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Man City vs. Nottingham Forest: Score & Highlights


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Erling Haaland continued his stunning beginning into the Premier League as he made it two consecutive hat-tricks in Manchester City’s 6-0 thrashing of Nottingham Forest.

Haaland scored a sensational three-goal haul during the time that City had to come from 2-0 behind. Enthusiastically, to defeat Crystal Palace 4-2 at the weekend. However, he ensured that this was a less complicated game. Furthermore, scoring a flawless hat-trick. While, using his left foot. Hence, as well as his right foot within 38 minutes.

The 22-year-old’s nine goals from the first five Premier League appearances is a new record for the competition, surpassing the eight goals scored by Micky Quinn, and the club’s leading goal scorer Sergio Aguero.

Joao Cancelo netted a magnificent fifth in the fiftyth minute. Argentina forward Julian Alvarez marked his full City debut by scoring a brace in the second half to seal the victory.

Man City vs. Nottingham Forest final score:

1H 2H Final
MCI 3 3 6
NOT 0 Zero 0
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  1. MCI -MCI – Erling Haaland (Phil Foden) -12th min.

2. MCI -MCI – Erling Haaland (Phil Foden) 23rd minute.

3. MCI -MCI – Erling Haaland (Phil Foden, John Stones) -38th minute.

4. MCI — Joao Cancelo (Bernardo Silva) — 50th min.

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5. MCI — Julian Alvarez (Riyad Mahrez) — 65th min.

6. MCI – Julian Alvarez — 87th min.

Phil Foden set up Haaland’s first goal against Palace and the pair had a go at it again provide Forest a hill to reach in the 12th minutes. The England attacker played a slick ball to the left which Haaland smashed into the goal after working his way through the captain Joe Worrall.

Brennan Johnson headed Forest’s best chance of the game into the net of the goal. Precisely, just five minutes later. Furthermore, the game appeared to be over. That is, in the middle of the first half. After Dean Henderson miscued a clearance straight towards Bernado Silva. Foden was teed up by Haaland to score a tap-in.

Etihaad Stadium Manchester Erupts With Fans Celebrating:

The Etihad Stadium was awash with celebrations. Hence, of another hat-trick. Excitingly, for the new star player. Ironically, when Cancelo’s outside-of-the-boot pass was spotted by Foden. Foden swung it over into John Stones, who nodded toward the goalmouth to allow the endless Haaland to complete the job.

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Cancelo likely scored the winner of the game as Forest allowed him way too much space and time to strike the top corner at the end of Silva’s strike.

Alvarez excelled throughout the night playing against Haaland.

Furthermore, he was on the lookout to strike with a sharp finish over Henderson. Finally, towards the end of what was a generally long period that was City possession.

In an attempt to prove that there’s multiple players trying to replicate Aguero’s feats in the sky in the present, Alvarez crashed his second into the roof of the goal in the midst of a substitution. Kevin De Bruyne and Riyad Mahrez both threw a fit at Forest in the counter-attack just with three minutes remaining.

Haaland does not care over records. Guardiola says:

In the wake of breaking Premier League records for goals. These are goals that were scored in August, discussion. Thus, following the game turned to the number of chapters in the books. Obviously, the chapters that set records Haaland could be able to turn into paper-mache while in Manchester. In his post-match press conference Pep Guardiola stated that the team has a different understanding of what drives an athlete who has only an DFB-Pokal trophy to prove the time he spent in Borussia Dortmund.

“I think that what he is looking for is to be a winner of the titles. Hence, I believe this is the case. Also, I think that’s exactly what is in his mind and if the records and goals assist us win, it will be a perfect win,” he said. “Knowing his personality a bit it’s been a month and a quarter that we are in a relationship, I’m not sure if the guy is happy to set new records even in the event that we do not win titles. I believe he would like to be a part of that.”

Manchester City Aiming To Secure Their 5th Title in Six Seasons:

Guardiola has also acknowledged that the enthusiasm of Haaland’s training field has been a breath new air while City are aiming to secure the fifth Premier League title in six seasons. “Erling constantly is talking to the youngsters at the academy. It is evident inside the restaurant, Erling talking to the students in the academy. I love it. Erling is calm, well-trained and has a relaxed life and, after the game Erling is determined of scoring.”

