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We in the business world are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve our business, anything that’s in addition good for the business will result in a positive outcome for its future existence. A well POS or Point of sale systems give easy access to Payments, rapid and reliable processing, and smooth operations of the business.


Business growth is highly interlinked with Customer Satisfaction, and POS systems are the benchmark of customer satisfaction in the growing age where card payments and methods like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay have replaced traditional currency.

An ideal Point of Sale system can greatly impact your customer satisfaction as a point of sale is where you have your most key interactions with your customers.

If your point of sale is slow, outdated or downright out-of-service, it’s bound to negatively impact the customers’ experience and perception of your business. Since the last decade, smart POS Terminals have remained the same with major changes.

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Hence, we’re all too familiar with the sight of these bulky and outdated devices. Physical keypads and tiny screens that don’t look great, but are useful enough for the task needed from them.


Gradually, chip-and-pin (EMV) capabilities were added to terminals which previously only had the option to swipe for better security, however, the look of the actual devices did not undergo any significant changes at all.

It’s curious and interesting to see how slowly these point of sale devices have undergone changes while other technologies have changed drastically over the last decade, for example, TVs or cellphones.

Recently, a few POS providers have begun introducing what is known as “Smart Terminals”, these terminals have large touch-screens, most are completely devoid of a physical keypad and are sleek and easy to carry, a major change from the traditional POS devices we have known and have been familiar with for years.

However, as a business owner, you should be aware of this: It’s not all look and no performance. Smart POS Terminals make several strides in terms of performance and capabilities and can greatly improve your payment processing speed, your customer experience and the overall operations of your business. Let’s dive into some key benefits.

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Smart POS Terminals have over traditional POS devices

  1. Reduced paper-load

    most smart terminals have the option to directly email or text the transaction receipt to the customer once a transaction is completed. As a business, you can also go into your Smart Terminal’s software and reprint any receipt at any moment and see what a particular customer purchased so that you don’t have to keep bulky records of invoices and receipts going back months.

  2. Inventory Management

    most smart terminals offer inventory management features, you can add or remove products you sell, edit prices, offer discounts on specific items with a few swipes.

  3. Improved reconciliation and tracking

    of transactions/settlements through better and improved software and reporting dashboards that can be accessed on the terminal and on your desktop as well.

  4. Enhances the appearance of your business

    the sleek and futuristic look

  5. Convenience for the customer

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    through touch-based on-screen e-signature improved transparency, Some smart terminals offer two screens (such as Poynt) and the customer can actually see while you add items to their purchase and finalize their transaction.

  6. Increased Customize ability

    with traditional POS devices, you have very limited customize ability, for example, you had to call your provider every time you wanted to change the phone number of your business that appeared on your receipt or activate/deactivate a feature such as Tap and Go (contactless). Smart Terminals offer high customize ability by letting you access these settings from within the software.

  7. Third-Party Apps Support smart terminals

    have stores similar to your Android Play Store or Apple App Store and you can access hundreds if not thousands of free and paid apps that offer increased capabilities such as voice recognition based transaction processing, managing and comparing the sales of several locations, etc.

  8. Better Integration with Peripherals

    and other POS Software/System Traditional POS devices had very limited integration capabilities and supported a very limited range of peripherals. Smart Terminals can be paired with many software and there is a wide range of printers, bar code scanners and cash registers that can be easily set up with these terminals.

  9. Daily/Monthly Reports

    that show key financial indicators such as gross sales, refunds, net revenue, and total tips collected, top-selling items along with the options to select any date range and export data in a spreadsheet. This will give you a bird’s eye view of your business in terms of finances & will give you the insights you need to manage and plan your business better.

The POS Systems are the hour of the need in the era of most advanced payment systems. They have summed up how Payment processing takes place in the retail environment, and how it caters to the retail needs of the time, efficiency of payments, payments with authority and control, and security and safety of transactions.

