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SVU Creator Responds To Fan Backlash Over Kelli Giddish’s Depart


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New showrunner David Graziano wrote that “Kelli has handled this with the most incredibly classy comportment”

Kelli Giddish announced earlier today. That, she’ll soon be taking her leave of the functionally unkillable Law And Order franchise. Hence, stepping away from the role she’s occupied for the last 10 seasons on spin off-turned-main-franchise series Law And Order: SVU. In a post about her departing via Instagram. Giddish talked positively about her character detective Amanda Rollins. The one who joined the show in 2011. Hence, as the new partner to Ice-T’s Detective Fin Tutuola. “There isn’t any other TV character as compelling as Rollins,” Giddish wrote. “She’s transformed and grown, and I’ve too. I first started watching this show at the age of my 20s. Furthermore, I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend all of my adulthood with Rollins in my life.”

However, Giddish appeared fairly optimistic. Thus, about the new direction in her blog post, thanking Dick Wolf, Mariska Hargitay. As well as many others she worked with during her long tenure on the show. However, some unsettling drama did surface during the discussion. Particularly, around the new director David Graziano, who hopped into the comments to express his sorrow over Giddish’s departure. However, was then confronted with concerns from viewers about the reason for the change taking place.

Graziano’s reaction was an interesting one:

It’s possible to take an instant to think about the notion. Hence, that things may be more complicated than they appear. Obviously, in the world full of tweets and emojis. The only thing I can say is that Kelli has handled it. Especially, with the most classy manner. Kelli is, absolutely one of the top professionals in the industry. I’ve encountered during my nearly 24 years of working in the field of television. I am saddened by her imminent end. It’s a good day should I ever be able to write for her once again.

Law And Order: SVU returns for the 24th season the 22nd of September. Hence, No information is available on the number of episodes. Therefore, Giddish will make an appearance before her exit.

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