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Planting trees and being aware environmentally are two different yet similar things as both are measures taken for the sake of environmental protection. Introducing sustainable measures regards to environmental sustainability needs many steps towards environment protection. Hence, one of them is planting trees on a much more regular basis.

There are many people who love to invest in their gardens & homes by planting trees. Most of the people are concerned with the beauty aspects. Hence, while some do it for the provision of shades in the summer season. Apart from these, there are many things and benefits from the trees than someone might ponder. Trees are not only good for better relaxation. But, they also connect people with nature and gives a smooth calming effect. All in all trees contribute a huge deal towards the environment. While making the environment a sustainable one for a good future.

How the trees contribute to the environment is something that you should know, if you intend to plant trees in your home ? An act that people tend to perform these days on a far more regular basis.


While walking under the trees in a park on a fresh morning, or taking your morning jog. Ironically, you realise the freshness in air due to the oxygen present and the level of air purification that is available. If you have somehow felt cleaner air in the woods or by the seaside. Importantly, it is the presence of trees in rich abundance that helps in purification of the air. Trees are the ultimate source that absorb pollutant gases which includes nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia, and Sulphur-di-oxide. While in the cities and urban areas it really helps to cool down the streets in far better ways.  Not only that, it adds to the beautification of the urban areas and city parks. Trees are also a very helpful source as they help in absorbing the odours and also acts as a filter as well. A natural filter that is made to purify the air for a better survival of the human race. According to research, a mature acre of trees can yearly provide oxygen for 16 people at least.


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Harmful CO2 is a huge contributor to climate change which is the biggest problem that is being faced currently. Planting trees on a much more regular basis are a significant and rich source to fight climate change and its effects. Trees absorb CO2 i.e. Carbon dioxide. Hence, while removing it from the air and storing CO2 while releasing oxygen which is good for the environment. A phenomenon that we are well aware of, since our childhood science text books are rich enough to tell us about the natural process.


How the trees provides a natural process of air conditioning is something that is amazing to realise as it conditions the environment in more enriched ways. However, as a matter of fact the more trees are planted, the better it is for the environment and environmental protection. According to research, Oxygen in-take is a huge necessity in the world that is exposed to pollution and hazardous gases. One tree is good for giving oxygen to at least four people which is not enough for a better and cleaner environment.

The strategic positioning of trees around the home or a park can significantly help in cutting down the air conditioning needs. For better effects the environmentalists and the architects sit down together and came up with better and great solutions e.g. Green Roofs. They are truly an amazing and scientific way to incorporate vegetation to your home and other public places. At the same time helps in saving money while cutting down the bills substantially.


Wildlife restoration and wild life protection is yet another incredible measure and a mandatory step for the environmental protection process. In this regards trees plays a massive and a highly useful role. Trees are a huge contributor for the boosting of biodiversity as they become a food source and a natural habitat for the wildlife. The trees that are mostly used for plantation as homes for the birds, squirrels and bees are the famous oak tree and sycamore.

According to a research that counts regards to tree plantations, a single apple tree produces about 20 fruit bushels every year. A source that can nourish many birds, insects and wild life. Thus, the best thing is to realise the multiple benefits of trees at the same time, i.e. protection of wildlife as well as providing a clean and pure climate.

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