Clover, Poynt and Ingenico smart systems are some examples of POS systems that are in use these days. With brilliant features, covering all the needs of the retail environment, POS systems have redefined Payments with integrity and ease. Now we can have a look closely at some POS Systems in practice these days.



The company that is responsible for Point of Sale Terminals, a key requirement for the Small Scale businesses was acquired by First Data. The vision is the phrase ‘focus on what matters most’, i.e. Processing and Solutions of Data for credit card payments and online payment processing.

It has got the vital tech ingredients that are needed to take small businesses to the next level, i.e. fast and easy payments processing, & choosing the right hardware for your POS systems is the vital element for your business growth.


‘Clover’ has many features that suit the client for mainly small scale businesses, some of the key features that are used for POS systems are as follows;

  1. Upgrade of payment terminal:

    An upgrade in the payment terminal means taking your payments to the next level.

  2. Taking orders and payments on the Go:

    On the GO, so that you use mobile payment options. Clover is the innovation in technology that gives huge advantages in terms of taking orders and payments on the go with a growing effect.

  3. Managing the business on one system:

    Managing everything on one system means that you don’t need anything else, everything in One POS, and you will reap the benefits of the most valuable POS terminals.

  4. Increased loyalty and reward customers:

    CLOVER has also been detrimental in increasing customer loyalty and rewards management, i.e. rewarding customers with benefits of Clover.

  5. Understanding customer behaviors:

    We help in understanding Customer behaviors, and how behaviors change. Understanding customer behaviors is not only important to analyze the customer dynamics, but also,

  6. Offering gift cards:

    Another award management schemes.

  7. Taking business online:

    A step to take your business online, and more absolute transaction management.

  8. Accepting checks without risks:

    All payments checks are without any risks. Minimizing risks is the motto.

  9. Increased payment security:

    An increase in payment security means, you are always on your toes in terms of securing online payments.

  10. Contactless payments:

    using contactless payments, faster, securer and easily adaptable. The Visa card must have a contactless sign.

There are four types of Clover devices that are in use, depending on the consumer usage, capacity, and capabilities.

Clover Devices

  1. Clover station:

    A complete business management Point of Sale system. Functionalities include making appointments, checking inventory to overseeing employees, and includes all the possible tools that help simplify the smooth running of many businesses.

  2. Clover Mini:

    The efficient running of business operations under a single integrated system. Lots of benefits for the clients and customers, overlooking many aspects that we can ignore in other clover types.

  3. Clover Flex:

    Improved customer services, on the counter services, in line, or on-the-Go.

  4. Clover GO:

    Accepts both debit and credit EMV chips, contactless cards payments, Convenience, when you can securely use your smartphone, or the tablet paired with the card reader.

There are plenty of benefits that Clover can provide in at least 4 names, that have been mentioned above. For small business merchants, it’s a blessing and has always been one since its functionalities are a complete solution of the variable demands of the customers. What it provides to the customers in the form of benefits, loyalty and rewards, business insights, Gift cards, e-commerce, Check acceptance, and security.

How operations in Clover are run more efficiently

  1. Loyalty and Rewards:

    Customized and On-demand customer loyalty programs, with special offers and rewards that the customers will love.

  2. Business Insights:

    Gain in insights related to the business, with real-time Sales data.

  3. Gift Cards:

    Attracting customers as part of the promo strategy, by letting them buy, send and redeem physical or digital gift cards.

  4. E-Commerce:

    Online payments availability, electronic check, or mobile wallet, in all native currencies.

  5. Check Acceptance:

    Allowing customers to pay by check, or with a bank account, without any risks.


“Poynt”, innovation in technology for the POS, is the Transformation in technology that has enabled Waves of Change in the Point of Sale systems and has shown what technology can give to the Business environment, where daily POS Tech is the new age phenomenon.

