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The world Ozone day is a day that is observed on the Sept 16 every month. Hence, like it will be an observance on Sept 16 in year 2023. The motive is for the sake of spreading awareness amongst people. Something, which is about the depletion of Ozone layer. Thus, as well as find all the possible solutions to preserve it.

On the day, known globally as World Ozone Day. People from all over the world hold talks & discussions. Hence, as well as seminars over the ozone layer. The environmentalists & people who are aware. That is, the educators are the ones who teach students about the benefits of the Ozone layer. As well as, very special events and activities are organized for sake of spreading the awareness.

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It is an environmental awareness day which has a global recognition. Precisely, regards to the aspects related to environmental protection. Protecting the environment is our basic right. Further, we need to be well aware of the protection mechanisms. The awareness needs to be there as to what the layer. Hence, known as Ozone layer does for the environment & its protection.


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Firstly, and most importantly we need to understand. As well as, realise that what is Ozone layer? While we understand at the same time what it does for the protection of the environment. The Ozone layer protects the planet from Ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. The UV or the Ultraviolet rays are the ones. Obviously, that are very dangerous for the humans. In addition to this, can cause immense dangers. Known as Ultraviolet rays in short UV rays, if the people are directly exposed with.

Made up of three atoms of oxygen is what the Ozone is. Represented by 03 as it is a highly reactive gas. The gas occurs naturally in both the upper atmosphere & lower atmosphere of the earth surface. Further, its occurrence is not only natural. But, also man-made product in upper & lower atmosphere. The upper atmosphere is known as stratosphere and lower atmosphere is known as troposphere.

What it does while acting as a protective layer? Importantly, is that it reduces the harmful UV radiation. These are ones, reaching the earth’s surface. It is since the early 1970s that scientists have observed a major change. That is, they observed reduction in stratospheric ozone. Found prominently is where they are in Polar regions. These are the arctic & Antarctic where temperatures are mostly in negative temperatures. Importantly, due to freezing ice. The ODS substances have a lifetime of over 100 years, i.e. for a century.


The signing of the Montreal Protocol took place on 16th September 1987 which is 36 years from today. Therefore, it is since the last 36 years. Precisely, that the World Ozone day is celebrated. Obviously, as the Montreal protocol is an international treaty planned. The motive of the treaty is to protect ozone layer. Obviously, this can be done by the rapid production of the substances that are highly responsible for the ozone layer depletion. It is a protocol which phases down the consumption and the production. Precisely, of the various ozone depleting substances also known in short as ODS. With different timetables. Planned to go ahead as it was. Most importantly, for the developing & the developed countries.

The treaty & all the signatories that fall under the treaty. Certainly, have responsibilities that are specific and divided that are related to phase out the different groups of ODS. Also, the control of the ODS trade. Traded at a high rate than normal substances as these substances are. Hence, which is a process that needed control. Also, the annual reporting of data in form of stats & numbers that helps in making research & analysis. Finally, the national licensing systems to control ODS imports and exports and other matters.

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Montreal is obviously a gorgeous city in Canada in Quebec. Apart from this, currently the number of signatories under the treaty has reached 46.


The world ozone day since 1987 has contributed heavily to the environment for many reasons. Ozone protection came as an eye opener. That is, for the scientists all over the world. Thus, as they realised after research that one of the causes of threats is related to the ozone. It is although celebrated on a different day. That is, as world environment day. Because it needed special significance & attention. Obviously, due to the importance of ozone protection & its threats to the environment. Naturally, it is an environmental concern that needs special attention in these current times.

Another important significance is due to the signing of the Montreal Protocol. A protocol which makes the World Ozone day. Thus, as a separately celebrated global environment day. The earth is a beautiful place to live. Also, the protection of Ozone is the prime responsibility of the inhabitants of the planet.


WORLD OZONE DAY- 2017:    

The world ozone day held in 2017 had a theme. A solid theme, which said ‘caring for all life under the sun’. It was a celebration of 30 years of World Ozone day. Hence, while the signing of the Montreal Protocol reached 30 years. The protection is needed from the Sun which gives light to our planet i.e. Mother Earth. Furthermore, in 2017 it made it clear that how we need to care all life under the Sun.

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One of the major accomplishments in 2017 with the key phrase. Thus, makes this day a huge one. Hence, amongst the many environmental days. Part of our planet’s most vital concerns is protection of the Ozone layer.

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