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George Foreman, The Boxing Legend Sued For Alleged Sexual Assault


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LOS ANGELES – Former world heavyweight champion George Foreman was accused of sexual assault in the 1970s. That is, by two teenagers according to suits filed in Los Angeles.

The lawsuits, which were obtained through People magazine. Furthermore, celebrity website TMZ. The lawsuits were filed by two women who were identified as Denise S. and Gwen H.

Foreman was not identified as a person by name. However, was described as a former professional boxer. A pro who beat Joe Frazier in 1973. Thus, to be crowned heavyweight champion. Hence, just similar to what Foreman did in 1973.

Denise claimed that she had encountered Foreman when she was eight years old. Also, claimed that he assaulted her several times in the year 1976 in the San Francisco hotel. That is, with assaults occurring between 13 and 16 years old. Furthermore, Foreman was already 24.

Gwen stated that she was just 15 when Foreman began to assault her. She claimed her dad was employed by Foreman. Furthermore, that the attacker threatened to dismiss her father because she did not cooperate.

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The women are seeking a trial by jury. Claiming, they suffered physical and mental harm from the fighter.

Foreman rejected the suit’s allegations in a statement to New York Times.

“Over the last six months two women have attempted to take millions of dollars from my family and me,” Foreman said.

“They are falsely asserting that I sexually assaulted them. More than 45 years ago during the 70s. I categorically and firmly reject these claims.”

Foreman, aged 73 has been the 1998 Olympic heavyweight champion. He also was awarded the professional heavyweight crown in 1973. That is, after beating Frazier in the second round.

He remained the champion until he lost the title to Muhammad Ali. That is, in the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” fight in 1974 in the country that was the time Zaire.

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Foreman became a pitchman following his boxing career. He was known for a grill with his name.

In 1994, aged 45 years old. Foreman took back the heavyweight crown by knocking out his opponent Michael Moorer. Hence, becoming at the time, the oldest fighter to ever win a boxing championship.

Foreman finished his career at the age of 48 in 1997. Thus, after losing in the final to Shannon Briggs. His final record was 76-5, with 68 knockout wins.

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