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Sustainability, an aspect in modern industrialisation that has changed the course of things in multiple ways. This is primarily a huge requirement due to many concerns. These are concerns that mostly relates to climate change. Apart from these, the greenhouse gases, pollution control and many other green practices. Why are green practices so necessary in modern times? Moreover, for sake of evaluation, how these practices are measured & monitored? There are many answers to this and many drivers in usage. Ironically, the ones that are used to measure the environmental sustainability index of a company. Interestingly, an environmental sustainability index is a mathematical measurement. Also known as an ‘ESI’, its a measure of overall progress towards environmental sustainability. More clearly, it shows how sustainable is the company and its progress towards sustainability.


Sustainable measures are being part of the CSR activities. Obviously, a set of activities that are mandatory in the corporate & business world. ‘CSR’, an acronym for Corporate Social Responsibility needs attention in current times. Significantly, due to the environmental measures & climate change that is a huge global concern. Especially, for large companies also known as Multinational Companies or MNC’s. The MNC sector invests billions of dollars towards CSR. Along with the CSR other environmental sustainability measures. Importantly, to make sure that they stick with the ‘Green Agenda’ & their ‘Green policies’.

In simple words one of the biggest responsibilities for the protection of the planet is more evident in current times. Strategically, falls on the corporate shoulders of the largest corporations. Hence, many MNC’s are making consistent & constant moves forward. Alternatively, more towards making environmentally friendly businesses & ‘Green Practices’.

The Google’s parent firm Alphabet & Tesla are some prime examples. Apart from these, the leading COVID-19 vaccine developer AstraZaneca were among the global 100 Index for the year 2021. Statistically, this is according to Corporate Knights, ranking the world’s most sustainable corporations. Considered as a vital sustainability benchmark is the Corporate Knights Global 100 index. Hence, this is for the sake of corporate sustainability every year. Finally, the Global 100 companies represent the top percent in the world on sustainability performance. Here is the list of Top 10;


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Named as the most sustainable company in the world Schneider Electric is a France based firm. Hence, the company is a renowned European multinational energy and automation provider. Surprisingly, the firm has moved many levels up from number 29th last year to number ‘1’ position in 2021′. This is primarily after following strict measures. More importantly, for continuous sustained commitments and green practices. Hence, as part of its early sustainable targets, the company Schneider was recognised globally. Finally, these commitments are for environmental, social and governance issues. According to the CEO of Schneider Electric in his recent briefings. All of us- companies, governments, & the individuals. Practically, all stakeholders can & should contribute to make the world more Greener. Apart from being green more inclusive in terms of combined efforts.

  1. ORSTED:  

The Danish company ‘Orsted’ has proved and improved significantly. The oath of the company is to fight climate change through renewable energy. It is the second most sustainable company on the planet.  Impact fully, has been the most sustainable company in the world since three consecutive years, i.e. 2018, 2019 & 2020. Schneider Electric, the French company took the no. 1 position in just 2021. However, by the year 2025, the company aims to be Carbon neutral. Previously, it has transformed its business from fossil fuels to renewable energy. They are still one of the largest renewable energy developers in the world.


Banco Do Brasil, is a Brazilian financial company and the largest Bank by assets in Brazil and Latin America. The company has consistently been one of the most sustainable in the world. It was formed approximately 212 years ago, and is highly active in Green practices. Banco Do Brasil, The South American firm highly aims to be inclusive and also aims to digitally transform society. Hence, through the provision of internet access and  contributions to education. They have been doing this since last century through stimulating innovation and entrepreneurs. Ranked previously at number 9 in the Top 10 sustainability list. Surprisingly, it has moved to number 3 in the list of Global Sustainability Rankings.

  1. NESTE:

The company is known for its renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel and development of chemical recycling. Chemical recycling is to combat plastic waste and bringing innovation in refining raw materials into renewable fuels. The company is definitely leading the way in sustainability on a daily basis. It’s a Finland based firm, and has dropped one position from third place to fourth in a year’s time. However, it’s been in the list Corporate Knights Global 100 for consecutively 15 years.


‘Stantec’ is a Canadian firm based in Edmonton, Canada. The company is one of the world’s most sustainable companies, it also leads the ways for North America. Hence, the agendas are clean revenue and clean investment. That is goods and services with a highly clear environmental and social benefits.


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Ranked as the sixth most sustainable corporation in the world and is also a leader in the food industry. Packaged and processed foods business firm, the company is a US-based company, and holds sustainable priorities in the food industry. Since its index debut five years ago. Surprisingly, the company has moved 16 positions this year to enter the top 10 list.

  1. KERING:

Kering is a French firm & the parent company of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Ulysse Nardin & Pomellato. It is the only luxury conglomerate to make the list of top 10 most sustainable companies.


‘Metso Outotec’ is a Finland based firm with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Described as a front-runner in sustainable technologies. It also ranks very high in services for aggregates, mineral processing and recycling industries. The firm aims to make a sustainable impact on the planet with consistent ‘Green Developments’.


For transparency and leadership, American Water Works company is a highly recognised American firm. It was founded in 1886, in USA and is the largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility firm.


Canadian national railway surprisingly ranks number 10 in the distinguished list of companies. Uniquely, it is the only railway company in the world to make it in the Top 10 list for 2021. Along with UN Global compact standards, and UN Sustainable Development goals, the goals of Canadian National Railways are aligned. It is a railway conglomerate and follows a global standard for sustainability measures.

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