Guardiola divulges Man City’s hidden weapon from South America:

The sparkling debut of Alvarez provided Guardiola the opportunity to praise an unheralded star in City’s squad. “On Julian, we had amazing opinions. Our scout from South America, Joan Patsy who was a close friend of ours I spoke to her a year and an hour time ago. He told me that he was unique’. He’s a player who has scored many goals for a team such as River Plate. They are under a lot of pressure to be successful. We are now taking pleasure in his presence. We have two strikers of outstanding quality.”

Cooper is furious about Forest’s costly errors:

This kind of quality means that any opponent must be near perfect in the event that City are at their best. Although they allowed Forest to take a step back from going through a significant amount of team changes since winning their Championship Final, Cooper’s team weren’t quite what they were supposed to be. Bernardo Silva set about debutant Renan Lodi straight from the beginning and, while Henderson’s mistake for the Haaland second goal stood out, Cooper felt all three of the goals in the first half the team conceded were completely possible to avoid.

“We knew we’d be coming against a world-class striker, Haaland. And he’s not the only top player on the team, of course there were some in the back,” said Cooper, who’s team has picked up four points from their first five matches. “Still you need to be able to defend yourself . I’m not going to diminish his goals , but I’m looking over our players and thinking that it could be possible to have played better. We didn’t start the game with the most confidence, but we’re always trying to force ourself. We could have done far better during the match.”

Man City vs. Nottingham Forest in the manner it took place:

Fulltime Toffolo shoots one last shot to the left of Forest who’s misery has come to an end. City were far superior tonight and there’s no shame to the Championship champions who won the playoffs. Guardiola’s team have been crowned champions in four of the previous five Premier Leagues; with Haaland currently in their ranks, they’re an absolutely frightening scenario.

90th minute +2: Awoniyi glances wide as Forest continue to look for victory.

90th minute+1:

Johnson determinedly attempted to defeat Walker in a sprint and fails. Not surprisingly, Haaland is declared the Man of the Match at the stadium.

89th minute The 89th minute: It’s been a difficult night for Henderson and his team, but it’s an impressive save to deny De Bruyne in the 89th minute after Mahrez and Alvarez joined forces to let go of the midfielder.

87th minute: GOOOAAALLLL!!!! Alvarez! !

Then, Dennis clouted the freekick to the wall. De Bruyne led a City counter-attack. Mahrez hit a shot that was blocked and Alvarez hit the rebound against the net’s top left-footed.

In the 86th minute, Gundogan is sloppy in Colback and Forest are awarded a free kick in the right position. The visitors are spirited in the final minutes of the game from the opposition.

84th minute: Forest supporters, who have been with a smile and are now cheering on their team in a short period of possession. The game ends with Gundogan stopping a shot by substitute Colback.

The 80th minute of the game:

fans from City singing Mario Balotelli’s name. It’s safe to say that their new striker could be somewhat more reliable than the adored Italian.

75th minute: High-rated City youth Rico Lewis is getting a running jog as a right-back. Stones moves to the right and Walker moves inside with Dias.

In the 72nd second minute, Williams is given a half glimpse of the scoring for Forest but Gomez takes the ball away from him in a smart way.

In the 71st second minute:

Mahrez can be seen one-on-one, and is likely to score. Guardiola’s hands are over his head. Replays reveal that Guardiola was likely to be a bit offside by Gundogan’s raking pass, which means it’s important less than you think it does.

In the 68th minutes: Haaland cannot get to the other end of an Mahrez cross to earn his fourth. This is the final act of the hat-trick star who is greeted with the roar of a crowd. Kevin De Brunye comes on to support the hero. Poor Forest. Gomez is also in for Cancelo as left-back.

The 65th Min. Goal—Awesome Move:

65th minute:GOOOAAALLLL!!!! Alvarez!!!!! !

It is unclear the number of passes that led to the goal. It was as if City were in possession for about five minutes , before Mahrez dropped it and looked as if he was going to go down. Then, he created space for the Algeria player to make in a cross for Alvarez to score a half-volley and he seized the opportunity to score his debut Premier League goal with aplomb.

60th minute:

Palmer throws a tempting ball over the goal from left, and it’s a bit surprising to find Haaland isn’t even close to the ball. City are able to recycle the ball like they always do, and Silva gets Henderson’s palms.

The 57th minute: Rodri as well as Foden were the players who came off and will take a break before City’s journey in Villa Park at the weekend. Taiwo Awoniyi as well as Emmanuel Dennis come on to help to strengthen Forest’s attack. Forest attack.