With features that include Cloud Computing, there are so many twists in the tail, while we enter the new age of data streaming. With ON-The-Go application utility, we expect merchants to have a huge frequency of transactions every day, keeping up with the dynamic face attracting more and more customers, and data reliability, just like any other POS systems.

A highly digital platform for connected commerce that empowers merchants with the technology to transform their business.

The variable Ponynt Systems that are currently available in the market for sales are as follows;


Key Features:
  1. Single-slot for many Stripe and Chip Cards.
  2. NFC reader.
  3. Screen with all options e.g. Drinks, Cappu, Coffee, Macch, Soda, Latte, Water, Ameri, Juice.
  4. Paper– Use Built-in paper and Scanner.


Key Features:
  1. Light in terms of weight.
  2. Mobile (Higher battery life).
  3. Magical.


Key Features:

Customized for Any POS
  1. Payment
  2. Merchant
  3. Location
  4. Enterprise Ready
USB Printers
  1. Esky POS-5870
  2. EPSON TM-T2011
  3. Star TSP650
  4. STAR TSP100
  5. TSP 143iiU
  6. mPOP
  7. POP 10-B1
Wireless Printers
  1. STAR TSP100/TSP143LAN
  2. EPSON TM-m30
  1. Star SP700
  2. EPSON TM-U220B
Cash Drawers
Connect to one of the several Cash drawer’s options
  1. STAR SMD2-1317+USB Trigger
  2. Star model: B7965560 + USB Trigger
  3. M-S Cash Drawer
  4. CF-405-M-B + USB Trigger
  5. mPOP POP10-B1 –Combination Cash drawer/Printer
  6. APG Vasario
  7. MMF Valvoline
USB/HID Barcode Scanner Scanning with confidence
Poynt Compatible Scanner
  1. Inatech BCST-20
Cash Register Prefer a cash register
  1. Sams 4SER-5200M


  1. Time-sheets: Employers Clock-In and Clock-out
  2. Pay At Table: Restaurant POS EMV
  3. Advanced POS Lightning reg: Adv Sales reporting
  4. Gift Cards: Manage and Create Gift card programs. Balance chk from your Poynt Smart Terminals.
  5. Order Thread: All mobile orders Poynt Smart Terminal.

Information related to Poynt systems is detrimental in determining the value of these POS, and there competitiveness as compared to others e.g. Clover. What exactly is the moto, it is reducing the Time factor, making transaction most secure, and application mobility, and safety in attaining the desired results.

The Poynt app, for employers check-in and check out, for the monitoring of time purposes, Pay at Table, for restaurant, where a busy attitude is important as there are many in queue, looking for their seats, Adv sales reporting in form of Advanced POS, Gift cards POS, for checking balance from Poynt Smart terminals, and managing gift card programs. Lastly, the order thread, for simply all mobile orders, from Poynt Smart Terminals.

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Another innovation in technology, a cutting edge for businesses in the dynamic e-commerce markets, especially new businesses to get influence in their initial phases.

Tetra desk 5000 is for taking payments with business apps and touchscreen interfaces. User-friendly interfaces help in determining the quality framework, the HCI aspects, i.e. Human-Computer Interaction, and getting self-awareness with the software i.e. also very user-friendly.

It also accepts the broadest range of payment methods, and also meets the most demanding cases with a seamless connection to external devices. In Tetra Desk 5000, we have been able to transform one of the most dynamic use cases turning POS i.e. Point of Sale systems, into Point of Service.

It is a convenience for businesses and also interactive business apps help in the creative areas associated with the business. The key features associated with Tetra Desk 5000 are;


Certifies the latest hardware and software security requirements. The Operating system is highly equipped with the latest cryptographic schemes with future proof key length. Like a POS, Security must be the main priority, and shouldn’t be ignored. POS, especially for a small business environment, holds Security as its competitive advantage.


As a key Point of Sale system, the All Payment Options, online ensure that Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, and they don’t have to worry about their mode of payments. It highly supports all forms of payment options, including, EMV Chip & Pin, Chip & Sign, Magstripe, signature capture, and NFC/Contactless.

