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Labor Day is regarded as a day of global significance for the labor workforce all over the world. In Canada, the day is observed on the first Monday of September. Similarly, like it did last year on the 7th September 2020. This year, like always will be observed as a national holiday in Canada, and is falling on 6th September 2021. Massive national values are attached to the contributions of the labor workforce to a country like Canada. Surprisingly, which falls in the list of the most peaceful nations. The labor is regarded as the most committed workforce and a working class that are very hardworking and immensely dedicated. Apart from this, holds most ethical values for their beloved country’s pride. Thus, they are regarded as the workforce who are patriotic and are always ready to work very hard. Especially, for the sake of Canada’s prestige and it’s honour.

Similar are the stories attached to the labor workforce of other countries from Europe and North America. These are countries that includes USA, U.K, Germany, Italy, France, & Spain. Hence, this is apart from the many other countries attached with those who follow Labor Day. Their following is with a massive patriotic essence & vital historical attachments. It’s a tribute dedicated to the labour class and their vital contributions to the economy in Canada and worldwide.


The origin of the Labor Day dates back to 1894 in Canada since it started as celebration on the first Monday of September. However, in the neighbouring United States it started two years earlier, i.e. 1892. Interestingly, the origin of the Labor Day in Canada was even twenty years before. That is, 1872 when the Unions started to hold parades and rallies in Toronto and Ottawa. These are distinguished as one being the biggest city and the other being the Capital city of Canada. The parades and rallies were held to celebrate the famous and successful 1872 Printers strike. It is also known as the original ‘Fight for Fairness’. A fight that was the cause of some major changes in legislation and regarding the labor laws. These changes includes decriminalisation of the unions in Canada. As the name clearly suggests ‘Fight for Fairness’ means the fight against Labor’s mistreatment. Apart from the mistreatment the violation of their basic rights of say. Finally, a fight for labor’s better lifestyle and work standards attached to their jobs in Canada.


In Canada after pressure from parties and unions for the declaration of a national labor holiday. On the 23rd of July 1894, the Canadian Prime Minister, Sir John Thomson passed a legislation. This legislative measure marked the Labor Day as an official day. Hence, it was declared as an official holiday that is observed in current times on the first Monday of September every year. These are celebrations vitally in form of rallies, seminars and debates held annually. Obviously, regards to the rights of Labor being held on the day. Apart from this, hundreds of communities all across Canada and United States hold picnics, parades, concerts and marches. All of these activities takes place to mark the historical occasion. The focus and aim of these marches, seminars and official gatherings is to recognise the rights of labor. Most importantly, in different sectors in Canada and its provincial segmentation. Apart from the various sectors their rights are considered in different provinces & territories of Canada. Ironically, these are with an absolutely different mindset and political considerations. Importantly, as labor has to fight the cold climate to struggle on a daily basis. Especially in some territories of Canada, for e.g. Nunavut. Hence, these are regions where temperatures are very very cold and can reach up to -35 to -40 degrees. Considered as key services industry, they have taken Canada to considerably new heights. On top of this towards the roads of developments and industrialisation.

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The various sectors includes services industries, Agriculture, Railways, Transport (Buses & Coach) and Construction Industry. Also, includes the Retail sector, and other daily workers working on daily minimum wages. The minimum hourly wages varies from one province to another depending on the amount of hardships labour has to face while working every day. The involvement of unions and political parties is partially in recognising of the minimum wages. Importantly, if the provincial minimum wages needs to be increased. These realisations are dependent on different factors effective in different provincial boundaries.

Canada is a sovereign nation that recognises the rights of all its citizens living with prestige and courage. As well as working every day for the development of the great country. These includes people coming as migrants from different backgrounds and countries as well as the inhabitants of the biggest North American nation. The labor is like the head behind a country’s pride & values and its walk forward to more prosperity and success.

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