53rd minute: Another amazing good news from the Forest defense in the 53rd minute as Mahrez and Palmer are waiting to join the squad for City.

50th minute: GOOOAAALLLL!!!! Cancelo!!!!! !

Seriously, don’t give the player that much space for error, boys! Silva selects his Portugal teammate and launches a stunning strike in the upper left corner of the field from just outside the box. An amazing moment that demonstrates the extent to which this could be for Forest.

46th minute: We’re back. Cooper took Forest back early, and then sat down on the bench, trying to settle himself. City regain possession, and Gundogan is weltering one way off the mark. That, in a funny way was how they started the game in the first half.

The half-time break: Forest scamper, almost happy, and out of their own half in the attacking The deflected ball from Lodi is caught in Ederson’s hands and the whistle blows. Haaland has walked off as an alcoholic who believes there’s more work to be completed. Oof! Come back here in a minute.

44th Min. Goal–What A Move From Alvarez:

44th minute: Fantastic strike from Alvarez He is a player you can feel the fans really wants to be part of the action. Some clever footwork creates some space to the Argentinian who shoots an unidirectional strike at the bottom of the goalpost from around 20 yards.

38th minute: GOOOAAALLLL!!! Haaland!! !

Seriously, mate, let it in. Two consecutive hat-tricks for Haaland with Foden taking part again. The England player shook one of the outside-of-the-foot crosses from Cancelo into the the goal, after it was partly cleared. Stones turned it back towards the goalmouth. Haaland ended the match that was played head-to-head in an usual manner.

35th minute: opponents are fighting at a high level however City have plenty of ball that when they don’t their pressing is incredibly aggressive. The ball is then likely to be taken away for City’s throw. Haaland is attempting to become a provider but Henderson takes his low ball away from his waiting Alvarez.

32nd minute: This is a painful, thankless to endure for Forest. Cancelo’s drills take place in the 32nd minute with a low cross which is cleared.

30th minute City believe they are 3-0, but Stones isn’t onside when Haaland’s flick is tapped off of a free-kick from the left.

23rd minute: GOOOAAALLLL!!! Haaland! !

Dean Henderson, what are you doing? It’s not possible to wrap gifts such as this when City are having a good time. The Forest goalkeeper accidentally flings the ball straight to Bernardo. He is able to find Alvarez and he passes the ball back on Haaland. The striker quickly gets riding his bike to take a return pass as well as an input from Foden. Too simple.

20th min: A depressing time of City possession is ended with Foden falls over under a challenge by Yates near an edge in the field. The referee Paul Tierney opts to let the game flow.

17th minute: A solid attack by Forest is ended with Johnson hitting the side-netting near the rear post. It was an insipid move from City and City will be thinking they should have capitalized.

12th minute: GOOOAAALLLL!!! Haaland!

Who else? Haaland is on the seven goals of the campaign, but Forest might feel it was a bit easy. Foden played one of those annoying crosses between goalkeepers and defence in which no one is sure what to do with it. Everyone was stuck except for Worrall who was swiftly taken down by City’s number nine when he scored his first goal.

9th min: Silva has decided there’s no time to be jolly and is now at Lodi again. His curling cross is just behind Haaland.

Sixth minute:

A corner has been cut back in the lower part to allow Alvarez to run into. A lot of it is from the training field. O’Brien is able to read it and then deflects the strike to the side. From the next center, Alvarez almost prods home from a more traditional forward post. He has a lively start.

Fifth minute Bernardo Silva welcomes recent Champions League foe Lodi to the Premier League by absolutely skinning the player. The Portugal player loses his balance in the box, and Forest are able to get clear ahead of him.

Third minute 3: City getting to their work, pushing the ball around. It is interesting to note that they appear to be working in a messy 4-4-2 configuration that has Alvarez And Haaland positioned centrally. Gundogan is able to smack a left-footed strike which is off target and not any good for one player.

1 minute before kickoff 1 minute to kickoff:

The teams are on the field. Forest shining in their brand newly-designed yellow kit for away games. Blue Moon rings across the ground. Let’s go!

20 minutes from kickoff time 20 minutes before kickoff: A Forest backroom team has just given an enormous thump on the school whistle to announce the next phase of warm-up. It’s like being back in gym class.