Contactless, highly preferable, easy and fast is the most secure online payment with the help of card. It also has laid a huge competitive advantage with the POS systems, as Contactless is preferable for people who don’t want to reveal their pin no. or are more into hiding their data.


User-friendly interfaces are the requirements of new businesses and outlay a key factor in determining the way customers interact with the POS. Equipped with powerful multimedia capabilities, with a huge 3.5-inch touchscreen, as customers and consumers, you shall witness the best in class user experience, more importantly, because of the rich interface.


Availability of the network, another requirement of the business world that is taken usually for granted, is highly fulfilled with TETRA 5000. The connectivity options include Ethernet, Modem, Bluetooth, and WIFI, all being important while taking payments. WiFi is used for all Contactless payments and holds a competitive edge in terms of Time and Security.

Increases the frequency of people using the device every day, as well as gives a Psychological boost to its customer, as it’s fast and has a huge impact in terms of payments being made on a close to the rapid base.


The rich requirements of the POS are indeed to have a robust security system, and it all depends on the Operating systems. Telium Tetra Operating Systems, which is backed by 30 years in the industry.

It has a perfect combination with Ingenico’s Group legacy, and in payment expertise as well as being open to the web. Highly developed for transactional privacy, which is useful when it comes to fast payments in the fast business environment.


As we have discussed earlier, the Contactless payment options, used for fast and secure payment processing. The fast transaction flows to ensure the utility of making payments securely and payment handling is more sophisticated than any other POS method.


The Tetra-Move 5000, another tech development in the field of POS, i.e. Point of Sale systems. In the e-commerce world, for future businesses and small businesses, it is a boost sales on the GO and has a big variety of business apps.

The appealing looking POS hardware, as they say, “Looks Matter”, is the highlight, as it is engineered for the key purpose of marketing and sales. Like any other POS systems, the attributes are;

  1. Contactless
  2. Security
  3. Touchscreen
  4. Barcode
  5. Camera
  6. HTML5
  7. Thermal Printer

For contactless payments, that are very common these days as most banks have the options of wireless card payments from the card without inserting or any other hassle. The most convenient feature in POS, good for the customers in terms of time, as well as hassle-free.


Security, as we know in the dynamic e-commerce and POS environment is the vitality. Vital because you just cannot ignore the importance of secure mode of payments.


The ‘touchscreen’, a very key ingredient in the compliance industry. Used for taking the e-sign, and many other activities, it is important for the usability of the customers, psychologically, the feel more safe, secure and free of any hassles.


The barcode is the uniqueness of the product, as Product ID is a unique attribute, and Barcode is the unique product id, that is scanned at the time of buying the product. Barcode scanning avoids duplicity, confusion of the product not being scanned, and security reasons as well, avoiding theft or frauds related to the product. The most vital part of the retail operations these days.


The Camera option in the device TETRA-MOVE 5000, is only for the sake of taking the final proof, and the proof is in the form of the picture. The most secure option for securing the payments, and making sure that all stays in safe custody.


This is the software for the interface, i.e. used in TETRA-MOVE 5000. HTML5, a pro of HTML, the language tool used on the back-end for websites, and applications. Determines the usability of the interface, the user-friendliness, and compatibility. Used mainly in website development, and is a vital element in the software development phase.

Thermal Printer

One of the best attributes that hold is the instant printing of the receipts. WHY it is important? Vitally because of the payment proof, as secured and payments with receipts are the most wanted payments in e-commerce.

It is just like other POS systems, the difference is Thermal printer, and ‘thermal’ i.e. related to heat, and thermal printing is a digital printing process and most commonly used for digital printing. The main reason is “Good Effects printing”, and that is precisely the hour of the need.

