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Why Premier League Football Teams Are Scrambling For Private Jets


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Teams have had to travel to games in smaller planes, and God forbid buses.

In Europe there is a distinct style of football in which you really use your feet in the game. In England the highest league in this bizarre game, which you could refer to as “soccer”. Alternatively, can even be described as The Premier League, and it’s faced with a huge issue in the present: a dearth in private aircraft.

The league, in which the average wage for a player is around $51,000 per week. Has 20 soccer teams from England (and occasionally Wales) play one another. That is, in home or away games.

This means that there’s bound to be at minimum one aspect that needs to travel. And in a nation similar to Oregon. It is logical for the use of private jets for the coaches. Furthermore, the players and the managers across the country.

However, according to the website The Atlantic. The famous league is struggling with a lack of airlines this year. The website says:

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“It might not be something we be forced to consider. However, a lack of private aircraft is creating problems to Premier League clubs.

Chelsea Vs Leeds United:

“Before Chelsea’s defeat of 3-0 in the 3-0 loss to Leeds United earlier this month. Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea squad was required to be transported to Yorkshire by three 14-Seater aircraft. The coaches followed with a bus as there was an issue with the first plane that was scheduled.”

As well as moving to smaller planes or coaches. The teams have had to pay to the bone for flights. The Atlantic states that teams are forced to “pay three times the price” of a similar trip they took a year ago.

“Nobody was expecting it,” one Premier League executive spoke to The Atlantic. “It’s come down to us simultaneously. Hence, a true concoction of events that has thrown all of us out.”

It’s reported to be particularly difficult on clubs. Thus, during this time because the COVID-19 pandemic has forced some charter companies to shut down. It is also believed to be a lack of crew and larger aircraft in operation. Hence, as well as higher fuel costs.

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Furthermore, the website says it has been reported that Premier League clubs can be selective about the type of aircraft they travel for matches. The site also states:

“Many Premier League clubs do not enjoy propeller aircraft to prefer private jets. Since, they appear more sleek as well as professional.”

There was a better alternative to travelling across an area that takes around seven hours to cross.

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