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Dua Lipa Show & Multiple Injuries Reported After Fireworks Set Off


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A throng composed of Dua Lipa fans received the shock of their lives. That is, when a series of fireworks that were not authorised. Hence, were lit near the end of her show. A famous show in the Scotiabank Arena which got popularity. Particularly, due to events held on Wednesday night.

The videos captured during the singer’s final song reveal a variety of fireworks. These are fireworks shooting off. All throughout the floor area. That is, close to the booth. Fans are watching as they flee the scene. Hence, as the projectiles exploded.

Toronto police say that three persons were injured. That is, in the incident that took place. They were treated by the medical personnel at the scene. In addition to this, none needed any additional medical care.

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Lipa stated in a statement. A statement that she posted on Instagram. Regarding that she’s conducting an investigation following “unauthorised fireworks were set off.” She also expressed her regrets to her followers.

“Creating an open and secure venue for my shows. Obviously, is my first priority. Therefore, my staff and I are as amazed. On top of this, confused by the happenings as you have been,” she said in her statement.

“Bringing this production to viewers is an incredible experience. I’m deeply sorry for everyone who was afraid. Also, felt uneasy or whose enjoyment the show was impacted by any means.”


It’s not clear how the fireworks could have been brought to the venue. Many concert goers expressed worry on social media. A massive worry about the possibility that concert goers might have suffered serious injuries.

“Something more serious could have occurred,” said Twitter user @yossariayv.

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Others suggested that the security checks prior to the concert might not have been sufficiently thorough.

“The security guards who were in the evening for the gate. That is, premium barely looked at all of bag,” said another Twitter user. “They did not even glance at or even touch me or my buddies’ bags..

“They were so fast.”

Video shows singer looking startled


Police say that there is no information on suspects. However, the police have been working together with security officials at the arena. Most importantly, to examine the video surveillance.

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Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. These are stakeholders, who own and operate Scotiabank Arena, said it assists police in the investigation.

“Creating an extremely secure and safe venue for all who visit Scotiabank Arena. Ironically, is MLSE’s top priority,” the organisation said in an email sent by CBC News.

Lipa was expressing her gratitude to fans. Also, dancing at the time she was spotted dancing. Also, thanking fans when the incident took place. A video shared on Twitter shows her stunned at the time the fireworks started to go off.

The show was part of the much-anticipated Future Nostalgia Tour. A tour which was announced in 2019. That is, to promote the album’s name. Hence, the tour was postponed several times due to COVID-19.

Mayor John Tory says he wants to see the punishment. Especially, for those who committed the crime. Also, hopes that someone from the public with details will contact him.

“To to have someone set off fireworks in a packed arena in which people claimed they heard gunshots. Hence, considered the possible reaction. A reaction that resulted in people being crushed until death” the man said at the news conference.

Toronto the police head James Ramer said he was glad that nobody was injured. However, he said the culprits will be prosecuted. Only in condition, if they are found.

“We’ll try to determine who was at fault.”

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