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Canada is a country that has moved up in the ranks to 3rd position as an attraction for foreign students. This is next to United States and Australia according to the latest figures. Hence, with United Kingdom moving to fourth spot after Canada replaces U.K. in its latest ranks . International students are arriving in Canada with the favourite province being Ontario with a huge 50% of the population of students coming to Canada are arriving in Ontario for international education. Interestingly, the country ranks third in the list with a huge 650,000 foreign students in Canada.

This is with special thanks to the universities in Canada. Ironically, as Canada is a land of opportunities for people in areas of medicine, research and other sectors that are a common faculty for students in Canada.


Canada is an attraction for foreign students as it is a hub of international studies. Furthermore, universities offering a wide variety of subjects in different areas. These areas includes Research, IT & Computing. Also includes, Finance & Commerce, Arts & Languages, History and many other different areas of studies for international students.

According to CBIE, i.e. Canadian Bureau for International Education, research has shown that international students choose the option of studying in Canada. Significantly, due to the country’s strong education quality. This is apart from having a huge reputation as a multicultural, multilingual and a tolerant society. It is also reported that 66% of the people have reported that they are highly interested in becoming permanent residents of Canada after the completion of their studies. This is significantly as people coming to Canada are highly attracted to the lifestyle of Canadians. Along with inspirational values attached to Canada’s culture and its economic values. They offer people with competitive packages that also allows them to work while they study. That is, multitasking and being a hard worker before they struggle to become Canadian citizens.

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Another major consideration is that international students pay higher fees than students coming to Canada. Therefore, their overall expenses are far lower than the likes of USA, Australia, and UK. These are the countries where the cost of living is too high. This is a major reason of Canada being an attraction on the third place, as people can earn higher while studying. Another major reason is that Canadian dollar is weaker as compared to British pounds, US Dollars and Euros. Thus, it is comparatively cheaper in value as compared to pounds, Euros and Dollars. Having said that, it is still in the list of top ten currencies being on Number ten showing the potential that the Canadian dollar possess to rise in ranks in upcoming years.


A rise in international students has been a cause of the increase in the rate of employment in Canada. This is precisely as the job markets have become more stable and more job opportunities have been created in various sectors. A Govt. research estimates that the international students contribute to some $23.5 billion annually towards the country’s economy. This has automatically helped to sustain over 180,000 jobs, thus increasing the job sustainability levels to far greater values. Even in the times of the pandemic, the rate of recovery of the job markets in Canada are found to be more rapid in pace. Thus, the credit goes to international students coming to Canada despite COVID-19, under strict regulatory measures.

People looking for sustainability options are more inclined to find a good course in a reputed Canadian university, before moving on to complete the rest of their immigration process. In the meanwhile, a related job in their field of study is an added bonus in their sustainability program. All the credit goes to study in Canada which is always available with far more flexible options every year. Finally, moving Canada high up the ranks to the third position in the list of most wanted countries for foreign students. Something, which Canada will always be proud of in the upcoming years.

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