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In the electric mobility as part of the recognition of climate change activities. In comparison to other continents including North America, Europe has raced way ahead regards to consumption of EV’s. North American continent has a decent percentage of electric vehicles consuming countries. Importantly, with United States leading the way clearly in North America. Hence, followed by Canada with higher amount of realisations for the EV’s.


According to the percentages & stats. Of plug-in electric vehicles in new passenger car sales in the year 2020 Scandinavian countries leads the way ahead. This includes a mammoth 74.8% of Norway, followed by 45% Iceland and a huge 32.2% in Sweden. From the European continent the consumption of EV’s is substantially huge in Scandinavian nations especially. Hence, these are part of the distinguished statistics from all over the world.

Placed in the list of EVs consumer nations is Finland with 18.1% of users. Hence, Netherlands is a European nation that precedes Finland with 24.9% users in list. In the Electric Vehicles consumer’s prolific list of countries. Denmark, the Scandinavian country is placed with 16.4% as being a very environmentally friendly country from Europe. Germany & Portugal are both placed in the list with 13.5% consumers, preceded by Switzerland at 14.3%. There are many other European countries that hold significance and prominence in the list of Electric vehicle consumer nations. These includes Luxembourg at 11.4%, France at 11.3%, and Belgium at 10.7%, and United Kingdom at 10.7%. A country that is growing gradually the usage of electric vehicles. Austria and Ireland are the other countries from Europe in the highly prestigious list. Outstandingly, with Austria at 9.5% and Ireland at 7.4%.

China and USA are the two larger in size nations that are currently present in the distinguished list. United States stands at the lowest with 2.3%, while China precedes USA with 6.2% consumers of EV’s. Surprisingly, USA is the only North American nation in the list that consumes Electric Vehicles.

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Canada is growing in its usage of electric vehicles everyday. Importantly, as it has recognised the prestige of electric vehicles as a climate change solution.


Canada is increasing its goals every year with respect to the climate change efforts & consumption of EV’s. Furthermore, the use of electric vehicles per year has also shown far more improved results. EV’s are proving to be the best choice for the Canadians. Hence, a country who is choosing to buy a car with an environmental point of view is something of a breakthrough. As part of the Global level climate change solutions the results are positive. Therefore, use of E.Vs i.e. electrifying the vehicles is adapted internationally.

While bringing huge improvements in the air quality. Going electric is seen as a very lucrative & productive way of reducing GHG or greenhouse gas emissions. However, the concern lies in the substantial environmental backpack as well as the manufacturing of these vehicles.

Challenges are especially related to the manufacturing of EV batteries, before the cars can hit the Canadian roads. There is a huge difference in comparison of EV’s i.e. electric vehicles to the GV’s i.e. the conventional gasoline vehicles. The EV’s charges from the clean sources Canada. Hence, can easily pay of this environmental burden within a period of three years. Adding up to the GHG or greenhouse gas emissions, as long as the GV’s are driven. Thus, not contributing to environmental sustainability and climate change in the way EV’s are doing with consistency. Ironically, the EVs or electric vehicles are better off in terms of the air quality, sustainability issues and controlling the climate change and climatic hazards.

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