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Indonesia deadly soccer match & what’s the real story behind the incident?


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JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — The violence, tear gas and a terrifying crush. An incident that broke out during a domestic league soccer match on Saturday. Unfortunately, it brought another tragic event to Indonesian football. Here’s an overview of how the incident occurred. To avoid similar incidents in future over a sports like football. Hence, what’s being done, importantly.

What caused the chaos to occur?

Chaos broke out after Persebaya Surabaya defeated rival Arema Malang 3-2 in Saturday night’s match. A match that occured in East Java’s province Malang city. Police reported that there were 42,000 people in the stadium. The majority of whom were supporters of Arema as the venue had prohibited Persebaya supporters in order to stop fights.

The loss to Arema – the first match losing to rival Persebaya at the home stadium fans to throng the stadium. Thus, following the match to seek answers. The crowd hurled bottles and other objects at players as well as soccer officials. Apart from this, the violence spread out of the stadium. Tipped over by provoked fans in stadium were five police cars. Others were damaged & set on fire. Police responded to the riots by using tear gas. Prohibited in soccer venues by FIFA is the use of tear gas. It caused a lot of panic.

A large number of people rushed towards the exit point to stay clear of tear gas. Hence, resulting in an avalanche that crushed or killed 34 people in a matter of minutes. Thus, with more deaths from injuries.

Hundreds Of People Died In The Incident.

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One of the biggest sporting disasters, the police reported that at least 125 died. Including, children as well as two officers from the police force. Assaulted obviously, were majority of them.

Hurt and injured badly were 100’s of people. Police have said that the death count will likely increase. Hence, as there are many patients being in critical condition.

The data from an Indonesian soccer watchdog group, ‘Save Our Soccer’. Importantly, reported that at least 85 soccer fans have died in the last year. Vitally, with the majority of them from fights during the match.

Why Does Soccer Becomes Cause of Riots?

Football is by far the most loved game across Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in world. Widely watched all across the world, is obviously the Indonesia’s domestic league. Highly attached to the teams are the passionate fans. Furthermore, this enthusiasm often results in violent and violent hooliganism. However, it is usually in other places than the stadium.

The most well-known dispute is that between Persija Jakarta and Persib Bandung. The supporters of both clubs have fought in a number of games that resulted in deaths. In the year 2018 one Persija Jakarta supporter was beaten to death by Persib Bandung rivals.

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Indonesian football is also a source of problems on the international scene. There was a brawl between fans of arch-rivals Indonesia and Malaysia. Hence, during the 2019 qualifiers in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. In September, Malaysian fans were threatened and pelted with projectiles. Hence, in a World Cup qualifier in Jakarta Malaysia’s sports minister was removed from the stadium. Thus, following violence began to break out. A few months later. The fans hurled bottles and flares at each other during a different match at Kuala Lumpur.

In 2019, following being eliminated in the semifinals in U-22’s match against Vietnam at the Southeast Asian Games. The Indonesian fans used social media to harass. Further, to insult and threaten to kill the Vietnamese players. Apart from this, even to their families.

In June, two Persib Bandung fans died. Hence, while fighting to enter the stadium of Bandung to take in the 2022 President’s Cup. The angry crowd became violent. Thus, due to the fact that the officials on the field refused to permit them entry into the stadium. Hence, as the stadium was already full.

What’s The Role Of The Indonesian Govt.?

Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed deepest sorrow. Furthermore, the President has ordered an extensive investigation. That is, regarding the deaths of football fans. He also has ordered the top soccer league to be suspended. Thus, until a safety re-evaluation has been completed and tighter security measures put in place. Widodo stated that he hopes “this tragedy is the last one of soccer within Indonesia.”

The Indonesian soccer Association has barred Arema. Obviously, in hosting soccer games for the remainder of this season. Rights organisation, Amnesty International urged Indonesia to look into. Hence, whether they used tear gas at the stadium. Apart from using tear gas ensure that people who are found guilty of violations. Finally, are tried in a public court.

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