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Thailand Nursery Attack Killed 36 Including Children


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The Thailand Nursery attack took place in the rural town of Nongbua Lamphu.

Former police officers who were facing charges of drug possession smashed into a daycare facility on Thursday, Thailand. Furthermore, killed a number of teachers and children, after that shooting more when he fled. A total of 36 people were killed. Which is the country’s most deadly incident in history.

Earlier in the year, one who was fired was the perpetrator. After killing his wife & children he was killed as well.

Images taken by first responders revealed the floor of the school strewn. Thus, with the bodies of children lying on blankets. These are blankets, which was where they were having a nap in the afternoon. The photos showed slashes on their faces. Apart from this, the head-shots and pooling of blood.

Thai PBS is the source that told this to the teacher. An official broadcaster of the public, that the suspect jumped out of a vehicle. Furthermore, then shot an individual eating outside. Furthermore, followed by firing further shots. After the attacker stopped to refill his gun. Escaped into the building. Given the chance to escape was the teacher.

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“I ran back to the rear to find I spotted that the children are asleep,” Thus, said the young woman. Someone, who didn’t mention her name. However, choked to her mouth. “The children were two or three years old.”

In Northeastern Thailand, attacks took place in a small town city known as Nongbua Lamphu. Obviously, which is one of the country’s most impoverished areas.

Another witness claimed that the staff of the day care facility had locked the doors. However, the suspect shot into the building.

“The teacher who died, she had a child in her arms,” The witness who’s name was not provided. The witness, told Thailand city’s Komm Chad Luek TV. “I didn’t think he would kill children. However, he shot at the door. Furthermore, shot right through it.”

A Police Spokesperson Archayon Kruithong reported. In a critically injured state Out of 10, 6 were in critical condition.

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A video recorded by a rescuer who arrived at the scene in Thailand. The video showed rescuers racing into the building. A building which is single-story. The front door was obviously found as smashed. Apart from what happened on the scene. As well as bloody drops evident on the floor in the front entrance.

Posted online the overall footage of the attack in Thailand. Thus, following the attack family members in a state of panic. Seen crying in the outside of the structure are the family members. One video showed the floor stained with blood. All throughout the room the sleeping mats were found. Specifically, & precisely in scattered manner. The alphabet pictures and other bright decorations decorated the walls.

Panya Kamrap, a former police officer of age 34 was the identification of the suspect. Police Major Gen. Removed from the Police force is the job status as Paisal Luesomboon told PPTV. Due to the drug charges, earlier this year with regards to the Interview.

In a post on Facebook, Thailand police Chief Gen. Dumrongsak kittiprapas announced that the suspect. Scheduled to appear in the Friday Court, he has been a sergeant. Obviously, to hear a hearing on the methamphetamine case. Further, speculated that he might have picked the daycare as it was located near his home.

In the past, Dumrongsak had told reporters that the primary weapon was a 9mm gun that the man bought himself. Paisal claimed that he also owned knives and a shotgun.

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The Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, who was planning to visit the scene on Friday. According to the PM who told reporters w.r.t. initial reports suggested that the officer fired from his post had personal issues. 

“This shouldn’t happen,” he declared. “I feel deep sadness toward the victims and their relatives.”

Police haven’t provided an exhaustive detail of the death toll. However, they have stated that at minimum at least children. Killed in the daycare were two adult victims. There were at least two additional children were killed in another location.

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