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Stop Food Waste Day shall take place on 28th April 2021′. Hence, observed all over Canada, as a Global observation. It’s a Global day with a universal mission to stop food wastage. Mainly for sustainability reasons and for the sake of environment. An effort that will definitely be a huge boost for environmental health & safety measures. These are global measures in place all over the world. It is observed especially in Canada for the sake of environmental protection and highly synchronised efforts that are being made for the Environmental health & safety.

Canada is a country that is highly aware of their uniformed efforts regards to food wastage. Furthermore, they have incredibly increased their performance levels regards to this. Their efforts are parallel & synchronised with the efforts of many health & safety stakeholders. These stakeholders also includes restaurants and takeaways. As Canada is a multicultural & diverse society with people, especially immigrants from different nations of the world. Regarded as a challenge in vast land Canada are the national food wastage efforts. A country who is more aware due to sustainability reasons as well as Climate Change.

The day is a huge acknowledgement to the efforts of the Canadian Govt. Ironically, in alliance with the people, i.e. the true citizens of Canada. It is ironic that these efforts are for environmental awareness and bringing sustainability to food reforms. The Food health & safety bodies in Canada are playing their role significantly every day. Even though Canada is a massive land, and regional food reforms are a challenge. Something that needs to be injected in Canadian society. Hence, this is a CSR or a Corporate Social Responsibility for all the Food Health & Safety bodies legitimately active in Canada. However, the efforts needs to be more persistent and consistent in key areas of Food Industry.


While bringing your fight closer as We fight Food Waste. The mission is to draw attention and at the same time educate people. Hence, with regards to the potential hazards of food wastage. This is through awareness and educational programs at all levels. In addition to this, as well as making people aware of the attached disadvantages of food wastage. These are disadvantages to the environment as well as the hazards attached to the economic system in Canada. Furthermore, the mission aims to be practical, creative, and bringing impact ways to change behaviours regards to food wastage.

Food Produced globally holds a huge percentage of food lost or wasted, i.e. 35%. This is according to a research on Global Food Wastage. Add on to this, lost or wasted per year globally is a mammoth 43% of fruits, vegetables & root crops. Annual cost of food wastage by the Avg. American family is $1,966 according to a research in United States. Surprisingly, 8% of all the greenhouse gas emissions each year are due to food loss and wastage.

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These stats are worthwhile enough to prove that Canada needs to improve their efforts on global food wastage. Hence, for this purpose they need to be more aggressive regards to the policy framework. Furthermore, the regulations in place in the food industry.

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