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Blink-182 announces new worldwide tour and new music


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Blink-182 announced that they will be reuniting for a world tour.

The group Blink-182, which consists from Travis Barker, Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus. Hence, revealed the news on their official social media channels on Tuesday.

Alongside the announcement of their tour, Blink-182 is releasing a new track on Friday titled Edging.

Their reunion of Blink-182 is 7 years later than Tom left the group. Obviously, because of his desire to move in an entirely different direction in his creative work. Also, concentrate more on his family life.

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The video that announced the tour included a vulgar innuendo prior to giving the details of the tour’s global scope.

The camera flipped from actors who teased the world in the background to Travis & Tom. Finally, Mark looking at the camera.

The tour will begin on March 11 2023, in Tijuana, Mexico. Apart from this, travel across South America, with stops in Peru, Argentina & Chile. Furthermore, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.

The US and Canada part of the tour starts at St. Paul, Minnesota on May 4, 2023, and continues until the end of July Nashville./

blink 182 tour list

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The Europe part of the tour of Blink-182 starts on September 2nd 2023, in Glasgow. Furthermore, ends in Manchester on the 15th of October.

21st October 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Is when the band Blink-182 is scheduled to make one concert. Thus, to attend their When We Were Young Festival.

The last part of their tour starts February 9 2024 in Australia. Furthermore, will conclude on February 26 2024, in New Zealand.

Will be released on Friday is the new track by the band Edging. Furthermore, a brand new album due out on an unknown date.

The caption of the Instagram video announcement”We’re coming. Tour’s coming. Albums to come. Tom’s coming. Tickets go on sale on Monday.’

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Leaving for Studio LA or Los Angeles was Barker seen. Thus, following the tour announcement, wearing the maroon bomber jacket.

In the year 1992, in August, in Poway, California. Hence, the place where the group Blink-182 was founded. Furthermore, became an instant hit when they released their third album Enema of the State in 1999. The album featured songs such as”What’s My Age Again? and All The Small Things and Adam’s Song.

The group began to break up in 2002, however they regrouped in the year following, but the reunion was brief.

Tom quit the group in 2005 when he pursued his own solo venture, Angels & Airwaves, while Travis and Mark continued without Tom.

Travis was a survivor of an air crash in 2008 which killed four people. Adam Goldstein as well as Adam Goldstein were the only survivors.

After this tragedy three returned to the hospital. The trio eventually reunited. Furthermore, were part of the reunion tour in the year 2009.

But the frictions between the band members of Blink-182 remained. On top of this, was described as ‘Dysfunctional’. Second time in a row, was Tom being forced to leave the band. During 2014, only to return the next day.

The band broke up in the year 2015, and Travis as well as Mark continued to play without him. Matt Skiba joined the band in the place of Tom as they recorded new songs and performed on tours.

At the age of 2021 Mark discovered he was suffering from cancer. Treated for a period of months was Mr. Mark under a secrecy cover. However, he revealed later that the fact that he was cancer-free.

Mark 50 Travis (46), and Tom who is 46, came together. Following the diagnosis of cancer to discuss their problems with one another. Furthermore, the cancer diagnosis.

People speculated that something was going on in the band’s world. Shutdown was the state of the band’s Instagram website. Apart from this, their website was under construction. The news is finally coming out on the 11th of October for a brand new single, album. Furthermore, a world tour featuring Travis, Mark and Tom aboard.

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