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The International sustainable Tourism Conference is an event taking place in the Mid-November 2020 in British Columbia. Ironically, it is an event taking place for the sustainability measures. These are key steps regularly in place for the Tourism industry in Canada. Similar to Ontario Tourism Summit 2019, the event is of huge magnitude. Hence, especially in terms of the number of people coming to the conference in B.C. Irrespective of the current scenario that relates to COVID-19, the conference holds huge significance for the residents of British Columbia. A very attractive province with gorgeous & mega cities like Victoria and Vancouver is investing huge numbers on the sustainability of tourism.


Holds huge importance in terms of people coming, as it has been highly neglected in the past years. As part of the sustainable measures, the deprived industry has been taken care of in recent times. The Internationally acclaimed conference shall be taking place from 19th Nov – 22nd Nov 2020’. Taking place in the province of B.C., and hosted by Delta Hotels, Marriott Grand Okanangan Resort in Kelowna. Hence, the Province ranks 5th in the list of provinces in Canada.

In addition to this it is full of gorgeous urban architecture and landscapes. In the year 2019, i.e. last year, the announcement was made. The location of the island was Terceira Island in Azores, a beautiful place for the tourism industry. The final announcement took place on the 6th December 2019 i.e. previous year with huge considerations of key organisations. From TOTA, i.e. Thompson Okanangan Tourism Association, CEO Glenn Mandzuik, the announcement was a joint one. The other party involved in the announcement was Randy Durband, the CEO of GSTC.

The event shall welcome over 300 international leaders together with 200 being the local and national delegates. These are high profile delegates from B.C. & the rest of the country i.e. Canada. The main aim is sustainability of International Tourism in Canada, especially in British Columbia. Travel & Tourism sector has been a huge contributor to the Canadian economy. Hence, COVID-19, the pandemic has been the latest epidemic that has affected the most acknowledged sector. This is especially in the Canadian region of the continent North America. These are key contributions for marketing professionals, airlines, ticketing and reservations. Furthermore, for the travel agents and tour operators as well as the international media.


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MBE’s contribution in Tourism industry has been a highly sustainable & a recognised one, especially after the acquisitions of Senator Hotel & Conference Centre Timmins, and Algonquin Inn Lakeside View in 2019. Stepping into the International Hotel & Tourism industry has been highly prestigious for The MBE Group. The last year’s Ontario Tourism Conference that took place in Timmins was another successful and a globally recognised event. Significantly, in terms of the sustainable measures in place for the tourism sector Canada.

It was a major contribution on part of The MBE Group towards sustainability measures in the Tourism industry in Canada. The country is highly blessed with true beauty of nature in terms of lakes, rivers, wildlife parks, streams, & Water falls e.g. The Niagara Fall. Like the Senator Hotel Timmins, Algonquin Lakeside View is playing a massive role in promoting tourism activities. A holiday resort surrounded by a beautiful lake and a Wild life Park welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

MBE is highly positive regards to the conference taking place in B.C. in relation to the relevant sustainability measures. Especially in times of the current pandemic, the step is indeed a brave one. This is just for the sake of tourism industry in Canada in the upcoming years. In terms of the magnitude, in the recent times of pandemic the losses have been huge. Especially, the international travel & tourism sector has been on the suffering end since last 5-6 months.


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