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Hans Niemann, Cheating Chess Master Probably Cheated 100 Times


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A 72-page regards to Hans Nielann investigation by Chess.com read by the WSJ reports that Hans Niemann had likely received illegal aid. That is, an aid during more than 100 games played online.

A probe conducted by Chess.com which is the top game’s online platform. Certainly, has found that Hans Moke Niemann has cheated over 100 times. Hence, in accordance with The Wall Street Journal.

The American grand-master 19 has denied claims of cheating. Thus, after five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen published a statement earlier this month. Accusing Niemann of cheating more frequently than he had previously admitted to. Furthermore, pointing out that Niemann’s performance on the board was “unusual”.

The month before, Carlsen withdrew from the 2022 Sinquefield Cup. Hence, after losing to Niemann in the third round of the tournament. One week later, Carslen resigned after playing only one move against Niemann on the Champions Chess Tour.

The Norwegian stated that Niemann was able to beat him using black chess pieces. Thus, which is a disadvantage in the world of chess. However, not “fully concentrating on the game in critical positions”.

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Niemann admitted to cheating on the internet two times. That is, between 16 and 12. But, says he’s never been caught playing fraudulently in a face-to face match. He even wants to play naked to show his sincerity.

The investigation, which is now 72 pages long by Chess.com that was seen by the WSJ. Importantly, the report states that Niemann was likely to have received illegal help for more than 100 games on the internet. That is, in the last few months which included prize money contests.

‘Unusual Patterns’:

The report confirmed Carslen’s concerns about Niemann’s rise to the top of the line of chess in-person competition in the report. While, pointing out “many remarkable signals and unusual patterns in Hans’ path as a player”.

“Outside his online play, Hans is the fastest rising top player in Classical [over-the-board] chess in modern history,” the report stated. “Looking solely at ratings. Hans should be classified as part of this elite group of young players. Although, we aren’t doubting that Hans is an exceptional player. We are well aware that his performance is statistically remarkable.”

Chess.com that uses a variety of cheating-detection software. Including, those that analyse the moves that are suggested by chess engines. Thus, claimed that Niemann was 17 in the latest violations and had live streamed 25 games.

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The website decided to shut down his account in the moment. Furthermore, a subsequent letter to Niemann acknowledges that he engaged in “blatant cheating”. Thus, in order to improve his score in various games. Furthermore, even in one game against Russian Chess legend Ian Nepomniachtchi.

The report also stated that Niemann admitted to the accusations in an uninvolved phone conversation. A conversation with the chief chess officer of the platform, Danny Rensch.

Chess.com typically manages bans in a private manner. However, its probe into the 19-year-old was initiated. After he publicly challenged his denial from Chess.com’s Global Championship. Hence, saying it was “compelled to share the basis” of its decision-making.

FIDE The world’s chess supreme body. Obviously, is currently conducting an investigation of its own into the Niemann-Carlsen case.

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