30 minutes before kickoff 30 minutes before kickoff:

The teams are out and completing their warm-ups. Aymeric Laporte is on the touchline , watching the game with his City teammates. The Spain centre-back was recently undergoing the most recent phase of his recovery after knee surgery at Bilbao and is hopeful to be back in action in a month’s time from today.

55 minutes until kickoff The Forest’s most recent addition Renan Lodi has been inserted into the starting line-up. Remo Freuler as well as Cheikhou Kouyate are also part of Cooper’s XI.

1 hour before the start of kickoff The teams are on. Julian Alvarez makes his first competitive appearance in the first team of Manchester City after a lively second-half appearance in the match against Palace in the weekend. He’ll start as a winger flanking Haaland. Kevin De Bruyne is rested on the bench.

1hr 5 mins before kickoff:

There’s no doubt that it’s an uphill task for Forest this evening however, they did prevail in their previous trip to Eastlands and swept 3-0 to shock Mark Hughes’ City in the FA Cup in 2009. The same tournament, Steve Cooper gave Guardiola an enormous scare when Swansea City took a 2-0 advantage at Liberty Stadium in 2019. The hosts battled back to take the win, 3-2, thanks to some really good officiating. The team was able to claim an unheard of domestic treble.

1hr and 25 mins before kickofftime: City could be strengthening their backline by bringing in Borussia Dortmund centre-back Manuel Akanji in the event that they can strike an agreement in place prior to the deadline for transfers. In the wake of Nathan Ake and Aymeric Laporte out for the time being Guardiola is looking for more senior players to fill in within the defensive middle. The news of this transfer has reminded everyone of the fact that Akanji is a genius at maths.

1hr 45 minutes before the start of kickoff:

Manchester City have got their hands on the entertaining practice of giving their opponents two-goal lead and then avoiding to lose. The final two games last season2-3 at West Ham from 2-0 down and an offside decision in the final moments to make it more fun, with the 3-2 victory over Aston Villa from 2-0 down in the second half to win the titleCity’s typically solid back line has been incredibly shaky.

After losing 3-1 in Newcastle 10 days earlier, the team played 3-3. Crystal Palace were dispatched 4-2 even though they were leading 2-0 at half-time during the last weekend’s thrilling game. The common thread in these two games was Erling Haaland, who has made his presence visible in front of goal. The Norway star face one of his former clubs from the time of his father on the pitch in Nottingham Forest tonight, or will Pep Guardiola play a rotating role with a crowded Champions League schedule on the future?

2 hours to kickoff: Welcome for The Sporting News’ live coverage of Manchester City vs. Nottingham Forest from the Etihad Stadium.

Man City vs. Nottingham Forest lineups:

Ilkay Gundogan, and Julian Alvarez each impressed from the bench against Palace and have both been given the starting positions as well as Kevin De Bruyne dropping to the bench to break.

Manchester City starting lineup (4-3-3 from right from left): Ederson (GK) -Ederson (GK) – Walker, Stones, Dias, Cancelo — Silva, Rodri, Gundogan -Gundogan – Alvarez, Haaland, Foden

Steve Cooper has handed a debut to his latest hire, with Renan Lodi’s Champions League pedigree likely to be a valuable asset in the face of one of Europe’s most successful clubs in Europe. Jesse Lingard drops to the bench.

Nottingham Forest starting lineup (5-3-2, left to right): Henderson (GK) — Williams, Worrall, McKenna, Yates, Lodi -(R) Kouyate, Freuler, O’Brien -O’Brien, Freuler, Kouyate Johnson, Gibbs-White

How to watch Man City vs. Nottingham Forest:

UK USA Canada Australia
Date Wednesday, August 31 Wed, August 31 Wednesday, August 31 Thursday, September 1
Time 19:30 BST 14:30 ET 14:30 ET 04:30 AEST
TV channel BT Sport 3 Peacock
Streaming BT Sport website/app Peacock Premium fuboTV Optus Sports

UK: BT Sport 3 will broadcast the game beginning at an hour earlier of 7:30pm for a night game on the UK. The pay-TV channel’s subscribers can also stream on their BT Sport website and app.

USA subscribers to Peacock can stream in the States and have Peacock Premium subscribers can access the steaming services offered by the broadcaster.

Canada: fuboTV will stream every moment of the action.

Australia: Optus Sports has Premier League fans in Australia covered.

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