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Amouranth Claims Verbal Abuse from Husband, Shares Disturbing Messages


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In the latest Twitch livestream streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa discusses disturbing messages sent by her husband.

On one of her most recent stream livestreams Twitch. The streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa has accused her husband of psychological and verbal abuse. Amouranth is among the most well-known Twitch streamers. Despite the fact that she has openly discussed her investments and business ventures. But, she has managed to keep some of the details of her private life in the shadows. Although there were speculations about her marital situation over time. The status is married is a confirmation made by Amounath.

The revelation was made public through a disturbing livestream. A livestream in which Amouranth revealed horrifying messages to her husband. The replay isn’t available on her channel on her official Twitch channel. Clips of the incident are being saved obviously. Furthermore, shared via the internet by various people. In the video, Amouranth is speaking on the phone with her husband. As well as, claims that he threatened the dogs with death. Obviously, if they don’t make a live stream that is 24 hours long. “Her husband answered her assertion by saying. You are just f****** now, being a liar.” The man can also be seen. While telling Amournath. To get her dogs away and go out of the home.

In the second video, Amouranth talks about how her husband has allegedly refused to allow her. That is, to disclose her marriage status. Because, it could “ruin the business model.” In addition. Forced by her husband to as she claimed. Ironically, to “commit to the grind” in relation to the hot tub streams. As it was an “good financial opportunity” for the couple. Suggesting that she did not wish to do the same thing. Hence, at least in the way she was.

Please be aware that the videos below contain explicit language and may contain material certain viewers may consider disturbing.

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In the third video, Amouranth accuses her husband of threats. Obviously, to leave her with $1 million. Furthermore, take the rest of their cash. Apart from this, threatening to “put it all in crypto.” Setup with a two-factor authorisation are all the accounts as told by Amournath. A security procedure that uses her husband’s name. Further, they have all the login details for their accounts in the financial sector.

In the fourth segment, Amouranth showed text messages of her husband calling her an “dumb woman” ***”. Also,  threatening everything in the event that she didn’t respond to the messages. According to Amouranth’s account that her phone was dead by the time. So, she was unable to respond even if desired to. In the texts messages that she received, her husband threats with “dump her luggage”. Additionally, to throw her merchandise off the balcony of her hotel. Also, he threatened to erase Amouranth’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also, spend the money of her heirs, saying that he’d already spent $750,000 to retaliate of her not responding to his demands. Shown in the video as one of the most disturbing text messages. Hence, is one in which he threatens to ensure. Obviously, that her horse Kyran was taken to a meatpacking facility.

Amouranth hasn’t streamed or shared on social media since posting these messages.

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