back. A tradition that is more famous amongst the children. However, on the 1st of April all Italians are looking to fool as many as possible with elaborate pranks.


In the U.K. alone, the April fool’s day only takes place for half the day. There are pranks and jokes that can only be done until about noon. Otherwise, those making the jokes are considered as more fool. Therefore, in the U.K., if you want to make the most of the day while making fun. Ultimately, than it has to be an early wake up.

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Scotland, another country from the United Kingdom that makes the most of the day. A foolish person in Scottish language is called agowk. Therefore, it makes massive sense that the day is traditionally known as ‘Hunt the Gowk Day’. The country Scotland is however a unique nation in celebrating this day. Hence, as the April fool’s day is celebrated for the first two days of April. The first day is celebrated like in all countries, i.e. by making pranks and hoaxing people. While, the second day, known as ‘Tailie Day’ is when people place tails on each other’s backs.

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