The Key Features are as follows;

Security (HIGH)

Caters a higher level of security than other POS systems. It is PCI PTS 5X certified, i.e. a ‘benchmark’ that has been reached keeping in view all the security options. Like the other TETRA, it highly satisfies the hardware and software security requirements. Similarly, the use of ‘cryptographic’ schemes with future proof key length.

All the rest of the features are the same as in TETRA DESK 5000. For ref. see Key features in TETRA DESK 5000 Features include High Security, All payments options, User-friendly interface, designed for mobility, Built-in data capture capabilities, Seamless NFC payments, An OS with secure payments and creative freedom.



Hotel loyalty programs are most suited for customers. The main reason for loyalty programs is giving maximum customer satisfaction to customers from business trips. Hence, making the trip a worthy one in multiple ways. Having a good night’s sleep in cozy hotel rooms, parks, and other luxuries. Therefore, it is indeed difficult to ask yourself what is the best loyalty program?

It is a loyalty program that suits you better when making business trips. Hence, nothing less than a worthwhile option during sponsored hotel stays. Read More


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Companies are strategically looking for ways to combat the 10% rise in fee for Aluminum Tariffs. Hence, for the sake of reductions in packaging costs. The brew companies have also increased their prices, resulting in overall fluctuations. Read More


Being an inspiration for employees should be the prime responsibility for all managers. Motivation is one of the secrets that hold key values in terms of Perks, praises, and recognizing efforts in the form of awards.  Individual attention matters in a corporate environment for fast productivity and advancement opportunities.

Socializing helps in making people more committed and transparent. Transparency is a vital element in communications. The management communicates within the boards. The main aim of the management must be to have better job performances from employees. Read More


How to make your first impression your winning impression. It’s important whether it’s a job interview or meeting with a client. The first impression always is a difference as it creates an image of a person in the eyes of the client or interviewer.

Therefore, personality and attitude matter in getting to the deliverables. It also matters while you make your best impression in the first place. Don’t lose the trust and the confidence to achieve personal effectiveness along with the importance of the first impression.

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Constantly busy and engaged employees hold a significant factor in determining the company’s mutual growth. It is the management’s role to look for people who want to put in that extra effort.

Employees get engaged in their roles if they are given time to be creative, and always trying something new. Higher management must always take an opportunity to show them the care factor. Sharing of ideas is caring about each other, that’s how it works in the corporate world. Read More


Social media i.e. Instagram and Facebook, has changed the entire game for the restaurants. This is primarily the reason why the power of the internet is highly active. Therefore, it is important to realize in the digital world why we need Instagram. Stats have shown that Instagram is a worthwhile tool to be used for marketing.

Hence, it’s a complete promo package mainly because the customers need and their users worldwide. Sets a worthwhile image for the marketers of tomorrow, Instagram has truly inspired restaurant owners in terms of quick and updated information availability. Read More


The Canadian business owners who want to go global need to know some vital elements about business. They don’t have to worry about the prospects, they just have to stick with the right formula.

A key factor in the business world is taking advantage of networking opportunities to be successful globally. Hence, a communications system will make sure 24/7 connected with people. The platforms that are used for networking with people are Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, Whats-app, Whats-app video, and We-chat.

It’s important to be active in research, and constantly looking for marketing trends and behaviors. Business owners should be smart enough to analyze Global market trends.

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Leadership weaknesses are a big cause of a failed leadership and can hurt associated futuristic goals. The main cause is not understanding the employees and a lack of trust. Not analyzing the needs of employees. Big leadership weaknesses cause failure to set clear expectations.

Leadership should be equal in judging and making strategic decisions for any particular employee. Therefore, the management programs help in fixing the leadership weaknesses. It attains a manager to become a vital hand for the company in mutual goals.


The acquisition of the Senator Hotel Timmins is one of the biggest acknowledgment of the group. A great conference Hotel is ideally located.

Hence, also considered as a great holiday destination for many people. MBE Group always aims higher in their respective and variable businesses.


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