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Viktor Orban Asks Americans To Join Fight Against Illegal Immigration


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The Hungarian PM Viktor Orban was invited to Dallas, Texas, at the height of American conservatives. Former American US president Donald Trump is also due to speak.
Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban invited American conservatives on a visit on Thursday to Texas this week. Particularly, for them to “join with them” in the battle which Viktor Orban will lead in the fight against “left liberals”.

“We must coordinate the movements of our troops. Hence, as we are facing the same challenges” said the leader of the nationalist movement. Thus, inviting to address the large number of American right-wingers in Dallas in which Donald Trump must also speak.

“Own Rules”

To cheers of awe the 59-year-old PM stressed the necessity to “regain control over those structures”. That is, within Washington and Brussels. Particularly, to the coming US midterm elections scheduled for November.

“I I am in this room to inform you that we should unite”. Viktor Orban declared in a call to conservatism. Finally, to “create their own rules” against a “culture conflict”.

In a passionate speech on the 23rd of July, Viktor Orban had already opposed the idea of a “multi-ethnic” social order. “We do not wish to become a multi-ethnic race” that would be mixed with “non-Europeans” Viktor declared, which triggered a flood of criticism from both his fellow members of the European Union and the United States.

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Viktor Orban is obviously the current Prime Minister of Hungary. Furthermore, the PM has been in power since 2010, i.e. 12 years from today. PM Viktor is the 56th Prime Minister of the gorgeous and beautiful European country. On top of this, has played vital roles on many occasions for Hungarian politics. Furthermore, the Hungarian image in the global world since the year 2010. A country that shares its borders with Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania & Serbia.

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